Four Belly Prices and Locations

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Street Snacks
Twist Potato$4.00fried skewers potato, aonori
Crispy Frog Legs$7.00fried frog’s legs, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, sweet & sour sauce
Fried Calamari$7.00calamari tempura, honey wasabi sauce
Karaage$5.00fried chicken, sweet & sour sauce
Gyoza$5.00chicken or veggie, pan fried dumping, sesame soy sauce
Edamame$4.00steamed japanese soy bean, salt
Spicy Edamame$5.00steamed japanese soy bean, chili powder, garlic powder, pepper
Edamame Yuba Sticks$5.00fried wrapped soy bean, plum sauce
Fried Caterpillar$4.00bamboo caterpillar, salt, pepper, thai herb
Crispy Taro Egg Rolls$5.00taro, ground pork, mushroom, noodles, house special sauce
Corn Tempura$4.00sweet corn tempura, sweet & sour sauce
Takoyaki$6.00grilled octopus balls, green onion, fish bonito, sweet sauce, mayo, aonori
Gui-Chai$5.00pan fried chive dumpling, sweet soy sauce
Belly Sticks$8.00marinated fresh tuna & salmon, sesame, thai salsa
Wasabi Shumai$6.00steamed pork dumpling, wasabi, sesame soy sauce
Roti Canai$5.00crispy roti, yellow curry, chicken, potato, yellow onion
Crab Rangoon$5.00crab stick, cream cheese, celery, carrot, sweet & sour sauce
Tuna Tartare$8.00chopped fresh tuna, avocado, chili, house special sauce, chip
Wonton Soup$4.00pork & mushroom dumping, clear broth, chinese bok-choy
Three Musketeer$4.00assorted mushroom, onion, veggie broth
Kimchi Jigae Tofu$4.00korean kimchi, onion, spicy broth
Kimchi Jigae Beef$5.00korean kimchi, onion, spicy broth
Tom Yum Soup$5.00chicken or tofu
Tom Yum Soup Shrimp$6.00lemon glass, popping mushroom, mushroom, onion, cilantro, tomato, kaffir lime leaves, chili paste, lime
Cucumber Salad$4.00carrot, onion, vinaigrette dressing
Seaweed Salad$4.00japanese seaweed, carrot, sesame dressing
House Salad$5.00mixed green, ginger dressing
Gomae$5.00baby steamed spinach, sesame dressing
Chef Salad$8.00fried baby fish, edamame, tomato, mixed green, beet, crispy papaya, citrus dressing
Larb Crispy Tofu$7.00fried tofu, chili, herb, mint leaf, onion, lime dressing
Calamari Salad$9.00fried calamari, mixed green, beet, honey wasabi mayo dressing
Pok Pok Salad$9.00green papaya, tomato, shrimp, peanut, carrot, chili, lime dressing
Firecrackers Salad$10.00fried shrimp, crispy noodle, mixed green, tomato, beet, honey wasabi mayo dressing
Smoked Salmon Salad$10.00smoked salmon, fried salmon skin, mixed green, tomato, beet, citrus dressing
Atlantic Salsa Salad$10.00fresh salmon, herb, chili i basil, mint leaf, soy salsa house dressing
Nam Tok$10.00grilled rib eye beef, chili, herb, mint leaf, onion, lime dressing
Herb Ama Ebi Salad$12.00fresh shrimp w/ fried head, chili, mint leaf, thai salsa dressing
Asian Grilled
Sweet Corn$1.50coconut milk
Asian Potato$1.50soy, pepper, butter, onion
Asparagus$1.50salt, pepper, ponzu
Shishito$2.00japanese pepper, ponzu, teriyaki sauce
Tofu Tori$2.00tofu, mushroom, teriyaki sauce
Quill Egg$2.00salt, pepper, soy sauce
Tamago$2.00japanese sweet omelet
Yakitori$2.50chicken, onion, bell pepper, teriyaki sauce
Ika Geso$2.50squid legs
King Mushroom$2.50ponzu, salt, pepper
Beef Asparagus$3.00teriyaki sauce
Bacon Tomato$3.00sweet sauce
Bacon Enokitake$3.00ginger sauce
Moo Ping (Pork Shoulder)$3.00hot & spicy sauce
Beef Rib Eye$3.00kalbi sauce
Assorted Mushroom$3.00salt, pepper, butter (enokitake, king mushroom, white mushroom, shitake)
Salmon$3.50mushroom, onion, teriyaki sauce
Bacon Scallop$3.50salt, pepper, sweet & sour sauce
Scallop$3.50salt, pepper, thai salsa
Baby Squid$3.50ponzu sauce
Jumbo Shrimp$3.50salt, pepper
Asian Grilled Combo Set
Intersection Set$10.00bacon enokitake, moo ping, two yakitori, sweet corn
Five-Way Intersection Set$11.00bacon tomato, beef rib eye, yakitori, tamago, king mushroom
Street Noodle Soups
Original Silky Tonkotsu Ramen$12.00chashu pork loin, sesame, kikurage mushroom, menma bamboo, red pickled ginger, scallion, sweet corn, nitamago egg, fishcake
Spicy Kara Miso Ramen$12.00house spicy soybean paste, chashu pork loin, cabbage, spinach, ginger, scallion, nitamago egg, fishcake
