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Khai Vî
Goi Cuon$4.00summer rolls. salad rolls with tiger shrimp, pork, vermicelli, fresh herbs, bean sprouts serve with peanut infuse plum sauce
Goi Cuon Chay$4.00tamarind rolls. salad rolls with fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, vermicelli, asparagus, peanut and pickled carrot served with tamarind sauce
Cha Gio$4.00imperial rolls. crispy egg rolls with crab meat, shrimp, pork, onion, carrots, woodear mushrooms, mung bean noodle serve with dipping sauce
Cha Gio Chay$4.00crispy vegetarian imperial rolls. egg rolls with tofu, taro root, mung bean noodle, carrot, woodear mushroom serve with dipping soy sauce
Canh Ga Chien Bo$5.00lollipop wings. garlic marinated chicken wings fried with salted butter
Xà Lách Gõi
Steak Xa-Lach$8.00grilled sliced filet mignon, onion, watercress, boiled egg with house vinaigrette
Zing Zang Xa-Lach$8.00purple and white cabbage salad, carrot, steam white meat chicken, roasted peanuts, vietnamese coriander with house vinaigrette
Lotus Goi$8.00juicy tiger shrimp, lotus stem, carrot, shallot, shredded fresh basil with house vinaigrette
Just Xa-Lach$6.00organic mixed green salad, caramelized walnut with sweet orange ginger vinaigrette
Bánh Mì
Sandwich. All Sandwiches Are Served On A 9" Baguette, With House Garlic Mayo Spread, Pickled Daikon, Carrot, Cucumber, Cilantro And Shaved Onion. Hot Jalapenos Served On Request.
Dac Biet$4.50classic. jambon, paté de campagne, viet mortadella cha lua, headcheese
$4.50phoenix. grilled lemongrass chicken
Thit Nuong$4.50grilled pork. flavorful grilled slices of pork shoulder
Cá Nuong$5.50ca noi cat fish. broiled catfish, red siracha mayonnaise
Bò Bam$4.00sloppy viet. spicy red curry ground beef with basil
Op La$4.00egg. sunny side up fried egg with or without viet mortadella chä La
Chay$4.50vegan. vegetarian soy chicken with lemongrass in caramel soy sauce
Vermicelli. Each Bowl Of Vermicelli Are Served With Pickled Daikon And Carrot, Shredded Lettuce, Mint, Thai Basil And Cucumber, Crushed Peanuts With Viet Dressing
Thit Heo$7.00grilled pork. slices of grilled pork shoulder with crispy imperial roll
Thit Ga$7.00grilled lemongrass chicken. with crispy imperial rolls
Thit Bo Nuong$7.00grilled garlic beef. thin slices of grilled sirloin steak
Chao Tom$9.00sugar cane shrimp. grilled shrimp meat, margarita butter on sugar cane with crispy vegetarian roll
Ca Nuong$8.00fish. turmeric dill charbroiled catfish
Rice Plate. Each Plate Of Rice Are Served With Pickled Daikon And Carrot, Fresh Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Scallion Oil And Viet Chili Dressing.
Cot Let Nuong$7.00grilled pork chops fried egg
Ga Nuong Xa$7.00grilled lemongrass chicken fried egg
Thit Bo Nuong$7.00grilled garlic beef
Lemongrass Tofu$9.00with grilled mushroom
Noodle Soup. Hearty Rice Noodle In Pho Broth, Top With Shaved Onion And Scallion, Add Your Own Personal Touch Of Siracha, Hoisin Sauce, Lime, Basil, Beansprout And Jalapeno
House$8.00rare eye of round, brisket in savory beef broth
The Works$9.00eye of round, brisket, flank, tendon, tripe and meatballs
Pho Ga$8.00chicken pho. white meat chicken in chicken pho broth - dark meat served upon request
Pho Chay$7.00vegetarian pho. tofu, chayote, carrot, cauliflower in veggie broth
Chin well done flank
Nam brisket
Bo Vien meatballs
Extra Noodle$2.00add
Choose 3 Meat $8
Tai eye of round
Gan tendon
Sách tripe
Extra One Meat$2.00add
Ve Gion skirt flank
Nam Gau fat brisket
Fo Phi Le$3.00fillet mignon. add
Onion In Vinegar$2.00add
Kids Meal $5
Pho For Kids small bowl with choice of eye round steak, well done flank or chicken
Rice For Kids small plate of rice with grilled pork and chicken with steam veggie
Chicken Nugget For Kid chicken nuggets with french fries and steam veggie
Bubble Tea$4.50thai tea, strawberry, peach and taro
Yogiberry Frozen Yogurt $6
Original Or Green Tea Choose 3 Toppings
Chocolate Chips 
Pomegranate seasonal
Gummy Bears 
Mint Chip 
Fresh Cranberry Sauce seasonal
Yogiberry Smoothies $6
Original Or Green Tea Choice Of One Topping. Extra Topping $1
Blackberry Mango 
Hot Tea$1.50house lotus tea or choose from assortment of harney & son tea
Vietnamese Hot Ca Phe$3.00espresso with or with out condensed milk
Vietnamese Ice Ca Pie$3.00ice espresso with or without condensed milk
Mash Natural Fruit Essense$2.50mango-blood orang, lemon-ginger, pom-blueberry, grapefruit-citrus
Young Coconut Juice$2.00
Fresh Ginger Soda$3.00original ginger, jasmine green tea and pomegranate
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Rootbeer$2.00
Ice Tea
Non Sweet Lotus$1.00
Sweeten Raspberry Or Peach$2.50
Thai Ice Tea$3.00

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