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Favorite Lattes
Flavors: Butter Bear, Caramel Marvel, Mint Mocha, Mocha Caramel, Mocha Mocha, Neapolitan Latte, Sugar Bear, Teddy Bear, or White Lightning
Lattes$4.59Tall (16 oz.)
Lattes$4.89Grande (20 oz.)
Lattes$5.39Super (24 oz.)
Lattes$6.4932 oz.
Creme Freeze Smoothies
Flavors: Banana Berry, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mango, Orange, Pomaberry, Raspberry Zinger, Red Bull, or Strawberry Shortcake
Creme Freeze Smoothie$5.09Tall (16 oz.)
Creme Freeze Smoothie$5.39Grande (20 oz.)
Creme Freeze Smoothie$5.89Super (24 oz.)
Creme Freeze Smoothie$6.8932 oz.
Tea Lattes
Flavors: Chai Charger, Chai Latte, Enlightened Chai, African Autumn, Chinese Flower, Cinnamon Spice, Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Peppermint, or Pomegranate Oolong
Tea Latte$4.59Tall (16 oz.)
Tea Latte$4.89Grande (20 oz.)
Tea Latte$5.39Super (24 oz.)
Tea Latte$6.3932 oz.
Americano$2.99Tall (16 oz.)
Americano$3.09Grande (20 oz.)
Americano$3.69Super (24 oz.)
Americano$4.3932 oz.
Brewed Coffee$1.99Tall (16 oz.)
Brewed Coffee$2.09Grande (20 oz.)
Brewed Coffee$2.19Super (24 oz.)
Brewed Coffee$2.3932 oz.
Cafe au Lait$2.89Tall (16 oz.)
Cafe au Lait$3.09Grande (20 oz.)
Cafe au Lait$3.29Super (24 oz.)
Cafe au Lait$3.6932 oz.
Caffe Latte$3.69Tall (16 oz.)
Caffe Latte$3.99Grande (20 oz.)
Caffe Latte$4.49Super (24 oz.)
Caffe Latte$5.5932 oz.
Cappuccino$3.69Tall (16 oz.)
Cappuccino$3.99Grande (20 oz.)
Cappuccino$4.49Super (24 oz.)
Cappuccino$5.5932 oz.
Iced Coffee$1.99Tall (16 oz.)
Iced Coffee$2.09Grande (20 oz.)
Iced Coffee$2.19Super (24 oz.)
Iced Coffee$2.3932 oz.
Hot Tea$1.99Tall (16 oz.)
Hot Tea$2.09Grande (20 oz.)
Hot Tea$2.39Super (24 oz.)
Hot Tea$2.7932 oz.
Iced Tea$1.99Tall (16 oz.)
Iced Tea$2.09Grande (20 oz.)
Iced Tea$2.19Super (24 oz.)
Iced Tea$2.3932 oz.
Lemonade$2.39Tall (16 oz.)
Lemonade$2.79Grande (20 oz.)
Lemonade$3.19Super (24 oz.)
Lemonade$3.3932 oz.
Nutty Buddy$4.19Tall (16 oz.)
Nutty Buddy$4.49Grande (20 oz.)
Nutty Buddy$4.99Super (24 oz.)
Nutty Buddy$6.0932 oz.
Premium Iced Tea$2.49Tall (16 oz.)
Premium Iced Tea$2.59Grande (20 oz.)
Premium Iced Tea$2.89Super (24 oz.)
Premium Iced Tea$3.0932 oz.
Raspberry Iced Tea$2.49Tall (16 oz.)
Raspberry Iced Tea$2.59Grande (20 oz.)
Raspberry Iced Tea$2.89Super (24 oz.)
Raspberry Iced Tea$3.2932 oz.
Red Eye$2.99Tall (16 oz.)
Red Eye$3.09Grande (20 oz.)
Red Eye$3.69Super (24 oz.)
Red Eye$4.3932 oz.
Vanilla Bean$4.19Tall (16 oz.)
Vanilla Bean$4.49Grande (20 oz.)
Vanilla Bean$4.99Super (24 oz.)
Vanilla Bean$6.0932 oz.
Turkey Havarti Bragel$3.49
Ham & Cheese Bragel$3.49
Turkey Havarti Everything Bragel$3.49
Bagel & Cream Cheese$1.99
Yogurt Parfait$2.89
Donut Holes$2.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.49
Hot Chocolate
Flavors: Cocoa Carmella, Dark Hot Chocolate, Mellow Hot Chocolate, or Mint Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate$4.09Tall (16 oz.)
Hot Chocolate$4.39Grande (20 oz.)
Hot Chocolate$4.89Super (24 oz.)
Hot Chocolate$5.9932 oz.
For Kids
10 years & under
Cup of Whip$0.99
Magic Milk$1.99

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