El Rey Mexican Restaurant Prices and Locations

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Botana (Grande)$13.952 Chicken flautas, 2 cheese quesadillas, 2 beef nachos
Botanita$7.501 Chicken flauta, 1 cheese quesadilla, 1 beef nacho
Quesadillas Con Queso$6.50Corn tortilla stuffed with cheese
Quesadillas con Bistec o Pollo$7.00Corn tortillas with beef or chicken, order of 2
Quesadillas con Tortillas de Harina$8.95Flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, order for 2
Quesadillas con Tortillas de Harina con Pollo$9.95Bistec or chorizo, order for 2
Guacamole$6.95Avocado dip
Flautas$7.50Corn tortillas, stuffed with chicken, order of 2
Tostadas$7.00Crispy corn tortillas with chicken, chorizo, bistec or al pastor, order of 2
Tamales with Pork$2.00Red or green sauce
Coctel de Camarones$11.957 Shrimp cocktail mexican style
Sincronizadas$9.95Flour tortillas stuffed with ham, cheese and guacamole
Alitas de Pollo (6 pcs)$6.95Buffalo wings
Alitas de Pollo (12 pcs)$12.95Buffalo wings
Picaditas$7.95Homemade tortillas topped with beef, chicken, chorizo al pastor, order of 2
Served with bread and dressing - acompanada con pan
Ensalada Pequena$3.50Small salad no bread
Ensalada de la Casa con Pollo$8.50Grilled chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes, white cheese, radish, avocado and onions
Ensalada de la Casa$6.00Lettuce, tomatoes, white cheese, radish, avocado and onions
Endalada de la Casa con Camarones (7)$13.95Served with grilled shrimp
Ensalada Ceasar$6.95
Ensalada Ceasar con Pollo$8.50Ceasar salad with grill chicken
Ensalada de Aguacate$6.50Avocado Salad
Served with tortilla or bread
Sopa del Dia$4.00 - $6.00Soup of the day
Sopa de Pollo$4.00 - $6.00Chicken soup with vegetables
Sopa de Mariscos (32oz)$16.95Calamari, scallops, shrimps, clams mussels, crab
Caldo de Camarones con Vegetables$15.95Shrimp soup with vegetables
Caldo de Pescado con Salmon$16.95Salmon soup with vegetable
Tortas - Mexican Sandwiches
All sandwiches made with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, onions, jalapenos peppers and white cheese.
Bistec$6.50Beef sandwiches
Al Pastor$6.50Spiced pork meat sandwiches
Milanesa$6.50Breaded beef meat sandwich
Carne Enchilada$6.50Pork meat with spiced red sauce sandwich
Pollo$6.50Grilled chicken sandwich
Huevo Con Chorizo$6.50Egg with mexican sausage
Jamon Con Huevo$6.50Ham and eggs
De Pierna$6.50Pork meat
Mexican Hot Heroes$7.50Served with refried beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado mayonnaise and mozzarella cheese. Choice of beef, chicken or mexican sausage
Con Papas Fritas/With French Fries$7.50
Mexican Hot Heroes Con Papas Fritas with French Fries$8.50
We serve 8oz hamburgers
Cheeseburger Deluxe$7.95Served with fried onions and mushrooms
Mexican Cheeseburger Deluxe$7.95French fries, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos
Cheeseburger Deluxe$7.95Lettuce, tomatoes and french fries
Hamburger Deluxe$7.50Lettuce, tomatoes and french fries
Grilled Chicken Breast Deluxe$7.95Served wlth lettuce, mozzarella cheese and onions french
All nachos served with guacamole
Chorinachos$7.95Topped with refried beans, mexican sausage, cheese and jalapenos
Nachos Atlixco$7.95Topped with refried beans, chicken, cheese and jalapenos
Nachos Mixtos$7.95Topped with refried beans, beef and chicken, cheese and jalapenos
Nachos de la Casa$9.95Topped with refried beans, beef, chicken, chorizo.
