Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant Prices and Locations

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Beef Sambusa$3.50Two thin shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a blend of minced beef or vegetables (2 pieces per order)
Whole Lentil Sambusa$3.502 pieces per order
Kategna$4.502 pieces of fresh warm Injera spread with kibe, garlic and spicy sauce rolled into finger food
Lentil Soup with Ethiopian spices$2.50 - $3.50
Timamtim Fitfit$5.50Fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, seasoned with spices, mixed with Injera and house dressing
Ethiopian Tomato Salad$5.50Finely chopped tomatoes, onions and jalapeno peppers combined with ethiopian spices
Entrees - Beef
All entrees served with injera
Key Wat$11.95Lean, chopped beef simmered in niter kibe, berbere, onion and combination of spices
Alicha Wat$11.95Lean, chopped beef simmered in a mild sauce of onions, garlic and ginger
Tibs$12.95Tender pieces of marinated beef sauteed with onions, garlic and peppers
Tibs Wat$12.95Tibs simmered in spicy sauce
Tibs Alicha$12.95Tibs simmered in mild sauce
Kitfo$13.99Ethiopian steak tartare seasoned with niter kike and mitmita (red pepper blend) served rare, medium or well done
Entrees - Chicken
All entrees served with injera
Doro Wat$11.50Exquisitely flavorful and spicy chicken slowly simmered in berbere sauce, served with chicken drumstick and hard-boiled egg
Doro Alicha$11.50Chicken drumsticks and a hard-boiled egg, simmered in mild and flavorful onions, ginger root and a pinch of cardamom
Combo of Doro Wat (07) and Doro Alicha (08)$14.50
Entrees - Lamb
All entrees served with injera
Ybeg Key Wat$13.99Tender and flavorful lamb meat (bone-in) cooked in berbere sauce and other exotic spices
Ybeg Alicha$13.99Cubed tender lamb (bone-in) meat cooked in mild onions, ginger, garlic and niter kibe
Ybeg Tibs$14.75Marinated pieces of lamb meat sauteed with onions, garlic, pepper, and a touch of rosemary
Ybeg Tibs Wat$14.75Ybeg tibs simmered in spicy sauce
Ybeg Tibs Alicha$14.75Ybeg tibs simmered in mild sauce
Entrees - Seafood
All entrees served with injera
Shrimp Wat$13.50Shrimp simmered in spicy homemade sauce
Shrimp Tibs$13.50Shrimp marinated in fresh lemon juice, garlic and green pepper
Assa Wat$14.50Tilapia fish cooked in spicy home-made sauce
Assa Tibs$13.50Tilapia marinated in fresh lemon juice and garlic, sauteed with onions and green peppers
Entrees - Vegetarian
All entrees served with injera
Yemisir Wat$10.50Red lentils simmered in spicy onion and home-made sauce
Diffin Yemisir Wat$10.50Similar to yemisir wat but in whole lentils for a different flavor
Kick Alicha$10.50Split peas cooked in mild sauce of onions, garlic and ginger
Shero$10.50Seasoned chick pea flour cooked in mild sauce
Gomen$10.50Chopped collard greens simmered in a mild sauce of onions and garlic
Tikel Gomen$10.50Lightly spiced cabbage, carrots and onions cooked in a mild sauce
Dinch Alicha$10.50Potato cubes and carrots cooked in a mild sauce of onions, garlic, ginger and other spices
Atkilt Wat$10.50Delicious curried vegetable stew made with carrots, potatoes, cabbage, peppers and onions
Combo of Yemisir Wat (19)$13.50
Kick Alicha (21)$13.50
Gomen (23)$13.50
Dinch Alicha (25)$13.50
A Taste of Cottage Samplers
Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Veggie$17.75 - $32.50Doro wat (07), key wat (01), ybeg alicha (11), atkilt wat (26)
Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Veggie - Ybeg Key Wat (10)$17.75 - $34.00Doro wat (07), alicha wat (02), yemisir wat (19), atkilt wat (26)
Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Veggie - Yemisir Wat (19)$14.99 - $25.50Kick alicha (21), gomen (23), diffin misir(20), dinich alicha (25), atkilt wat(26)
Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango Ice Cream$1.99One scoop
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite$1.50
Mango Drink$2.50
Bottled Water$1.50
Hot Beverages
Tea$2.99Ethiopian tea in a tea pot
Buna$4.00 - $10.00Ethiopian coffee, roasted in-house, served in a traditional clay jebbena pot

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