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Tortilla Hispana$4.00spanish omelette.
Tortilla Con Queso$3.00cheese omelette.
Dos Huevos Con Tocino, Jamon, O Salchicha$3.00two (2) eggs with bacon, ham or sausage.
Dos Huevos Calquier Estilo$3.00two eggs any style.
Servido Con Papas Guisadas Y Tostada
All served with Home Fries & Toast.
Tostadas Francesas$3.00french toast.
tostadas con carne$3.50french toast with meat.
tortillas de harina$3.00pancakes.
Tortillas De Harina Con Carne$3.00pancakes with meat.
Mangu Con Huevo Queso O Longaniza$6.00boiled mashed green plantain with egg, cheese & salami or ham.
Yuca, Salami, Huevo Y Queso Blanco O Longaniza$6.00cassava, salami, egg & white cheese or spanish sausage.
Guineo, Salami, Huevo Y Queso Blanco O Longaniza$6.00green banana, salami, egg & white cheese or spanish sausage.
Cheeseburger Deluxe$5.00
Hamburger Deluxe$4.00
Chicken. All Platters Served With Rice & Beans Or Green Plantains Or French Fries Or Salad.
Pollo Al Horno$7.00rotisserie chicken.
Pollo Frito$8.00fried chicken.
Croquetas De Pollo Con Salsa Tartara$10.00breaded chicken chunks.
Bistec De Pollo Encebollado$12.00chicken steak with onions.
Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla$10.00grilled chicken cutlet.
Pechuga De Pollo A La Parmigiana$10.00chicken cutlet parmigiana.
Pechuga De Pollo Salteada$12.00sauteed chicken cutlet.
Pechuga De Pollo Al Limon$10.00chicken cutlet with lemon.
Pechugas De Pollo Guisadas Con Vegetales$10.00chicken cutlet stew with vegetables.
Pechuga Empanizada$12.00breaded chicken cutlet.
Chicharrones De Pollo$9.00fried chicken chunks.
Rice & Soupy Rice
Arroz Con Langosta$35.00rice with lobster.
Arroz Con Camarones$15.00rice with shrimp.
Arroz Con Pollo$8.00rice with chicken.
Arroz Con Calamares$8.00rice with calamary.
Arroz Con Gandules$4.00rice with pigeon peas.
Arroz Con Chorizo$8.00rice with spanish sausage.
Asopado De Langosta$28.00lobster soupy rice.
Asopado De Camarones$15.00shrimp soupy rice.
Asopado De Pollo$6.00chicken soupy rice.
Arroz Y Habichuelas$4.00rice & beans.
Calamari Con Arroz$9.00calamari & rice calamari and rice.
Pollo A La Parrilla$16.00grilled chicken.
Meat Selections Carnes
All Platters served with Rice & Beans or Green Plantains or French Fries or Salad.
Bistec T-Bone$18.00t-bone steak.
Bistec Sirloin$18.00sirloin steak.
Bistec Encebollado$9.00steak & onions.
Bistec Salteado$9.00pepper steak.
Bistec Sobre Lomo A La Parrilla$10.00grilled beef steak.
Bistec En Salsa$10.00steak with sauce.
Bistec Empanizado$12.00breaded steak.
Bistec A Caballo$12.00beef steak with egg.
Bistec A La Milanesa$12.00milanesa steak.
Bistec De Higado$10.00liver steak.
Pernil De Cerdo$7.00roast pork.
Chuletas Fritas O Guisadas$10.00fried or stewed pork chops.
Chuletas Empanizadas O A La Parrilla$10.00breaded or grilled pork chops.
Carne Guisada$10.00beef stew.
Carne Frita De Res O Cerdo$10.00fried beef or pork.
Chicharron De Cerdo$10.00fried pork skin.
Costillas De Cerdo A La B.B.Q.$8.00b.b.q spare ribs.
Soups. Med / Lg.
Sopa De Res$3.00 - $6.00beef soup.
Sopa De Pollo$6.00 - $3.00chicken soup.
Mondongo$7.00 - $3.00beef tripe soup.
Sancocho$7.00 - $3.00spanish soup.
Extra Lettuce & Tomato $0.50 Add.
Sandwich Cubano$5.00cuban sandwich.
Pernil De Cerdo$4.00roast pork.
Con Queso$5.00with cheese.
Carne Empanizada$5.00breaded steak.
Chuleta$5.00pork chop.
Filete De Pescado$5.00fish fillet.
Grilled Chicken$5.00with cheese.
Atun$5.00tuna fish.
Jambn & Queso$3.00ham &cheese.
Queso Americano$3.00american cheese.
Queso Suizo$3.00swiss cheese.
Tocineta, Lechuga & Tomate$3.00b.l.t.
Tocineta & Huevo$3.00bacon & egg.
Jamon & Queso$3.00ham & egg.
Cold Drinks.
Licuados$3.00shakes. mamey, tamarindo, guanabana, papaya, maracuya, naranja con leche, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.
Naranja$4.00orange juice.
Te Frio$1.50cold tea.
Orange & Carrot Juice$3.00
Orange & Carrot$3.50with carnation.
Cafe$1.00 - $2.00coffee.
Expresso$1.00 - $2.00
Cappuccino$2.00 - $1.00
Chocolate$1.00 - $2.00
Te$1.00 - $2.00tea.
Avena$1.00 - $2.00oatmeal.
Ensalada De Pulpo$16.00octopus salad.
Ensalada De Camarones$13.00shrimp salad.
Ceviche De Camarones$13.00shrimp cocktail.
Ensalada De Aguacate$3.00avocado salad.
Lechuga & Tomate$2.00lettuce & tomato.
Ensalada De Pollo$5.00chicken salad.
Ensalada De Atun$4.00tuna salad.
Ensalada De Bacalao$7.00codfish salad.
Ensal. De Masa De Cangrejo$6.50crabmeat salad.
Ensalada De Papa$3.00potato salad.
Steam Table
Any Meat From The Steam Table With Rice And Beans.
Separado$8.00separate dishes.
Con Camarones$15.00
Con Pernil O Pollo$6.00
Pollo A La Brasa
Rotisserie Chicken.
Pollo Entero$7.00
Mitad De Pollo$4.00
Cuarto Pollo$2.00
Variedad De Mariscos large selection of seafood

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