Nachos de Vegetables$7.95Vegetables nachos
Nachos de Bistec$7.95Topped with refried beans, beef, cheese and jalapenos
Served wlth rice and refried beans
Enchiladas de la Casa$13.95Chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla with melted cheese, mole and green sauce
Enchiladas de Molo Poblano$11.25Served wlth chicken and mole sauce
Enchiladas Suizas$11.95Served with chicken and green sauce, melted cheese and sour cream
Enchiladas Rojas$10.95Served with chicken and red sauce
Enchiladas Verdes$10.95Served with chicken and green sauce
Enchiladas Suizas de Vegetables$10.50Served with vegetables green sauce, melted cheese, sour cream
Enchiladas de Mole Poblano con Pollo y Huevos Frito$11.95
Served with rice and refried beans bread and tortilla
Pollo a la Parrilla$11.251/2 Boneless grilled chicken
Pechuga de Pollo a la Parrilla$11.95Charbroiled chicken breast with guacamole
Pollo al Limon$11.95Chicken breast with butter and lemon sauce
Milanesa de Pollo$11.95Breaded chicken breast
Pollo a la Francesa$11.95Chicken breast dipped in egg, butter and lemon sauce
Pollo de la Casa$12.95Chicken breast with mushrooms, peas and shrimps
Pollo Acapulco$12.95Stuffed chicken breast with crabmeat, spinach, shrimp and mushrooms sauce
Pechuga de Pollo en Crema Chipotle$12.95
Served with rice and refried beans bread or tortillas
Mojarra al Mojo de Ajo$15.95Porgie fish in garlic sauce
Mojarra a la Parrilla$15.95Charboiled porgie fish
Tilapia Fish a la Parrilla$15.95Grilled tilapia fish with salad
Tilapia Fish a la Mexicana$15.95Red sauce, onion, tomatoes, jalapenos, mexican style
Camarones a la Veracruzana$15.95Shrimp with onions, green olives and fresh tomatoes sauce
Camarones a la Frencesa$15.95Shrimp dipped in egg, butter and lemon sauce
Camarones Empanizados$15.95Fried breaded shrimp
Camarones Rellenos$16.95Stuffed shrimp with crabmeat and spinach
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo$15.95Shrimp in garlic sauce
Filete de Pescado Empanizado$15.95Breaded filet of fish
Filete de Pescado Relleno$15.95Filet of sole stuffed with crabmeat and spinach and lemon butter
Salmon a la Mexicana - a la Parrilla o en Crema de Chipotle$17.95
Salmon a la Marinera$17.95Salmon with clams and mussels
Grill Fajitas Platter
Served with rice and refried beans, flour tortilla, sour cream and guacamole. Regular with onions, tomatoes and green peppers. Spiced with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos
Fajitas de Camarones (8)$15.95Shrimp
Fajitas de Pollo$13.95Chicken with onions, green pepper
Fajitas de Bistec$18.95Skirt steak with onions green pepper
Fajitas Mix$18.95Chicken, shrimp and beef
Served with rice and refried beans or french fries
Bistec de La Casa$18.50Shell steak charbroiled with home fries, guacamole, jalapeno and onions
Bistec a La Tampiquena$18.50Broiled shell steak with one enchilada with mole sauce
Bistec a La Mexicana$18.50Shell steak with jalapeno peppers, onion and tomatoes
Bistec Encebollado$17.50Shell steak with fried onion
Bistec a La Parrilla$17.50Shell Steak Charbroiled
Bistec a Caballo$18.50Shell steak charboiled with two eggs over
Chuletas a La Parrilla (2)$12.95Charbroiled pork chops with guacamole
Chuletas Fritas$12.95Sauteed pork chops. 2 with guacamole
Chuletas en Salsa de Hongo (2)$12.95Pork chops in mushrooms sauce
Carne al Pastor$12.95Spiced pork meat and guacamole
Cecina con Guacamole$12.95Salted beef served with guacamole
Entrana a la Parrilla$18.95Broiled skirt steak with mexican home fries
Entrana a la Mexicana$18.95Skirt steak mexican style
Served with rice and refried beans or french fries
