85 Chinese Restaurant Prices and Locations

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Noodle Soup
1. Beef Stew$5.25with noodle
2. Beef Tender$5.25with noodle
3. Triple Style Dumpling$5.50
4. Wonton Soup$4.75
5. Wonton$4.75with noodle
6. Dumpling$4.75with noodle
7. Fish Dumpling$4.75with noodle
8. Pig's Feet$4.75with noodle
9. Beef Tripe Medley$4.75with noodle
10. Fish Balls$4.75with noodle
11. Beef Balls Or Pork Balls$4.75with noodle
12. Roast Duck$6.50with noodle
13. Seafood$8.95with noodle
14. Jumbo Shrimp$8.95with noodle
15. Pork Chop$5.50with noodle
16. Beef Stew & Wonton$6.50with noodle
17. Beef Stew & Beef Balls$6.50with noodle
18. Beef Stew & Pork Chop$6.50with noodle
19. Buddhist Noodle$5.50
20. Shredded Pork & Snow Vegetable$5.50with noodle
21. Shredded Pork & Pickled Cabbage*$5.50with noodle
22. Slice Beef, Mushroom & Satay Sauce*$5.95with noodle
23. Beef And X.O. Sauce*$7.50with noodle
24. Watercress Dumpling Noodle$5.50
25. Slice Beef & Satay Sauce*$5.50with noodle
26. Long Sum$9.95with oyster sauce
27. Choy Sum$4.50with oyster sauce
28. Hong Kong Style Congee$4.50
29. Congee$4.50with sliced fish
30. Congee$4.00with thousand egg & shredded pork
31. Congee$4.95with dried scallop & shredded pork
32. Congee$4.00with dried fish and peanut
33. Congee$6.50with seafood
34. Congee$4.50with beef
35. Congee$6.95with frog
36. Bamboo Pith & Dry Scallop$6.95
37. Congee with lobster
38. Fried Dough$1.00
Lo Mein Hong Kong Style
39. Beef Stew$5.50
40. Ginger & Scallion$5.00
41. Pig's Feet$5.50
42. Wonton$5.50
43. Beef Tripe$5.50
44. X.O. Sauce$5.50
45. Beef$5.50with satay sauce
46. Chicken$5.50with tomato sauce
47. Buddhist$5.50
Rice Dishes
66. Chicken Leg On Rice$5.25
67. Pork Chop On Rice$5.25
68. Beef Stew On Rice$5.75
69. Beef Tender On Rice$5.75
70. Spare Ribs$5.00with black bean sauce on rice
71. Baby Shrimp$5.50with scrambled egg on rice
72. Beef$5.25with bitter melon on rice
73. Beef$5.25with bean curd on rice
74. Fillet Steak$7.25with teriyaki sauce on rice
75. Fried Fish$5.25with bean curd on rice
76. Fried Fish$5.25with chinese vegetable on rice
77. Fish Filet$5.50with chinese vegetable on rice
78. Chicken$5.00with string bean on rice
79. Beef$5.25with satay sauce on rice
80. Fresh Squid$5.00with pickled vegetable on rice
81. General Tso's Chicken On Rice*$5.50
82. Sesame Chicken On Rice$5.50
83. Lemon Chicken On Rice$5.50
84. Preserved Meat$5.25with vegetable on rice
85. Seafood$6.00with vegetable on rice
86. Minced Beef$5.25with green peas on rice
