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Start your meal off right with a delicious appetizer.
Cheesy Garlic Bread$7.95
"The Best" Ripe Tomato Bruschetta$9.25
Toasted Ravioli$8.95
Fried Calamari & More!$10.95
Crispy Chicken Tenders$9.50
Chicken Wings$10.95
Fried Mozzarella Cheese$8.95
Garlic Parmesan Fries$3.95
Giordano's Sampler$12.95Serves 3 or More
Soup of the Day$4.50Cup
Soup of the Day$6.25Bowl
Stuffed Deep Dish
Small (Serves 1 to 2) Medium (Serves 3 to 4) Large (Serves 4 to 6)
Cheese +1 Ingredient$18.75Small
Cheese +1 Ingredient$23.50Medium
Cheese +1 Ingredient$28.50Large
Cheese +2 Ingredients$27.25Small
Cheese +2 Ingredients$29.00Medium
Cheese +2 Ingredients$34.50Large
Chicago Classic$22.75Small
Chicago Classic$29.00Medium
Chicago Classic$34.50Large
Meat & More Meat$23.75Small
Meat & More Meat$31.50Medium
Meat & More Meat$37.25Large
Fresh Spinach$18.25Small
Fresh Spinach$23.50Medium
Fresh Spinach$28.50Large
Super Veggie$22.75Small
Super Veggie$29.00Medium
Super Veggie$34.50Large
Bacon BBQ Chicken$22.75Small
Bacon BBQ Chicken$29.50Medium
Bacon BBQ Chicken$35.25Large
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$22.75Small
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$29.00Medium
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$35.50Large
Extra Ingredients$2.25Small
Extra Ingredients$2.75Medium
Extra Ingredients$3.00Large
Add Fresh Garlic or Onions$1.00Small
Add Fresh Garlic or Onions$1.50Medium
Add Fresh Garlic or Onions$1.75Large
Thin Crust
Small (Serves 1 to 2) Medium (Serves 3 to 4) Large (Serves 4 to 6)
Cheese$13.5012" Small
Cheese$18.0014" Medium
Cheese$22.0016" Large
Cheese +1 Ingredient$15.7512" Small
Cheese +1 Ingredient$20.7514" Medium
Cheese +1 Ingredient$25.0016" Large
Cheese +2 Ingredients$18.0012" Small
Cheese +2 Ingredients$23.5014" Medium
Cheese +2 Ingredients$28.0016" Large
The Special$20.2512" Small
The Special$26.2514" Medium
The Special$31.0016" Large
Chicago Classic$20.2512" Small
Chicago Classic$26.2514" Medium
Chicago Classic$31.0016" Large
Meat & More Meat$21.2512" Small
Meat & More Meat$28.0014" Medium
Meat & More Meat$33.0016" Large
Fresh Spinach$15.7512" Small
Fresh Spinach$20.7514" Medium
Fresh Spinach$25.0016" Large
Super Veggie$20.2512" Small
Super Veggie$26.2514" Medium
Super Veggie$31.0016" Large
Bacon BBQ Chicken$20.2512" Small
Bacon BBQ Chicken$26.7514" Medium
Bacon BBQ Chicken$31.0016" Large
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$20.2512" Small
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$26.2514" Medium
Chicken Sausage Deluxe$31.0016" Large
Small (Serves 1 to 2) Medium (Serves 3 to 4) Large (Serves 4 to 6)
Cheese$13.0012" Small
Cheese$17.5014" Medium
Cheese$21.5016" Large
Cheese +1 Ingredient$15.2512" Small
Cheese +1 Ingredient$20.2514" Medium
Cheese +1 Ingredient$24.5016" Large
Cheese +2 Ingredients$17.5012" Small
Cheese +2 Ingredients$23.0014" Medium
Cheese +2 Ingredients$27.5016" Large
Chicken Pesto$15.2512" Small
Chicken Pesto$20.2514" Medium
Chicken Pesto$24.5016" Large
Spinach, Artichoke & Feta$15.2512" Small
Spinach, Artichoke & Feta$20.2514" Medium
Spinach, Artichoke & Feta$24.5016" Large
Classic Margherita$14.0012" Small
Classic Margherita$19.0014" Medium
Classic Margherita$23.2516" Large
Available in three sizes: Starter, Entree or Family platter (Serves 4 to 6)
Original Chicago Chicken Chopped Salad$6.95Starter
Original Chicago Chicken Chopped Salad$13.50Entree
Original Chicago Chicken Chopped Salad$24.95Family Platter
Giordano's House Salad$4.95Starter
Giordano's House Salad$8.95Entree
Giordano's House Salad$16.50Family Platter
Classic Caesar$4.95Starter
Classic Caesar$8.95Entree
Classic Caesar$16.50Family Platter
Antipasti Salad$6.25Starter
Antipasti Salad$12.25Entree
Antipasti Salad$22.50Family Platter
Harvest Salad$5.50Starter
Harvest Salad$10.50Entree
Harvest Salad$19.95Family Platter
Greek Salad$5.50Starter
Greek Salad$10.50Entree
Greek Salad$19.95Family Platter
Enhance Your Salads!$2.25Starter
Enhance Your Salads!$4.50Entree
Enhance Your Salads!$9.00Family Platter
Try any one of these great options.
Giordano's "Southside" Italian Beef$9.75
Chicken Club$10.50
Chicken Parmesan$9.95
Italian Market Deli$9.50
Mama's Meatball Sub$8.95
Giordano's "Northside" Italian Beef$10.50
Fresh Italian
Available in two sizes: Entree or Family Platter (perfect for 2 or more)
Oven-Baked Lasagna$12.25Entree
Oven-Baked Lasagna$22.95Family Platter
Chicken Carbonara Rigatoni$14.50Entree
Chicken Carbonara Rigatoni$27.95Family Platter
Chicken Parmesan$13.25Entree
Chicken Parmesan$24.95Family Platter
Fettuccine Alfredo Classic$12.50Entree
Fettuccine Alfredo Classic$23.50Family Platter
Spaghetti$9.95Marinara Entree
Spaghetti$15.95Marinara Family Platter
Spaghetti$10.25Meat Sauce Entree
Spaghetti$18.95Meat Sauce Family Platter
Make it a dinner!$3.00
Add All-Beef Meatballs$3.75
Add All-Beef Meatballs$6.25
Sweet Endings
No meal is complete without a tempting dessert.
Mini Cannoli$3.95
S'mores Pizza$8.95
Chocolate Layer Cake$7.95

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