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Flanes$4.00traditional oaxacan style flan or chile scented chocolate flan
Tamales Dulces (2)$4.00traditional oaxacan dessert made from sweetened corn masa steamed in corn husks I flavored with fresh sweet corn and spices & I with oaxacan chocolate & golden Raisins
Pastel Tresleches$4.00the most popular dessert in Mexico. Think Mexican tiramisu with more sugar!
Nieves Delacala$4.00ask for our specialty Mexican ice creams
Platillo Chocolate Real$8.00a sample plate of desserts made from Mexican chocolate: sweet chocolate cream/oaxacan chocolate ice cream/ baby banana with oaxacan chocolate sauce/ chocolate tamale/ chocolate of the week bliss
Bebidas Calientes
Chocolate Mayordomo$3.00hot Mexican chocolate with ground cinnamon & almonds
Chiles Y Chocolate$4.00hot Mexican chocolate w/ essence of chipotle w/o the heat
Cafe Chiapas$2.00chiapas coffee beans ground with a hint of cinnamon
Mexpresso/Latte$2.00 - $3.00espresso Mexican style
Oaxacalatte$4.00mexpresso & oaxacan chocolate w/ steamed milk
Champurrado$3.00a corn based hot drink w/ oaxacan chocolate dairy free
Atole Vanilla/Almendra/Canela$3.00a corn based hot drink vanilla, almond or cinnamon
Telimon/Manzanilla/Yerbabuena$2.00fresh Mexican teas: lemongrass/chamomile/mint
Chai Latte Mexicano$4.00our own mix of Mexican spices & black tea w/ steamed milk
Bebidas Frias
Horchata$3.00cold rice based drink w/ condensed milk, lemon peel, vanilla and melon
Aguas Frescas$3.00fresh fruit ades: lemon/tamarind/hibiscus flower
Refrescos$2.00coke, diet coke, sprite, seltzer, jarritos
Botanas Y Sopas
Elotes Del Zocolo$3.00fire roasted rorn on the cob w/ your choice of butter, mayo, oaxacan dry cheese & sprinkled w/ chipotle & chocolate powder
Tacos De Cazuela$4.002 fresh soft corn tortillas w/ your choice of filling: picadillo, chicken chipotle or oaxacan vegetable ragout
Tacos Dorados Rufina$6.003 deep fried corn tortillas w/ your choice of filling: picadillo, chicken chipotle or oaxacan vegetable ragout served with guacamole
Quesadillas Antiquas$4.002 fresh corn tortillas filled with melted oaxacan quesillo cheese w/ your choice of filling: huitlacoche, oaxacan vegetable ragout or chicken
Guacamole Chapolin$7.00 - $6.00traditional guacamole with or without fried grasshoppers on top - a oaxacan specialty
Salpicon De La Sierra$3.00shredded chicken or beef salad w/ avocado & chipotle served on a crispy corn tortilla w/ black refried beans, shredded lettuce, radishes, fresh crumbled oaxacan cheese & cream "tostada" sty
Memelas De Alcadia$3.002 fresh thick corn masa tortillas fried & filled w/ black beans, cheese & lettuce
Ceviche Huatulco$9.00fresh small shrimp marinated in lime, chile onion & cilantro served w/ shredded lettuce, avocado, pickled red onion & freshly fried tortillas
Sopa De Tortilla$5.00smokey & rich chicken broth served with julienned fried tortillas, shredded chicken, avocado & condiments
Platos Tradicionales
Moles Oaxaquenos$13.00your choice of tukey breast, chicken breast, stewed pork, or, grilled Mexican vegetables covered with one of the traditional moles of oaxaca below served w/ Mexican rice, tortillas & salad
Mole Negro the most complex, flavorful and traditional of the moles of oaxaca. Made from dried chiles, chocolate, sesame seeds, plantains and over a dozen other spices & ingredients delicious!
Mole Verde like the mole negro but completely different! all red and black ingredients replaced with their green cousins and no chocolate the taste is more fresh and green!
Coloradito a less dense more sweet & savory taste with a beautiful red color make this a great "everyday" choice to the Mole Negro's "special occasion" reputation and flavor one of our favor
Chiles Rellenos Mixteca$12.00poblano chile stuffed with your choice: chicken, picadillo or fresh oaxacan cheeses deep fried and served with smokey tomato sauce, Mexican rice, beans, guacamole and salad
Tamales De Las Plazas$9.00fresh corn masa with filling steamed in corn husks your choice of 2 served with fresh salad tamal de zaschilla: chicken w/ mole coloradito tamal de ejutla: beef with sandia chile sauce tamal de ocotl
Enchiladas Xoxo$9.00soft corn tortillas filled with chicken or fresh oaxacan cheese and cooked in sandia chile sauce served with Mexican rice, beans & salad
Platillos Modernos Carnes De Los Abastos
your choice of meat or oaxacan vegetables marinated in our special smoky chipotle chocolate sauce & grilled served with sauteed spinach, Mexican rice, black beans, oaxacan cheese, guacamole & tortillas
Arranchera (Skirt Steak)$16.00
Lomo De Puerco (Pork Loin)$14.00
Pechuga De Pollo (Chicken Breast)$11.00
Vegetables Del Estacion (Seasonal Vegies)$9.00
Pollo Rio Anona$8.00 - $11.00our special smoky chile & chocolate spiced rotisserie chicken served w/ Mexican rice, black beans, oaxacan cheese, guacamole, tortillas & salad your choice 1/4 or 1/2 chicken
Ensalada Fuerte$12.00 - $0.00your choice of 1 of the above carnes abastos or fresh oaxacan cheeses served on top of organic greens w/ a creamy mole dressing, almond vinaigrette or oil & vinegar
Pato Cacahuate Y Chocolate$16.00grilled duck breast with oaxacan spices served with our special peanut chocolate chiplotle sauce, roasted potatoes & oaxacan vegetable ragout
Huachinanga$14.00pan fried red snapper with a fresh mango chipotle chocolate salsa served with Mexican rice and sauteed green beans
Chiles Y Chocolate Shrimp$14.00grilled jumbo prawns dry rubbed with smokey chipotle & Mexican chocolate served with Mexican rice & sauteed green beans
Al Lado (sides)$4.00roasted oaxacan potatoes, mixed grilled vegetables, sauteed spinach, sauteed green beans, oaxacan vegetable ragout, organic green salad

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