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Salad and Appetizers
Fresh Salad$2.29sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumber and lettuce
Bhajia$2.99crushed vegetables dipped in flour paste and deep-fried
Masala Paneer$4.99marinated cheese cubes grilled, served with bell pepper, tomato and onions.
Roasted Pappad$1.99sun baked and dried lentil flour crackers
Vegetable Samosa$1.99Triangle shaped turnover stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas
Beef Koyada$2.99pastry stuffed with minced beef and seasonings
Malabar Prawn$5.99shrimp sauteed with south Indian spices
Kofta Kabab$4.59seasoned minced meatballs skewered and cooked in the clay oven
Erachi Olarthiathu$4.99lamb cubes with coconut flakes, curry leaves, onions and spices
Chicken Chat$4.99a blend of succulent chicken strips, bell pepper, cucumbers and onion sprinkled with chat masala, served cold
Tandoori Chicken Wings$4.99spicy chicken wings roasted on skewers in tandoor
Rice Dishes
served with pappadum, raita and lemon pickle
Chicken Biryani$8.99 - $12.99spiced chicken cooked in saffron flavored basmati rice
Vegetable Biryani$8.29 - $11.99saffron flavored rice with vegetables and garnished with nuts
Shrimp Biryani$9.99 - $14.99shrimp marinated in herbs and spices and cooked with basmati rice.
Lamb Biryani$8.99 - $13.99spiced lamb cooked in saffron flavored basmati rice
Charcoal Barbecues
served with rice
Chicken Malai Kabab$9.99 - $13.99boneless chicken breast marinated in low fat cream with a blend of freshly ground spices skewered in the tandoor.
Tandoori Chicken$12.99 - $12.99half spring chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt and spices, barbecued on skewers in our clay oven - tandoor
Chicken Tikka$9.99 - $12.99boneless pieces of chicken subtly flavored with herbs and spices and cooked on skewers in the tandoor
Lamb Boti Kabab$9.99 - $13.99lightly spiced cubes of lamb skewered over charcoal flames. with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers
Nawabi Seekh Kabab$9.99 - $12.99minced beef mixed with herbs and spices, shaped into rolls and skewered over charcoal flames in the tandoor. A specialty of Hyderabad
Clay Oven Lamb Chops$11.99 - $14.99for those who savor ginger, this chop will be irresistible. The green masala spices add an authentic touch.
Salmon Masala Tandoori$12.99 - $14.99salmon marinated in yogurt and ground spices
Tandoori Prawns$12.99 - $15.99shrimp marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger and lemon juice, grilled to perfection
Try Our Microwavable Combo Meals
your choice
Chicken Combo$7.99chicken curry with rice & chapati
Lamb Combo$7.99lamb curry with rice & chapati
Shrimp Combo$7.99shrimp masala with rice & chapati
Vegetable Combo$7.99choice from the vegetarian entrees with rice & chapati
Chicken Specialities
served with rice
Chilli Chicken$8.99 - $11.99succulent chicken cooked with fresh coriander, green chilies and herbs
Murg Makhani$8.99 - $11.99strips of tandoori chicken prepared with a rich tomato sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masala$8.99 - $11.99charcoal broiled chicken cubes in a mildly spiced sauce.
Chicken Vindaloo$8.99 - $11.99boneless chicken with potatoes smothered in a tangy hot sauce
Chicken Korma$8.99 - $11.99delicately spiced boneless chicken cooked in a creamy sauce garnished with mint leaves.
