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Shrimp Cocktail$14.95Ice chilled jumbo shrimp served with our classic homemade cocktail sauce
Smoked Salmon$14.95Pacific salmon smoked especially for us, served with a creamy dill sauce and crackers
Beer Battered Shrimp$12.95Served with our tangy cocktail sauce
Pike Fingers$13.95Served with cocktail or tartar sauce
Artichoke$8.95A cross between a softball and a pinecone. Eat with your fingers. Choice of sauce: Lemon butter or layonaise
Baked Artichoke Spinach Dip$13.95A hot cheesy mixture with a red pepper twist. Served with chips or bread
Potato Skins$8.75Red river valley potato skins, baked & deep fried, covered in cheese & bacon bits. Add spiced chicken $0.75
Nachos$10.95Corn chips and all the works. With spiced chicken add $2.50
Chips & Sauce$8.75Served with choice of salsa or con queso dip
Beer Battered Mushrooms$7.95Mushrooms deep fried special beer batter
Stuffed Mushrooms$10.95Jumbo mushrooms caps, long grain & wild rice covered with bernaise
Quesadillas$7.25Two flour tortilla stuffed with chilies and cheese. Served with sour cream & salsa. With spiced chicken add $2.50
Vegetable Plate$10.45A seasonal assortment of fresh vegetables, served with a creamy ranch dressing
Chicken Fingers$8.95Served with BBQ sauce
Crab Cakes$10.75Crab meat, blended with spicy southern seasonings
Soups & Salads
Served with a loaf of warm sourdough bread and whipped butter
Soup of the Day$7.95
Salad Bar$9.95For those who choose to make the salad bar a main course, help yourself to an odyssey of crisp greens, fresh veggies, croutons and an array of homemade dressing.
Salad Bar with Cup Soup of the Day or RRV Potato$12.95
Caesar Salad$10.95A traditional caesar salad with crisp romaine, seasoned croutons, tomatoes, onions and dressing. Topped with fresh parmesan. Add chicken or shrimp for $5.00
Caesar Salad with Cup Soup of the Day or RRV Potatoes$12.95
The Cork's Steak
Served with a choice of: Red river valley baked potato, long grain and wild rice, courscous or vegetables and a choice of: Homemade soup or salad bar
Top Sirloin$28.95Our 11 ounce sirloin steak, the one we made our reputation on
Club Sirloin$25.95An 8 ounce version of our best seller, accompanied by fresh mushrooms sauteed in wine & butter
Steak Kabob$26.95Chunks of sirloin, skewered with fresh veggies. Served on bed of couscous or long grain and wild rice
Corks Pride$35.95A specail 14 ounce center cut taken from the tip of the sirloin swirl.
Filet Medallion$34.957 Ounce center cut tenderloin. Served with a side of bearnaise sauce
Ribeye Steak$34.9514 Ounces cut from the tender center portion of the prime rib. Grilled to your choice of temperature
Prime Rib
Aged prime ribs, slow roasted for 6 hours, basted in their own juice
House Cut$27.95A cork tradition, our most popular cut
Dakota Cut$24.95
End Cut$34.95Extra thick roasted to the well side of medium
Large Cut (16 Ounces)$34.95
Fish and Seafood
Served with a choice of: Red river valley baked potato, long grain and wild rice, couscous or vegetables and a choice of: Homemade soup or salad bar
Teriyaki Shrimp$24.95Jumbo ocean shrimp, lightly marinated and broiled along with fresh grilled vegetables. Presented on long grain & wild rice
Beer Battered Shrimp$24.95A half pound of tender ocena shrimp, lightly coated and deep fried. Served with cocktail sauce
Scallops$25.95Large sea scallops combined with lemon, sherry butter & spiced crumbs. Then baked to perfection
Walleye Pike$29.95Two fillets of the best game fish of the north. Served: Broiled, pan fried, beer battered. Sauces: Lemon butter, tartar sauce, bearnaise sauce
Salmon$26.95Broiled or blackened salmon
Shrimp Scampi$26.95Broiled jumbo shrimp with a garlic butter sauce
Alaskan King Crab$52.95The largest, sweetest, most tender crab alaska can supply. Served in the shell with lemon butter
Seafood Boil$29.95
Served with a loaf warm bread & whipped butter and your choice of: Homemade soup or salad bar
Hawaiin Chicken$17.95A lightly marinated skinless chicken breast served on a bed of long grain & wild rice
Chookie$21.95With asparagus and bearnaise. Tender chicken breast served on long grain and wild rice
Barbeque Ribs$27.95Tender loin back pork ribs, the tenderest kind. Slowly smoked to enhance the natural flavor and allow the fat to melt away, finished off under the broiler. Served with our smoked BBQ sauce and choice
Stuffed Pork Chop$26.45Hand cut 14oz bone in pork chop stuffed with native long grain and wild rice and mushrooms. Prepared medium. Complemented with our soonto be famous raspberry chipotle sauce
Alfredo$16.95A mild garlic cream sauce, topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese
Primavera$16.95Crisp veggies blended with a mild garlic cream sauce, topped with fresh parmesan cheese
Con Pollo$20.95Grilled chicken breast, penne & vegetables in a mild garlic cream sauce topped with fresh parmesan
Shrimp Pico$20.95Penne covered in an alfredo, mixed with jalapeno and tomato
Shrimp$20.95Sauteed shrimp & vegetables in a light basil and garlic oil. Served over fresh penne. With basil & garlic
Broccoli Spears with Bearnaise Sauce$4.95
Asparagus with Bearnaise Sauce$4.95
Mixed Vegetables$4.95
Artichoke$8.95In season & while
Couscous or Long Grain and Wild Rice$4.95
Sauteed Mushroom$4.95Fresh button mushrooms sauteed in butter and burgundy wine
Red River Valley Potato$3.50Seasoned and aged to bring out the flavor loaded with bacon & cheese add $2.50
Served with a choice of: Red river valley baked potato, long grain and wild rice, couscous or vegetables and a choice of: Homemade soup or salad bar. substitute: Filet medallion for the steak
Chicken and Steak with Hawaiin Chicken$28.85
Chicken and Steak with Chookie$29.95
Shrimp and Steak with Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Teriyaki$30.75
Shrimp and Steak with Shrimp Scampi$30.75
Shrimp and Steak with Beer Battered Shrimp$30.75
Salmon and Steak$28.95Served broiled or blackened and a club sirloin
Alaskan King Crab and Steak$52.9511 Ounces of tender alaskan king crab and our club sirloin steak
Walleye Pike and Steak with Beer Battered Walleye$31.75
Walleye Pike and Steak with Pan Fried Walleye$31.75
Walleye Pike and Steak with Broiled Walleye$31.75
Penne and Steak with Alfredo$25.95
Penne and Steak with Primavera$25.95
Penne and Steak with Pico Shrimp Pasta$28.95
Penne and Steak with Basil & Garlic Shrimp Pasta$28.95
Penne and Steak with Con Pollo$28.95
Scallops and Steak$28.95Sea scallops combined with a club sirloin
Mud Pie 
Cajun Bread Pudding 
Assorted Cheese Cake 

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