Fox's Pizza Den Prices and Locations

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One Topping Pizza (4-Cut)$8.39Small
One Topping Pizza (8-Cut)$12.99Medium
One Topping Pizza (10-Cut)$14.99Large
One Topping Pizza (12-Cut)$17.49X-Large
One Topping Pizza (21-Cut)$20.99Big Daddy
One Topping Pizza (52-Cut)$44.99The BIG One!
Each Topping for Small Pizza$1.30
Each Topping for Medium Pizza$1.90
Each Topping for Large Pizza$2.00
Each Topping for X-Large Pizza$2.40
Each Topping for Big Daddy Rectangle Pizza$2.50
Each Topping for The Big One Pizza$5.00
Double Deals
One Topping Pizzas
Two Pizzas$14.49Small
Two Pizzas$19.59Medium
Two Pizzas$22.59Large
Two Pizzas$25.99X-Large
Two Pizzas$30.99Big Daddy
Two Pizzas$77.99The BIG One!
Gourmet Pizza
Gourmet Pizza$10.39Small
Gourmet Pizza$15.99Medium
Gourmet Pizza$18.99Large
Gourmet Pizza$21.49X-Large
Gourmet Pizza$25.99Big Daddy
Gourmet Pizza$59.99The BIG One!
Hoagies & Wedgies
Hoagie$5.496 1/2 in.
Hoagie$9.4913 in.
Fox's Sides
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings$5.491/2 Dozen
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings$8.49Dozen
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings$29.994 Dozen
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings$55.998 Dozen
Ranch or Blue Cheese$0.79
Bread Sticks$4.99
Bread Sticks with Cheese$5.99
Pepperoni Bites$6.99
Toasted Ravioli$5.491/2 Dozen
Toasted Ravioli$6.99Dozen
Potate Wedge Fries$2.29
Tossed Salad$5.39
Chef Salad$6.39
Chicken Fry Salad$7.29
Steak Fry Salad$7.29
Buffalo Chicken Salad$7.29
Taco Salad$7.29
Chicken Taco Salad$7.29
Southwest Chicken Salad$7.29
Banquet Salad$23.99Small
Banquet Salad$34.99Large
Side of Sauce$0.79
New York Style Cheesecake$2.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.19
Cinnamon Sticks$5.49

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