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Donkey Sides
Green Bean Casserole$2.29 - $0.50baked beans, fresh cut fries, baked idaho tater, tater salad. cole slaw, hush puppies, apple sauce, macaroni & cheese, sweet potatoes
Desserts You Deserve!
Fruit Cobbler (Fresh Fruits In season)$1.85how about some fresh baked, home made cobbler. It's probably peach, but ask your server to be sure. A big heaping pile of baked filling and fruit all jumbled up with a shot of whipped cream if you wi
Cheesy Cheesecake$2.85a generous creamy slice of cheesecake topped with chocolate sauce, caramel, or cherries
Wash 'Er Down
Fountain Drinks 16 0z (Free Refills)$1.59pepsi, diet pepsi, siera mist, dr. pepper, mountain dew, iced tea, lemonade
Coffee 12 Oz$1.10
Milk or Orange Juice$1.29
Bottled Water$1.29
Dtg BBQ Sauce$3.49take home a bottle or two of our own "dang that's good" BBQ sauce 12 oz bottle only
Pulled Pork Nachos$5.99a big bowl of nachos with bunches of slow roasted shredded pulled pork, cheddar cheese, dtg salsa, sand jalapenos if you wish!
Celery Sticks$1.75with blue cheese or ranch dressing
Bone Sampler (Buck a Bone)$1.00order three, six, or more with a cup of sauce to dip them in.
Platters that You'll Love
all platers include your choice of any 2 sides & a roll or cornbread
Big Donk Full Slab Platter (12 Bones)$16.95it's an entire mouth watering, slow roasted and smoked slab of ribs with our original dtg sauce
Half Donk Platter (6 Bones)$11.95half a slab of ribs for your eat'n pleasure
Regular Rib Platter (4 Bones)$8.95a good tasting of our smoked bones that will leave your wishing you got more
Pulled Pork (Sauced or Unsauced)$7.95marinated overnight in special spices and then slow roasted and smoked for 8 to 10 hours. Available two ways: either sauced with our original dtg sauce or au natural right out of the smoker and you a
Brisket O' Texas$8.95specially seasoned and then slow smoked for at least 10 hours. It falls apart as you grab it! You'll think you're back in lockhart or san Antone when you bite into our brisket
Chicken or Turkey Platter$7.95a skin on, bone in, huge 8 ounce chicken breast or a generous Turkey breast portion slathered in our special spices and original dtg sauce
Pick Any 2 Meats Above & Chow Down$11.95choose from 4 ribs bones, 8 ounce chicken, Turkey, or beef brisket
Sandwiches You'll Love Too!
Pulled Pork Three Different Ways - Only Carolina Style$4.23unsauced pulled pork on a bun with onions and cole slaw. Just like they serve at a bunch of places for charlotte to redfield. It's heaping big sandwich!
Pulled Pork Three Different Ways Only Texas Style$3.95unsauced pulled pork on a bun with pickles, onions, and a splotch of dtg sauce on top, just like we had in the front of an old gas station outside houston in some dusty little texas town
Pulled Pork Three Different Ways Only Plain Old Sauced$3.95(you pick the fixin's) how about sauced pulled pork on a bun. You pick the toppings like onions, pickles, or slaw.
Texas Beef Brisket - Only Smoked Beef Brisket$4.25a huge 6 ounce portion of our mouth watering, slow roasted beef brisket. Add all the dtg sauce you want! let us know any fixins's you want on it, like pickles or onions.
Make It a Combo & Add A Side - Only$5.95
Chicken Wings
choose from hot, mild, or sweet sauce
Chicken Wings Dozen$5.95
Chicken Wings Half Dozen$3.95
Chicken Wings Add Celery Sticks & Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing$1.75
Kids Vittles
Junior Rib Dinner (3 Bones) with Any Side$5.19
Macaroni & Cheese with Applesauce$3.49
Hot Dog with any Side or Cobbler$2.75

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