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1. Cha Gio Tom$4.00shrimp spring roll
2. Cha Gio Chay$4.00vegetable spring roll
3. Gio Cuon$6.00summer roll
3V. Gio Cuon Chay$6.00summer roll with tofu
4. Ga Chien Spicy$7.00ginger lollipop wings
12. Goi Du Du Tom$8.00shrimp and papaya salad
12V. Du Du Tom$8.00papaya salad
24v. Grilled Corn$3.00with scallion oil
Dim Sum
5. Har Gow$5.50shrimp dumpling
6. Shui Mai$5.50pork and shrimp dumpling
7. Mini Char Sui Bao$2.00steamed roast pork bun
8V. Har Gow Chay$5.50vegetable dumpling
9. Snow Pea Leaf And Shrimp Dumpling$5.50
10. Pork Fried Dumpling$5.50
Meat On A Stick
15. Thit Heo Nuong$3.00grilled pork
16. Thit Ga Nuong$3.00grilled chicken
13. Pho Bo$10.00 - $6.00beef noodle soup
13B. Pho Ga$10.00 - $6.00chicken noodle soup
18. Bo Kho Doui Bo$11.00oxtail stew with ginger and lemon grass choose vermicelli or baguette
20. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong$10.00vermicelli noodles with shrimp spring rolls and bbo pork
20V. Bun Cha Gio Chay$10.00vermicelli noodles with vegetable spring rolls
21. Cary Ga$10.00coconut chicken curry choose vermicelli or baguette
22. Com Bat Buu$10.00diced char sui, ham, chicken, shrimp mushroom, carrot and peas under rice topped with a fried egg.
23V. Cary Ga Chay$10.00coconut curry eggplant, tofu, choy with vermicelli noodles
26. Com Bi Suon$12.00pork chop, shredded pork and a fried egg over rice
27. Banh Mi$8.00classic pork sandwich with chicken pate and pickled veggies
27V. Banh Mi Chay$8.00vegetarian sandwich with tofu and picked veggies.
28. Banh Mi Ga$8.00spicy ginger grilled chicken sandwich

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