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Desayuno - Mexicanos
Mexican Breakfast. Servidos Con Arroz Y Frijoles
Chilaquiles$7.00rojos o verdes
Chilaquiles$8.00con huevo
Huevos A La Mexicana$7.00eggs with jalapeno, onion & tomato
Huevos A La Mexicana$8.00with mexican sausage
Huevos A La Mexicana$8.00with ham
Huevos A La Mexicana$8.00ranchero style
Huevos A La Mexicana$8.00with potato & jalapeno
Desayuno - American
American Breakfast.
2 Eggs, Home Fries, Toast, Coffee$6.00with bacon, ham or sausage
Egg Sandwich On Roll$2.00
Egg Sandwich On Roll$3.50with bacon, ham, or sausage
Egg Sandwich On Roll$0.75add cheese
Egg Sandwich On Roll$0.50on bagel
Bagel$1.00toasted with butter
Bagel$1.75with cream cheese
French Toast$5.50
French Toast$6.50with meat
Tortas$6.00with beans, mayonnaise, jalapenos, lettuce, onion, cheese & avocado
Tortas meat - beef, spicy pork, breaded chicken or steak
Cemitas$6.00with beans, mayonnaise, chipotle, papalo, tomato, cheese & avocado
Cemitas meat - breaded chicken or steak, spicy pork
Ensalada De Pollo$6.00grilled chicken salad
Ensalada De Aguacate$6.00avocado salad
Papas Fritas$2.50french fries
Nachos Con Queso$2.50nachos with cheese
Nachos Con Queso$5.00with toppings & meat
Arroz Con Frijol O Habichuelas$3.00rice and beans
Antojitos Mexicanos
Huarache$7.00large handmade tortilla with refried beans inside
Quesadilla$7.00large handmade tortilla with a layer of mozzarella cheese
Tacos$7.00small handmade tortillas with meat
Picaditas$5.00handmade corn memelas with cheese, onion & salsa (no meat)
Sopes$7.00handmade corn memelas with beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream & cheese
Gorditas$7.00handmade corn patty with beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream & cheese
Chalupas$7.00tortillas cooked with hot sauce, meat, lettuce, sour cream, cheese
Flautas$7.00fried rolled tortilla with cheese or chicken, lettuce, sour cream, cheese
Flautas with rice & beans
Tostadas$7.00fried tortillas, with refried beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream, cheese
Antojitos Mexicanos - Carne
Bistec beef
Enchilada spicy shredded pork
Pollo chicken
Chicharron pork skin
Cecina salted dried beef
Hongo mushroom
Espinaca spinach
Calabaza zucchini
Pescado fish
Shrimp shrimp
Antojitos Mexicanos - Toppings
Pico De Gallo 
Sour Cream 
Platillos $9
Dishes. Served With Rice And Beans
Bistec A La Mexicana mexican style steak with onion, tomato & jalapeno
Bistec A La Mexicana with nopales
Bistec Encebollada steak with onions
Cecina Asada grilled salted dried steak
Pechuga Asada steak with onions
Milanesa De Res breaded steak
Pechuga Empanizada breaded chicken breast
Enchiladas Rojas O Verdes red (spicy) or green (medium) enchiladas (rolled up tortillas with chicken & salsa)
Enchiladas Rojas O Verdes de mole poblano
Caldo De Pollo chicken soup
Pernil roasted pork
Chuletas fried pork chops
Pollo Rostizado roasted chicken
Pollo Guisado stew chicken
Carne Guisada beef stew
Pollo Frito fried chicken
Torta De Camaron egg & shrimp patties in sauce
Mojarra Frita fried fish
Filete De Pescado fish fillet
Lunes monday. green (medium) adobe with pork
Martes tuesday. chicken in green salsa
Miercoles wednesday. stuffed green peppers with cheese
Jueves thursday. red (spicy) adobo with pork
Viernes friday. chicken with pipian. green sauce made with pumpkin seeds
Sabado saturday. ribs in green salsa
Domingo sunday. mole poblano with chicken
Sodas $1
Coca Cola 
Diet Coca Cola 
Ginger Ale 
Arizona Iced Tea 
Snapple & Sodas Mexicanas $2
Fruit Punch 
Sangria - Batidas $3
Fresa strawberry
Papaya papaya
Platano banana
Mamey mamey
Angus Frescas $2
Natural Juices.
Pina pineapple
Melon melon
Sandia watermelon
Tamarindo tamarind
Jamaica hibiscus
Horchata horchata

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