Angus Beef Steakhouse Prices and Locations

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Soup & Salad
Onion Soup$5.00
Seafood Soup$6.00
Garden Mixed Salad$7.00
Caesar Salad$7.00
Tuna Salad$8.00
Tomato Salad$9.00Tomato, cheese, onion wheels, olive oil, balsamic and capers
Caesar Chicken$11.00
Shrimp Caesar$12.00
Smoked Salmon$9.00
Hamburger$10.0010 oz ground beef lean 10-90 mixed with our original spices recipe, tomato, onion, salad and fries. Add Cheese (American or Swiss), Mushroom, Bacon or Sauteed Onion for $1.00 each.
Pasta Meat Sauce$11.00Fresh daily pasta, meat & tomato sauce
Chicken Parmesan$13.00Sauteed chicken breast with white wine served with melted Swiss cheese on fresh Linguine
Pasta Seafood$14.00Seafood sauce and fresh pasta garnished with sauteed shrimp, white wine and ginger
Steak Sandwich$14.00Rib eye steak, seasoned, garnished with tomato, onion & Yukon Gold home fries
Veal Marsala$13.00Veal scallop sauteed with marsala, served on daily fresh pasta or mashed potato and mushroom
Fish Filet$12.00Fish filet broiled served with seafood risotto. Ask for the daily catch.
New York Steak$21.0010 oz sirloin; marbled & flavorful, spiced and sizzled to perfection. Served with fries. Sauce: mushroom, pepper bearnaise or blue 4
Chicken Sandwich$11.00Grain fed marinated chicken breast, grilled, garnished with cheese, tomato, onion wheels, home fried potato
Tortillas$11.00Stuffed with mixed seasonal vegetables, sauteed with flavorful slices of juicy sirloin & chicken
Sirloin Steak$28.00 - $31.00Served with potato and vegetables
Rib Eye Steak$32.00Served with potato and vegetables
Filet Mignon$31.00 - $35.00Served with potato and vegetables
Porterhouse$35.00Served with potato and vegetables
Bone-In Rib Steak$37.00Served with potato and vegetables
Rack of Lamb$29.00Sauteed & roasted with fine herbs, garlic and mustard, served with vegetables and potato
Shrimp Louisiana$26.00Sauteed with white wine, garlic butter & ginger. Served with rice and seafood reduction
Atlantic Salmon$23.00Grilled or poached in fish base, white wine, garlic butter. Served with rice and seafood reduction.
Swordfish Steak$25.00Grilled or poached with oyster sauce, garlic & ginger. Served with rice and seafood reduction.
Catch of The Day 
Chicken Breast$18.00Sauteed and braised with chicken base, onion and garlic. Served with potato
Boconccini alla Romana$23.00Veal scallop stuffed with smoked ham and spinach. Sauteed with fine herbs and brandy. Served with mushroom sauce, swiss cheese and linguini.
Pasta Primavera$16.00Linguini with mixed vegetables and tomato sauce
Pasta Meat Sauce$19.00Linguini and meat sauce. Seasoned with basil, garlic, oregano and parma cheese.
Pasta Seafood$22.00Linguini and seafood sauce mixed with shrimp, scallop, oyster, calamari and fish base.
Side Orders
Yukon Gold Fries$4.00
Idaho Baked Potato$4.00
Asparagus Au Gratin$7.00
Seafood Risotto$7.00
Mushroom or Pepper Sauce$4.00
Blue Cheese$4.00
Chocolate Cake$7.00
Apple Pie$7.00
Creme Brulee$8.00
Orange or Cranberry Juice$2.25
Pineapple Juice$2.50
Soft Drinks$2.25
Iced Tea$2.25
Spring Water (650 ml)$3.00
Sparkling Water (650 ml)$3.50
Coffee or Infusion$1.75

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