Chicken Saagwala$8.99 - $11.99juicy boneless chicken pieces cooked with creamed spinach
Chettinadu Kozhi$8.99 - $11.99chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions ginger and garlic. a favorite of the chettiyar community of Tamil nadu
Balti Chicken$9.99 - $12.99boneless chicken with fresh tomatoes, onion, ginger, green pepper and blend of spices, cooked in a wok on high heat
Lamb and Beef Specialities
served with rice
Achari Gohst$9.99 - $12.99boneless lamb simmered in yogurt and spices, cooked with a tangy sauce
Balti Lamb$9.99 - $12.99chunks of lamb with tomatoes, onions, ginger, green pepper, herbs and spices
Keema Mutter$9.79 - $11.99minced beef cooked with peas in a delicate blend of herbs and spices
Rogan Josh$9.99 - $12.99lamb cubes cooked in a tomato based sauce with a blend of spices
Lamb Saagwala$9.99 - $12.99combination of lamb and spinach cooked with fragrant herbs
Attarachi Varattiyathu$9.99 - $12.99lamb cubes sauteed with onions, green peppers and tomato
Lamb Korma$9.99 - $12.99cubes of lamb marinated in spices and cooked in a cream based sauce garnished with almonds
Lamb Vindaloo$9.99 - $12.99a goan lamb specialty. Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh herbs, vinegar, potatoes and cocktail onions
Seafood Delicacies
served with rice
Prawn Vindaloo$12.99 - $14.99prawn marinated in vinegar, ginger and garlic, cooked with potato in a spicy sauce
Saagwala Machi$10.99 - $13.99combination of boneless fish and spinach with herbs and spices
Konju Masala$11.99 - $13.99shrimp sauteed with mild spices, tomatoes and green peppers
Malabar Fish Curry$10.99 - $13.99fillets of fish cooked in an exquisite sauce of coconut milk, tomatoes and spices. A wonderful delicacy from the coast of malabar
Varatha Konju$12.99 - $14.99prawns marinated in spices and stir fried under light heat in a wok
Vegetarian Entrees
served with rice
Aloo Chole$7.99 - $9.99chick peas cooked with potatoes and spices
Vegetable Curry$8.29 - $10.29fresh mixed vegetables cooked with mild seasonings
Bhindi Masala$7.99 - $9.99okra cooked with herbs and spices
Paneer Mutter$7.99 - $9.99homemade cheese cubes cooked with green peas and spices in a sauce
Saag Paneer$7.99 - $9.99spinach and homemade cheese cubes cooked in a sauce
Malai Kofta$7.99 - $10.99minced vegetable croquettes simmered in tomato and cream based sauce
Bengan Bharta$7.99 - $9.99eggplant baked in the tandoor and cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices
Balti Paneer Jalfrezi$8.99 - $10.29mixed vegetables and homemade cheese cooked in a vegetable based sauce
Saag Aloo$7.99 - $9.99potatoes and spinach cooked with spices
Dai Taduka$7.29 - $7.99yellow lentils delicately spiced
Gobi Aloo$7.99 - $9.99fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with tomatoes and spices
Indian Breads
Naan$1.79leavened white flour bread baked in the tandoor
Roti$1.79whole wheat flour bread baked in the clay oven
Puri$1.99deep fried, puffed whole wheat flour bread
Keema Naan$3.29white flour bread stuffed with peas and minced beef
Garlic Naan$2.79white flour bread sprinkled with fresh garlic and baked in our clay oven
Assorted Bread Basket$6.99a wonderful assortment of aloo paratha, onion kulcha and puri
Aloo Paratha$2.99whole wheat flour bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas baked in the tandoor
Onion Kulcha$2.99leavened white flour bread stuffed with chopped onions and spices, baked in the tandoor
Kachumber$2.29diced cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, lettuce, onions sprinkled with chat masala and yogurt
Lemon Pickle$1.29a piquant recipe
Raita$1.59homemade yogurt blended with chopped cucumber and roasted cumin seeds
Mango Chutney$1.79sweet and sour mango relish
Assorted Condiments Server$4.59raita, mango chutney and lemon pickle
Kheer$1.99rice pudding garnished with nuts, served cold
Rasmalai$2.59homemade cheese patty in sweetened milk served cold
Mango Kulfi$3.99frozen mango flavored bar with cream, pistachios and almonds
Gulab Jamun$1.99deep-fried dry milk ball, soaked in honey syrup, served warm

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