Feida Bakery Prices and Locations

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B.B.Q. Pork Bun$0.75
Ham & Egg Bun$0.75
Hot Dog Bun$0.75
Chinese Sausage Bun$0.75
Cocktail Bun$0.60
Custard Bun$0.60
Coconut Bun$0.60
Cream Bun$0.60
Egg Tart$0.65
Preserved Duck Egg$0.90
Bean Paste Cake$0.85
Lotus Paste Cake$0.85
Green Bean Paste Cake$0.85
Crystal Cake$0.75
Apple Turnover$0.85
Winter Melon Cake$0.85
Twist Pastry$0.65
Honey Noodle$0.80
Sweet Dough$0.65
Triangle Cake$0.65
Sesame Cookies$1.65
Baby Pork Cookies$1.65
Sesame Ball$0.60with red bean
Dry Shrimp & Pork Turnover$0.60
Dinner Roll$2.25
Sponge Cake$0.70
Fried Stick$0.65
Taro Turnover$0.60
Taro Root Bun$0.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies$0.65
Raisin Stick$0.75
Sesame Bun$0.60
Swiss Roll Bun$0.60
Ham & Onion Bun$0.75
Red Bean Paste Bun$0.75
Sweet Top Bun$0.60
Red Bean Sweet Top Bun$0.75
Coconut Sweet Top Bun$0.75
Custard Sweet Top Bun$0.75
Walnut With Bean Paste Cake$0.85
Coconut Tart$0.75
Pork Sung Bun$0.75
Almond Cookies$0.65
Big Cake$1.25
Pork Dumpling Bun$0.75
Vanilla Cream Roll$3.00
Mango Cream Roll$3.00
Chocolate Cream Roll$3.00
Coffee Cream Roll$3.00
Mixed Cream Roll$3.00
Green Tea Cream Roll$3.00
Steamed Pork & Vegetable Bun$0.75
Steamed B.B.Q Bun$0.75
Big Bun$1.20
Plain Steamed Bun$0.50
Red Bean Snowball$0.65
Peanut Snowball$0.65
Sesame Snowball$0.65
Custard Sweet Rice Cake$0.50
Bean Paste Sweet Rice Cake$0.50
Butterfly Cookies$0.40
Dim Sum
Pork Dumpling$1.70
Shrimp Dumpling$1.70
Beef Dumpling$1.70
Spare Ribs$1.70
Chicken Feet$1.70with black sauce
Bean Curd Wrap Meat Roll$1.70
Turnip Pudding$1.70
Canton Dumpling$1.70
Lotus Leaf- Rice In$1.95
Sweet Sticky Rice$1.95with meat
Pot Sticker$1.70
Beef Funn Roll$1.70
Shrimp Funn Roll$1.70
Dried Shrimp Funn Roll$1.70
Plain Funn roll$1.00
Bbq Pork Funn Roll$1.70
Fried Stick Funn roll$1.70
Sweet Sticky Rice Roll$0.75
Steam Plain Bun$0.50
Steam Vegetable & Pork Bun$0.75
Big Bun$1.20
B.b.q Pork Bun$0.75
Cream Bun$0.70
Lotus Steam Bun$0.70
Ham Sui Kok- Meat Filled$0.60
Fried Sesame Ball$0.60
Feida Special Tea$0.75

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