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Celery Root Soup$7.00crispy parsnip
Kale Salad$8.00roasted garlic vinaigrette, pecorino, red onion, garlic crouton
Baby Spinach$8.00pickled baby beets, savory granola, great hill blue cheese
Steak Tartare$10.00lightly poached egg yolk, bloody mary vin, toast
Choripan$6.00argentinean style "hot dog", chorizo, chimichurri, portuguese pop
Mushroom Toast$10.00wild mushrooms, lightly poached egg yolk, smoked tomato aioli
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup$12.00cabot cheddar cheese, fig jam, sourdough
Cod Cakes$10.00fresh local cod, no filler, citrus aioli, fennel and garlic, blistered tomato, olive
Sauteed Calamari$12.00spicy italian sausage, fava beans, swiss chard, bread crumbs, sourdough
Drumlin Farms Sunshine Squash Ravioli$10.00creamed corn, sage
Jerk Chicken Thighs$10.00roasted cauliflower, curry coconut milk
Vegan Plate$10.00chef's selection, locally sourced
Roasted Parsnips$10.00parsnip puree, arugula and pine nut salad, hard cider reduction
Market Fish$15.00beluga lentils, shaved brussels, potato-leek puree, tapenade
Pozole Rojo$14.00braised pork stew, shaved cabbage, hominy, crispy tortilla
Grilled Pork Loin Sandwich$14.00chili, arugula, kewpie, black pepper, herbed house cut fries
Cheeseburger$14.00grass-fed beef, cabot cheddar, onion marmalade, green aioli, house cut fries
Fettuccini$16.00 - $11.00fresh pasta, beech, maitake, oyster mushrooms, spinach, mushroom stock
Lobster Pappardelle$18.00 - $12.00grilled lobster, fresh pasta, roasted tomato, english peas
Steak Frites$18.007oz. sirloin, porcini butter, herbed house cut fries, petite salad, bearnaise
Roast Chicken Breast$16.00grape risotto, chinese broccoli, concord grape jus
Grilled Lamb Sirloin$18.00stewed french flageolet beans, lamb bacon, roasted turnips, swiss chard
Gazpacho guacamole puree, plantain chip
Charcuterie (for two). artisan selections, house pâté, eggplant marmalade, mustard, iggy’s
Mackerel Crudo preserved lemon, chile, celery, radish
Heirloom Romaine caesar dressing, pecorino, croutons, lemon
Baby Spinach pickled baby beets, savory granola, danish blue cheese
Roasted Parsnips parsnip puree, arugula & pine nut salad, hard cider reduction
Spicy Shrimp lemon garlic sauce, pea shoots, pea & mint puree
Cod Cakes fresh local cod, no filler, citrus aioli, fennel and garlic, blistered tomato, olive
Chicken Wings black pepper batter, tomato marmalade, buttermilk dressing
Lobster Pappardelle grilled lobster, fresh pasta, roasted tomato, english peas, lobster beurre blanc
Steak Frites grilled new york strip, herbed house cut fries, wild mushrooms, petite salad, béarnaise
Roasted Natural Chicken turnips, dark meat confit hash, chanterelles, liver mousse, mustard jus
Mackerel En Escabeche citrus and tomato broth, carrot, sweet pepper, cilantro
House Cavatelli spring vegetables, ramp butter
Tartines & Sandwiches
Mushroom Toast selection of wild mushrooms, lightly poached egg yolk, ramps, smoked tomato aioli
Chicken Liver Mousse pickled beets, arugula, radish
Choripán like a hotdog. argentinean-style, chorizo, chimichurri, iggy's
Cheeseburger grass-fed beef, cabot cheddar, onion marmalade, green aioli, fries
Brussels Sprouts$6.00cheddar
House Cut Fries$6.00bearnaise
Grilled Corn$6.00aioli, cilantro
Fingerling Potatoes$6.00rosemary
Vegetable Risotto$6.00
Roasted Cauliflower$6.00
Cheese Plate$14.003 artisan cheese, fresh berries, toast, marmalade
Plantain Chips$6.00house hot sauce, sweet chili, smoked tomato aioli
Artisan Cheese Selections seasonal accompaniments
Strawberry Shortcake vanilla bean whipped cream, fresh and macerated strawberry, meringue
Plate Of Homemade Cookies 
Seasonal Draft Cocktail
Harrington Swizzle caòa brava white rum, yellow chartreuse, fresh lemon juice
Esqueleto espolón reposado tequila, house coffee reduction, luxardo maraschino, lemon, chili peppers, passion fruit soda
Citadel sherry, maurin quinua, dandelion & burdock bitters, honey syrup
Rum & Smoke bully boy aged rum, house smoked lime juice, orgeat, gingival
Satchmo's Slur old overholt rye, lillet blanc, cynar, regan's no. 6 orange bitters, herbsaint absinthe
Oaxacan Flip vida mezcal, peychaud's bitters, egg whites, fresh lemon juice
Green Line Extension bulleit bourbon, brandy, green chartreuse, bitters
Villen Mule 888 blueberry vodka, applejack brandy, regan's no. 6 orange bitters, ginger beer
Empire Business jenever, house made rosemary & thyme syrup, cucumber, lemon
Jumpman Julip espolón reposado tequila, fresh pineapple, orange & pomegranate juices, coconut foam

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