87. Rack Of Veal On Rice$6.50
88. Pork Chop$5.25with peking sauce on rice
89. Chicken And Chinese Mushroom$5.00
90. Salt & Pepper And Pork Chop On Rice$5.25
91. Corn$5.00with shredded chicken on rice
92. Pig's Tripe$5.25with sour cabbage on rice
93. Chicken$5.00with ginger and scallion on rice
94. Luncheon Meat$5.00with two egg on rice
95. Beef Stew*$6.00with curry sauce on rice
96. Chicken Sauteed Pea Shoots On Rice$5.50
97. Beef Or Shrimp Sauteed Pea Shoots On Rice$6.00
98. Salt & Pepper And Squid On Rice$5.25
Fried Rice
99. Young Chow Fried Rice$6.95
100. Baby Shrimp Fried Rice$6.95
101. Beef Fried Rice$6.95
102. Pineapple$6.95with chicken fried rice
103. Chicken Fried Rice$6.95
104. Salted Fish$8.95with chicken fried rice
105. Preserved Meat Fried Rice$7.95
106. Shredded Pork Fried Rice$6.95
107. Mix Vegetable Fried Rice$6.95
108. Chinese Sausage And Taro Fried Rice$7.95
109. Fried Rice$11.95with chicken diced squid and scallop
110. Baked Seafood Rice$12.95with portuguese sauce
111. Dried Scallop Crab Meat Fried Rice$14.95
112. Fu Kan Style Fried Rice$12.95
48. Salt And Pepper Baked Squab$12.95
49. Salt And Pepper Baked Squid$4.95
50. Crispy Fried Pigs Tripe$6.95
51. Fried Fish Skin$5.25
52. Pan Fried Dumpling$3.50
53. Deep Fried Tong Yuen$4.95
54. Fried Chicken Wing$5.95
55. Fried Wonton$3.50
56. Salt And Pepper Baked Duck Tongue$7.95
57. Soy Sauce Duck's Tongue$7.95
58. Beef Stew$6.50with steam rice roll
59. XO Mined Pork$6.50with steam rice roll
60. XO Seafood$7.25with steam rice roll
61. Spare Ribs$6.50with steam rice roll
62. Crispy Cream Sauce Seafood Roll$4.95
63. Beef Strips$4.95with spicy sauce
64. Spring Roll$3.95
65. Cold Jelly Fish$8.95
Chow Fun & Lo Mein
113. Braised E-Fu Noodle$9.95with black mushroom
114. Braised E-Fu Noodles$13.95with crab meat
115. Seafood Chow Udon$12.95
116. Mix Meat Fried Silver Noodle$8.95
117. Seafood In X.O. Sauce Pan Fried Noodle$14.95
118. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle$12.95
119. Jumbo Shrimp Pan Fried Noodle$12.95
120. Shredded Pork Pan Fried Noodle$8.95
121. Beef Pan Fried Noodle$9.95
122. Buddhist Pan Fried Noodle$9.95
123. Soy Sauce Fried Noodle$5.95
124. XO Soy Sauce Fried Rice Roll$6.50
125. Baby Shrimp Lo Mein$7.50
126. Beef Lo Mein$7.50
127. Singapore Chow Mai Fun$7.50
128. Amoy Chow Mai Fun$7.50
129. Ta-Peng Mai Fun$12.95
130. Beef Chow Fun$7.50dry
131. Beef$9.95with vegetable chow fun (gravy)
132. Beef Chow Fun & Mushroom$12.95with satay sauce (gravy)
Choice Of Sauces: Tomato, Curry, Corn, Black Pepper & White Sauce.
