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Smoked & Fried Dates$8.00with duck
Raw Bok Choy$8.00with house-made shrimp paste
Smoked Mussels In Scallion Oil$7.00
Peanuts$7.00dill and slivers of chinese beef jerky
Cold Small Plates
Marinated$14.00raw fish slices with snow pea leaves
Roasted Beets$12.00with century egg, garlic chives, and aged bean curd shards
Broad Bean Curd Terrine$13.00with pickled mustard greens, chopped bacon, and chili oil
Soymilk-Fish Custard$12.00with beef floss and chinese laver. option of no beef floss for non-meat eaters.
Hot Small Plates
Masa & Scallion Flatbreads$15.00with smoked chicken, pressed bean curd slivers, cilantro salad, and cashews
Stir Fried Celtuce$13.00with soy-anise marinated egg
Naked Soybean Curd Dumplings$13.00with celery-mushroom broth
Parker House Steamed Buns$12.00stuffed with vegetables
Crepe Rolls$13.00stuffed with braised beef, pickled cucumbers, and watercress
Fried Egg Roll$13.00stuffed with pork belly, leeks, cilantro, olives, and chilies
Large Plates
Wheat Noodles$16.00with pumpkin seed sauce, winter squash, and smoked fish. option of no smoked fish for vegetarians.
Stir Fried Soybean Sprouts$17.00with squid, salty pork, and black vinegar. served over rice.
Dumpling Knots$16.00with tingling ground pork sauce
Sweet Potato Rice Cakes$16.00with lap cheong, mushrooms, and greens. option of no lap cheong for vegetarians.
Fried Pork Chops$21.00with pickled mustard greens
Whole Steamed Fish$24.00with fennel, tangerine peel, chili, and fermented black beans
Sweets $8
Wafer Cake with coffee mousse
Fried Sesame Balls stuffed with peanutbutter & chocolate ganache
Almond Jelly with candied celery and pickled cranberries
Bruce Cost’s Ginger Alez 
Mexican Coke 
Cocktails $12
Olive Spritz aperol anise, olive juice, prosecco
The Wolf vodka, wolf-berries, grand marnier
Sherry jerez fino, frangelico sour cherry
Tea cucumber gin, ginger limocello, jasmine tea
Camphor Julep cognac, menthol
Draft Beer
Riesdorf Kölsch$7.00germany
Rodenbach Grand Cru$10.00
Bottle Beer
Hitachino "DaiDai"$10.00
Schneider Weiss "Aventinus"$9.00
Peak Organic Winter Session$7.00
21st Amendment Fireside Chat$7.00
Goose Island Sofie$12.00
Santome Prosecco Extra Dry$9.00
Cremant De Jura Rose Benoit Badoz$14.00
Cremant d’Alsace Brut Zero Sans Soufre Ajoute Domaine Valentin$18.00
Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais Blanc 2011$10.00
Koehler Ruprecht Kallstader Steinacker Halbtrocken Riesling 2010$12.00
Roussette De Savoie Cuvee Prestige Marestel Blanc 2011$14.00
Vouvray Sec Domaine Sebastien Brunet "Arpent" 2010$13.00
Clos Des Treilles$14.00nicolas reau anjou blanc "chenin mechant" 2012
Valpolicella Classico Monte Dall’Ora 2012$13.00
Clos Mathélisse "Exorde" 2011$14.00
Domaine Rimbert Saint Chinian 2012$11.00
Olivier Bellanger Pineau d’Anuis 2012$13.00
Mas Coutelou "Vin Des Amis" Grenache$12.00syrah 2012
Veslay "Les Faverelles" Bourgogne 2011$16.00magnum
Domaine De L’Octavin "Chérubin" Vin Jeaune$18.00
Perez Barquero Amontillado Gran Barquero$12.00
Lustau Amontillado$6.00
Gerard Villet Vin De Paille 2003$12.00
VDN "L’Amoureuse" La Ferme Du Vert$7.00jerome galaup 2008
Malvira "Birbet" Brachetto$12.00

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