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Antojitos - Appetizers
Guacamole Atolito$2.75A classic tradition. Nothing like Advocado puree with jalapeno, fresh cilantro, side of pico de gallo and tortilla chips.
Escabeche$2.25Sauteed shrimp in our unique escabeche salsa and pickled purple onions.
Veggie Sopes$2.25Handmade masa boats topped with mole, red potatos, lettuce, carrot guacamole, and sour cream. Topped with pico de gallo and cheese.
Veggie Sopes$3.50With chicken, regular or spicy
Ceviche Camarones (shrimp)$2.95Shrimp ceviche marinated in simple jalapeno juice (quite spicy). Please let us know how spicy you would like it!
Tamale Vegetarians (verde)$2.25Tamales made in the traditional way. With green salsa, side of pico de gallo and sour cream.
Chips and Salsa$1.95A classic Mexican staple that completes every meal! A large helping of crisp tortilla chips served with our famous Atolito salsa.
Ensaladas - Salads
Atolito Salad$2.95Mixed Baby greens and romaine, topped with tomato, red onion and grated asiago cheese in a tasty dijon vinegrette.
Salada De Aztecas$2.25Mixed greens with pico de gallo, corn, black beans topped with queso fresco and tortilla
Comidas - Entrees
Plato Vegetariano$2.95Sauteed vegetables, potatoes, black beans, mushrooms, tomatos and zuchini. Served with hints of spicy red sauce. SImple yet delectable!
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo$3.75Sauteed shrimp with corn, tomatos, onion, avocado and cilantro, with black bean, rice and garlic sauce this spicy dish is a delicacy.
Grilled Salmon$5.95Fresh grilled salmon with our secret marinade, served with rice, black beans, corn salad and pico de gallo topping.
Fajita Bar Choose our Vegetarian, Chicken, Steak or Shrimp. All served with chile poblano, onions, tomatos, rice and black beans
Combination Plate$3.95
Mole Negro (black - Mild) Made with coco or "chocolate", sesame seeds, cinnamon chile pasa, chile ancho, chile gauagilo, and roasted tomato garlic.
Mole Verde (green - Spicy) A traditional delicacy, apasote, green onion, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Try this with shrimp or salmon. You will never forget the heavenly taste.
Mole Rojo (red - Mild) Our version of authentic Mexican mole with a touch of Oaxaca Gerro.
Burritos- Tacos
Steak Burrito$6.50Our tender grill skirt steak, delicious pico de gallo, Monterey Jack cheese, and salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla.
Chipolte Chicken Burrito$5.95Chunk chicken with celery, red papper, and onion in a light chipolte-mayo dressing, served with romaine and tomato wrapped in a spinach tortilla.
Atolito Burrito$4.75Try a burrito like no other. A spinach tortilla stuffed with pickeled Jalapenos, roasted Poblanos, Pico de gallo, chedder cheese and sour cream.
Atolito's Taco Bar Surprise yourself with our Tacos, either vegetarian, chicken, steak, shrimp or combination plate
Combination Plate$3.95
Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas$3.95Yellow corn tortillas stuffed with marinated chicken, Monterey Jack cheese and red onion, topped with roasted Poblano sauce.
Cheese and Garlic Potato Enchiladas$3.50Three rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chedder and garlic potatoes topped with scallions and red chile.
Diablo Chicken Enchilada$3.95Our special marinated chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, and red onion wrapped in yellow corn tortillas, topped with the delightful Diablo Sauce. This is no ordinary Enchilada!
Veggie Enchilada$2.95Three rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chedder and garlic potatoes, topped with home made Guajillo sauce.
Dessert- Drinks
Pastel De Tres Leches Con Coco$2.25Coconut tres leches cake with creme anglaise. A signature. You've got to try this!
Arroz Con Leche$1.75Special rice pudding, Atolito style with fragrant jasmine rice, fresh first-class vanilla bean seed and milk.
Ensalada De Frutas$1.95Fresh and ripe seasonal fruit salad.
Coke/diet Coke 
Sprite/diet Sprite 
Jarritos (please Ask for Available Flavor) 
Aqua De Tamarindo 

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