133. Steak$7.75with spaghetti
134. Pork Chop$6.25with spaghetti
135. Pan Fried Boneless Chicken$6.25with spaghetti
136. Fried Fish$7.75with spaghetti
Rice In Casserole
137. Chinese Sausage & Preserved Duck$6.50
138. Frog$8.95with rice casserole
139. Chicken & Mushroom$6.50
140. Spare Ribs$6.50with black bean sauce
143. Hot And Sour Soup*$5.95 - $3.00
144. Egg Drop Soup$5.95 - $3.00
145. Corn$5.95with shredded chicken soup
146. Sliced Pork$7.95with watercress soup
147. Sliced Pork, Bean Curd$7.95with mustard green soup
148. Winter Melon Soup$8.95
149. Clams$9.95with squash soup
150. Clams$9.95with wintermelon soup
151. Crab Meat$14.95with fish belly soup
152. Seafood Combination$12.95
153. Diced Pork$10.95with eggplant in casserole
154. Chinese Preserved Meat$10.95with taro in casserole
155. Lamb$14.95with bean thread in casserole
156. Fried Fish$13.95with to-fu in casserole
157. Black Paper Rice Noodle*$12.95with beef in casserole
158. Fresh Oyster$14.95with ginger and scallion in casserole
159. Seafood$14.95with bean curd in casserole
160. Eggplant And Salted Fish$13.95in casserole
161. Sea Cucumber$23.95with chicken in casserole
162. Sizzling Frog$19.95with vegetable in casserole
163. Dried Baby Shrimp & Bean Curd Noodle$10.95with melon
164. King Crab, any style
165. Lobster any style
166. Steam Eel with black beam sauce
167. Salt And Pepper Soft Shell Crab 
169. Pan-Fried Or Steam Flounder 
170. Pan Fried Egg$10.95with silver fish
172. Baby Shrimp$12.50with cashews
173. Baked Scallops$19.50with black pepper sauce
174. Scallop$19.50with black bean sauce
176. Jumbo Shrimp$18.95with black bean sauce
177. Salted And Pepper$18.95with jumbo shrimp
178. Sweet And Sour Jumbo Shrimp$18.95
179. Crispy Shrimp$18.95with honey walnuts (salad sauce).
180. Salted & Pepper Combo*$18.95shrimp, squid, and scallops
181. Salted And Pepper Frog*$20.95
182. Stir-Fried Conch In XO Sauce*$26.95
183. Sauteed Dried Squid$19.95with yellow chives
184. Stir-Fried Squid, Jelly Fish And Dried Fish$18.95with chinese vegetables
185. Sea Cucumber Meat$23.95with black bean sauce
186. Sweet And Sour Pork$10.95
187. Pork Chop$9.95with salt and pepper
188. Pork Chop$10.95with peking style sauce
189. Pork Chop$9.95with onion
190. Pigs Tripe$9.95with pickled vegetable
191. Pork Belly$9.95with preserved vegetable
192. Steamed Spare Ribs$10.95with plum sauce
193. Diced Salted Fish Steamed$11.95with pork cake
194. Hot Pepper*$10.95with pigs tripe
195. Preserved Pork$9.95with vegetable
196. Fried Egg$9.25with preserved vegetable
197. Beef$11.95with chinese broccoli
198. Beef$12.95with orange flavor sauce
199. Beef$13.95with bok choy
200. Beef$12.95with satay sauce*
201. Beef$12.95with pineapple
202. Fillet Steak$13.95with teriyaki sauce
203. Rack Of Veal$13.95with salted black pepper sauce
204. House Special T-Bone Steak$23.95
205. Steak Chunk$18.95with snow peas
206. Fillet Steak$13.95with onion & house special sauce
207. Baby Bok Choi$9.95with mixed garlic
208. Braised Bean Curd$9.95with vegetable
209. Bean Curd, Szechuan Style$9.95with meat
210. Sauteed Vegetable$9.95
211. Spinach$9.95with bean paste
212. Lettuce$9.95with bean paste
213. Buddhist Delight$9.95
214. Deep Fried Stuffed Bean Curd$9.95
215. Salted Fish$11.95with baby bok choi
216. Fried Stuffed Vegetable$10.95
217. Sauteed Water Spinach$12.95with bean paste
218. Sauteed Water Spinach$12.95with spicy shrimp pasta*
219. Sauteed Pea Shoots$12.95with fresh garlic
220. Sauteed Pea Shoots$16.95with dried scallop
221. Steamed Chicken$11.95with black mushroom
222. Chicken And Chinese Mushroom$9.95with black bean sauce
223. Diced Chicken$12.95with cashew nuts
224. Diced Chicken*$12.95szechuan style
225. Lemon Chicken$12.95
226. General Tso's Chicken$12.95
227. Sesame Chicken$12.95
228. Baked Portuguese Chicken$13.95
229. Braised Duck$18.95with assorted vegetables
230. Crispy Fried Chicken$19.95 - $10.95
231. Peking Duck$18.50 - $29.95
* Hot & Spicy
D1a. Chinese Herb Tea$1.50
D2. Coconut Milk Drink$2.25
D3. Sugar Cane Drink$2.00
D4. Milk Tea$2.25with sago
D5. Milk Coffee$2.25with sago
D6. Ice Milk Tea$2.00
D7. Ice Coffee$2.00
D8. Ice Lemon Tea$1.50
D9. Ice Honey$2.00with lemon
D10. Coconut Milk$2.75with red bean ice
D11. Longans Ice$2.75
D12. Lichee Ice$2.75
D13. Jelly Ice$2.75
D14. Plum Juice$2.00
D15. Soya Bean$2.75with jelly
D16. Ice Cream And Red Bean Ice$3.50
D17. Ovaltine$2.00
D18. Horlicks$2.00
D19. Soda Or Spring Water$1.25
D20. Iced Honey Citron Tea$3.00
D21. Iced Longan Red Date Tea$3.00
D22. Taiwanese Shaved Ice$3.50
D23. Salty Lemon Soda$2.50

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