Big Stu's City Fish & Wings Prices and Locations

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Orange Roughy$6.50
Ocean Perch$5.00
White Bass$5.00
dinner add $2.50. Served with coleslaw and fries
Five Piece Shrimp$5.50
Ten Pieces Shrimp$8.50
Fifteen Pieces Shrimp$12.00
Twenty Pieces Shrimp$16.00
Chicken and Waffle$6.99
Poor Man's Dollar Menu
The Big Famous Little Burger$1.00add chili or chez $30
Poor Man's Whiting Sandwich, Poor Man's Chicken Sandwich$1.00
French Fries$1.00
Chicken Taco$1.00
Onion Rings$1.00
Chicken Fries$1.00
Fish Taco$1.00
Fried Okra$1.00
Hush Puppies$1.00
Chili Only$0.99
Chili Fries$1.99
Hamburger Specials
Double Famous Hamburger with Chili and Chez$2.50
Four Hamburgers, Small Fries, Small Slush$5.00
Family Man Speial
10 Pieces Whiting and Four Fries$12.99
10 Wings and 4 Fries$15.99
Specials Items
Triple Play$9.993 pcs of whiting, 3 wings, 3 shrimps, 2 hush puppies and fries
Big Baller Special$13.99
Three Piece Catfish, Three Piece Ocean Perch, Coleslaw and Fries$13.99
Pork Chop and Waffle$7.99
Lights Out Special$9.995 shrimps, 5 wings coleslaw and fires
Frog Leg$9.00dinner with 2 sides
Frog Legs Only$7.50
Big Stu Stacker$7.995 piece ocean perch with or without chez
Goodie Ice Cream and Waffle$2.00
Fish Big Wave, Taco$2.50
Catfish Taco$3.50
Whole Wings
dinner add $2.50, served with coleslaw and fries
5 Wings$5.00
10 Wings$7.00
15 Wings$10.00
Big Stu's Specials
2 Piece White Bass and Fries$5.00
2 Piece Tilapia and FRIES$5.00
2 Piece Ocean Perch and Fries$5.00
2 Piece Catfish and Fries$5.00
2 Piece Pickerel and Fries$6.00
2 Piece Pickerel and Coleslaw$6.00

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