Burritos Benditos$10.252 Small, 1 chicken, 1 beef
Burrito de Bistec$10.25Soft flour tortilla stuffed with sliced beef
Burrito al Pastor$10.25Soft flour tortilla stuffed with sliced and spiced pork meat
Burrito de Vegetables$10.25Soft flour tortilla stuffed with sliced chicken
Burrito de Pollo$10.25Soft flour tortilla stuffed with sliced chicken
Burrito de Carnitas$10.25Soft flour tortillas stuffed with pork meat
Burrito de Huevo con Chorizo$10.25Soft flour tortilla stuffed with eggs and mexican sausage
Burrito de Camarones y Vegetables$15.95Soft flour tortilla stuffed with 7 shrimp and vegetables
Tacos Suaves Soft Tacos
Comes with onions, cilantro for your preferred sauce
Soft Tortilla Filled with Chicken$3.00
Bistec$3.00Soft tortilla filled with beef
Al Pastor$3.00Soft tortilla filled with spiced pork meat
Carnitas$3.00Soft tortilla filled with pork meat
Chorizo$3.00Soft tortilla filled with mexican sausage
Carne Enchilada$3.00Soft tortilla filled with pork meat and spiced red sauce
Cecina$3.00Soft tortilla filled with salted beef
Tacos Dorados$3.00Taco shell with ground meat, green sauce cream and cheese
Especialidades de la Casa
Served with rice and refried beans
Chilaquiles con Cecina$10.95Rojos o verdes
Chilaquiles con Huevos Estrellados$10.95Rojos o verdes
Chilaquiles con Bistee$10.95Rojos o verdes
Chalupas$10.95Corn tortillas topped with chicken, green sauce, cheese and 2 eggs
Mole Poblano con Pechuga de Pollo$12.95A blend of mexican chocolate, nuts and spices chicken breast
Carnitas$12.95Thick slices of pork meat served with chicken breast
Chimichanga$10.95Fried flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and beef
Chiles Rellenos con Queso Blanco$12.95Two fresh poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, wrapped in egg, butter baked
Combination Platters
Served with rice and refried beans
Combination 1$11.95One beef soft taco, one tostada chorizo, one enchilada with cheese
Combination 2$11.95One chile ralleno with cheese, one beerf burrito, one guacamole tostada
Combination 3$11.95One tostada with guacamole, one chicken soft taco, one tamal
Combination 4$11.95One beef chimichanga, one soft taco chicken, one chorizo tostada
Combination 5$11.95One beef burrito, one chicken, enchilada, one soft taco chorizo
Combination 6$11.95One beef burrito, one taco al pastor, one flauta
Combination 7$11.95One chile relleno and one piece of steak top round
Combination 8$12.95Make your own combination with 3 items
French Fries$3.00
Refried Beans$2.50
Rice and Beans$3.00
Chips and Sauce$4.50
Sour Cream$2.00 - $3.50
Greens Sauce$2.00 - $3.50
Red Sauce$2.00 - $3.50
1/2 Orden de Guacamole$3.00
Orden de 3 Jalapeno Asados$2.00
Orden de Nopales Asados$5.95
Buffalo Wings 6 pc$6.95
Buffalo Wings 12 pc$12.95
Kids Menu
Include ice cream or jello
Grilled Chicken$6.00On hamburger bun, lettuce, cheese, mayo and french fries
(1) Cheeseburger$6.00Served with french fries
(5) Chicken Fingers$6.00Served with french fries
(1) Small Burrito$6.00Chicken or beef with rice and beans
Banana Roll$4.25Served with strawberry sauce
Durazno con Crema$4.25
Flan$4.25Caramel custard
Fresa con Crema$4.25Whipped cream with strawberries
Ice Cream$3.50
Papaya 16oz$3.50
Mango 16oz$3.50
Mamey 16oz$3.50
Banana 16oz$3.50
Fresa 16oz$3.50Con leche o agua
Jugo de Naranja Fresco 16oz$4.00
Coffee or Tea$1.50
Chocolate Caliente con Leche$2.50Abuelita
Homemade Hot Chocolate$2.50Abuelita
Agua Jamaica Fresca$2.50 - $5.00
Horchata$2.50 - $5.00
Coca Cola$2.50
Pepsi Cola$2.50
Lata 7 Up$1.75
Agua en Botella$1.25
Soda de 2 lts$3.50
Coca Cola - Jarritos$3.50

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