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Foo Chow Special Style
House Special Ho Fun$2.75
Taro Cake$1.00
Fried Dough$1.00
Plain Noodle$2.50with peanut butter
Foo Chow Style Wonton Soup$2.50
Fish Ball$2.95with soup
Dumpling$2.95with soup
Fish Soup$3.75
Cattle's Viscera$5.00with soup
Sweet Taro Cake$3.45
Eight Treasure Rice$4.95
Longan Dumpling Soup (sweet)$4.50
Plain Dumpling Soup (sweet)$2.50
Foo Chow Style Dumpling Soup (salted)$2.50
Black Chicken Soup$5.00
Duck Soup$5.00
Spareribs Soup$5.00
Oxtail Soup$5.00
Lamb Soup$5.00
Rabbit Soup$5.00
Loofal & Clam Soup$9.95
Loofal & Razor Clam Soup$9.95
Loofal & Sea Clam Soup$9.95
Crab$7.95with vegetable soup
Crab$7.95with bean curd soup
Oyster$7.95with bean curd soup
Sea Clam$9.95with bean curd soup
Hot & Sour Special Sliced Fish Soup$7.95
Fish Maw Soup$11.95
Hot & Sour Squid Soup$7.95
Dry Seaweed$3.95 - $1.95with egg soup
Fish Soup$10.95
Fresh Carp Fish Soup (mp)
Razor Clam with wine soup (mp)
Eel with wine soup (mp)
Sea Clam$9.95with chives soup
Mustard Green & Preserved Egg Soup$9.95 - $10.95
Razor Clam & Chinese Celery Soup$11.95 - $11.95
Sea Clam & Chinese Celery Soup$9.95
Seafood Corn Soup$10.95
Foo Chow Noodle Soup
Duck$6.00with thin noodles soup
Black Chicken$6.00with thin noodles soup
Mutton$6.00with thin noodles soup
Rabbit$6.00with thin noodles soup
Spareribs$6.00with thin noodles soup
Fish Noodle Soup$6.00with shredded pork
Rice Cake$5.00with shredded pork
Bowled Rice Noodle$5.00with shredded pork
Mei Fun$5.00w.shredded pork
White Noodles$5.00with shredded pork
Egg Noodles$5.00with shredded pork
Beef Intestine$6.00
Oxtail$6.00with white noodles soup
Taro & Duck$6.00 - $6.00with white noodles soup
Loofal & Clam$7.00with white noodles soup
Loofal & Clam$7.00with white dumping soup
Fish$10.95with white noodles soup
Lobster W.white Noodles Soup s.price
Foo Chow Meat
Duck Tongue$10.95with ginger & scallions
Duck Tongue$10.95with spice sauce
Sauteed Duck Tongue$10.95with chinese celery
Spareribs$8.95with special sauce
Lychee Pork$8.95
Sauteed Pork$8.95
Sauteed Lamb$8.95
Sauteed Rabbit$10.95
Sauteed Bamboo Shoot & Shredded Pork$8.95
Sauteed Bamboo Shoot & Pork Intestine$9.95
Sauteed Loofah$9.95with pork intestine
Sauteed Gongcai$8.95with shredded pork
Bamboo Shoot$8.95with pork
Pepper$8.95with pork
Pepper$9.95with pork intestine
Pepper$8.95with pork stomach
Stir Fried Meat$8.95
Stir Fried Pork Kidney$8.95
Stri Fried Pork Stomach$8.95
Preserved Cabbage$8.95with pork
Foo Chow Seafood
Cold Jelly Fish Head$11.95
Sauteed Jelly Fish$14.95
Sauteed Clam$10.95with loofah
Sauteed Clam$10.95
Sauteed Clam$10.95with foo chow sauce
Clam$10.95with black bean sauce
Razor Calm$14.95with black bean sauce
Razor Clam$13.95with chinese celery
Steamed Razor Clam$14.95with vermicelli
Pan Fried Egg$9.95with razor calm
Sea Clam$13.95with fresh garlic
Sea Clam$13.95with chinese celery
Sauteed Snails with black bean sauce
Sauteed Snails 
Pan Fried Egg$8.95with crab
Crab with ginger & scallions
Lobster with ginger & scallions
Lobster & Vermicelli with fresh garlic
Squid$8.95with mustard green
Squid$8.95with black bean sauce
Steamed Eel with black bean sauce (whole)
Eel with salt & pepper (whole)
Fish$10.95with juices
Squid$9.95with salt & pepper
Squid$9.95with chinese celery
Steamed Flounder 
Steamed Fish 
Braised Flounder 
Braised Fish 
Sauteed Sliced Fish$10.95
Pan Fried Egg$8.95with oyster
Baby Oyster Omelette$9.95
House Special Salted Fish$10.95
Eight Treasure Sticky Rice 
Intestine$8.95with scallion
Triple Delight$9.95with corn
Sauteed Water Spinach, Foo Chow Style 
Sauteed Water Spinach with fresh garlic
Water Spinach & Sheredded Pepper with bean curd sauce
Sauteed Snow Peas Leaf w.fresh garlic
Sauteed Snow Peas Leaf 
Sauteed Loofah$8.95with dry shrimp
Sauteed Broccoli$8.95
Broccoli$8.95with garlic sauce
Mixed Vegetables$8.95
Mixed Vegetables$8.95with garlic sauce
Ma Po to Fu$7.95
Stewed Bean Curd$7.95
Bean Curd$7.95with mixed vegetables
Fried Bean Curd$8.95with chinese celery
Sauteed Cauliflower$8.95
Sauteed Cauliflower$8.95with chinese celery
Sauteed Bitter Melon$8.95
Bitter Melon$8.95with black bean sauce
Sauteed Chinese Vegetable$7.95with ginger
Sauteed Chinese Vegetable$7.95 - $8.95with sweet & sour sauce
Sauteed Broccoli Foo Chow Style$7.95 - $8.95
Mustard Green$7.95with dry shrimp
Braised Taro$7.95

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