Tom Yum Ramen$12.00thai spicy in japanese broth, chashu pork loin, popping mushroom, menma bamboo, mushroom, sesame, scallion, roasted garlic, nitamago egg, fishcake
Shuyu Ramen$11.00(vg). veggie broth, soy sauce, spinach, menma bamboo, cabbage, scallion, sesame, nitamago egg, choice of inari or chashu pork loin
Beef Udon, Soba$9.00marinated thin slice beef, scallion, shallot, bean sprout, fishcake
Chicken Udon, Soba$9.00shredded chicken, scallion, shallot, bean sprout, fishcake
Add On Toppings
Chashu Pork$3.00marinated braised pork belly
Menma$2.00marinated bamboo shoots
Nitamago$2.00seasoned boiled egg
Street Fried Rice $9
Curry Fried Rice egg, pineapple, cherry tomato, onion, cashew nuts, curry powder
Spicy Fried Rice egg, onion, jalapeno, mushroom, bell pepper, basil leaf
Tom Yum Fried Rice lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, fresh thai chili, lemon juice, sweet chili paste
Teriyaki Fried Rice egg, white onion, scallion, teriyaki sauce
Stir Fried Street Noodles
Pad Thai Udon$9.00udon noodles, egg, green onion, bean sprout, peanut
Spicy Udon$10.00udon noodles, egg, chili paste, basil, mushroom, bell pepper, bean sprout, carrot
Yakisoba$9.00japanese egg noodles, mushroom, cabbage, carrot, sesame, dried seaweed, red pickled ginger
Panang Noodles$10.00ramen noodles, panang curry sauce, basil, bell pepper
Buddha Bowl$9.00(vg). udon noodles, cabbage, bean sprout, sweet corn, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, marinated tofu, cilantro, pepper
Singapore Noodles$9.00egg noodles, curry powder, garlic, bell pepper, bean sprout, green onion, cilantro
Main Street
Oyakodon$8.00chicken, egg, white onion, green onion, served over rice
Panang Curry$10.00chili paste, basil, bell pepper, coconut milk, served with rice
Panang Curry$2.00choice of chicken, beef, tofu or veggie, shrimp add
Moo Ping$12.004 skewers of grilled pork shoulder, sticky rice, house special sauce
Korean Bulgogi$10.00pan grilled thin sliced beef, onion, sesame, kalbi sauce, rice, kimchi
Classic Thai Chicken Basil$10.00stir fried ground chicken, basil, chili, mushroom, bell pepper, brown sauce, rice
Teriyaki$10.00grilled meat, mushroom, seaweed, sesame, teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki$12.00choice of chicken, beef or tofu, salmon
Thai Iced Tea$2.50brown ice, milk
Thai Iced Coffee$2.50black ice, milk
O-Leang$2.50black ice
Lemon Iced Tea$2.50brown ice, lime
Hot Vietnamese Coffee$3.00hand filtered, condensed milk
Mango Juice$3.00
Fresh Coconut Juice$3.00
Soda$1.50coke, diet coke, sprite
Grosse Island Root Beer$2.50
Genmai Cha$1.50hot green tea with brown rice
Fresh Ginger Ale$2.50
Ramune, Japanese Soda$2.50original, strawberry, orange
BYOB$5.00build your own burger
Side Street
Steamed Rice$1.50
Sticky Rice$2.00
Steamed Noodles$2.00
Four Belly Recommended $14
Panang Curry Salmon grilled salmon, panang curry sauce, basil, kaffir leaf, bell pepper, served with rice
Four Belly Noodles egg noodles, crab meat, wonton, fried wonton skin, chashu pork loin, onion, bean sprout, garlic sauce, side broth
Andaman Curry Noodles shrimp, squid, scallop, panang curry sauce, basil, kaffir leaf, bell pepper, served over egg noodles
Spicy Basil Frog Legs basil, chili, mushroom, bell pepper, brown sauce, rice
What’s The Scoop$3.00choices: green tea with red bean paste, red bean with red bean paste, lychee sorbet with young coconut & peanut, black sesame with edible gold flakes
Banana Samosa$4.00fried banana, rice paper wrapped, chocolate sauce, sugar icing
Classic Thai Custard$3.00coconut milk, palm sugar, egg, salt
Japanese Sasa Dango$3.00red bean paste, sticky rice, bamboo leaf wrapped
Korean Ice Cream$3.00corn ice cream, sweet corn, unsweetened condense milk
Belly Belly Ice Cream$5.00choices: two scoops of ice creams, sugared fried bun, peanut, unsweetened condense milk
Sweet Roti$3.00crispy roti, sweet condensed milk, chocolate sauce, sugar icing
Mochi Ice Cream$3.00choices: green tea, coffee, mango, strawberry

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