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Homemade Cold Tofu$8.00perilla jjang vinaigrette
Winter Green Salad$10.00lotus, radishes, ginger vinaigrette
Vegetable Dumplings$9.00crispy with soy vinaigrette
‘Dak-Gang-Jung’ Chicken Nuggets$12.00crispy fried chicken breast with plum sauce
Chicken ‘Katsu’$10.00panko breaded chicken breast with caramelized onion sauce
Daikon And Brisket Soup$8.00 - $5.00traditional korean radish soup
Kimchi/Namul Duo$3.00seasonal kimchi and vegetable banchan
Wide Noodles With Spicy Gochujang Bolognese$13.00ground pork belly, kimchi, bacon and soft poached egg
‘Jajang’ Ramen$13.00fresh ramen noodles with pork belly black bean sauce
‘Dduk & Mandoo’ Chicken Soup & Banchan Set$14.00traditional korean rice cake & dumpling soup w. poached chicken
‘Dak Juk’ And Banchan Set$12.00porridge of white meat chicken & vegetables
Bibimbap$13.00traditional korean vegetable mixed rice with egg
‘Bulgogi’ Beef Bibimbap$14.00korean marinated beef with bibimbap
Sizzling Hot Bibimbap$18.00marinated vegetables & bulgogi beef w. rice & egg marinated vegetables & bulgogi beef w. rice & egg in sizzling cast iron bowl
Kimchi Pork ‘Dup-Bap’$16.00sautéed aged kimchi and pork over rice
‘Hwe-Dup-Bap’$18.00seasonal spicy sashimi and vegetables over sushi rice
‘Ssam-Bap’ Set (BBQ Short Rib Or Spicy Pork Belly)$18.00lettuce wrap, ssam-jang, and rice
Fishcake And Daikon Soup$12.00odeng tang
Crispy Perilla Leaf Dumplings With Shrimp And Pork$10.00ggen-yip jeon
Scallion Pancake W. Local Squid$16.00haemul pajeon
Grilled Half Mackerel$18.00go-deung-uh gui
Spicy Squid Stir Fry W. Organic Somyun Noodles$15.00ojinguh bokkeum
Spicy Short Rib Braised In Korean Red Pepper$22.00mae-un galbi jjim
Kimchi & Beef Brisket Fried Rice W. Egg$20.00ggak-dugi bokkeum bap
Spicy Pork Bone & Pota To Stew$24.00gamja t ang
Homemade Cold Tofu$10.00perilla jjang vinaigrette
Winter Greens Salad$11.00cress with lotus and radishes, ginger dressing
Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Salad$12.00seasonal greens, red onion, and chojang
Pork Fat ‘Ddukbokki’$13.00spicy ricecake and fishcake with pork fat
Grilled Chicken Wings "Freshly Killed"$12.00soy-sake marinade, house pickles
Fried Chicken With Pickles$12.00boneless dark meat ‘tong-dak’ style
Braised Pig Trotters W. Squid Fermented Kimchi$20.00‘jokbal’ hanjan style
Korean Spicy Ramyun$16.0012 hour broth of pork/chicken/fish bones (after 9pm only)
Korean Hanwoo Breed Beef - ‘Steak & Mushroom’$48.006oz ribeye steak and maitake mushroom ssam set
Korean Hanwoo Breed Beef - ‘Steak & Mushroom’$18.00ribeye skewers and maitake mushroom
BBQ Galbi Short Rib$12.00lettuce wrap, ssam-jang, and scallion salad
Spicy BBQ Pork Belly$10.00lettuce wrap, ssam-jang, and scallion salad
Fresh Killed Chicken$6.00thigh, breast, skin, gizzard & garlic or heart
Royal Trumpet Mushroom & Scallion$6.00
Kimchi Duo$5.00seasonal and traditional kimchi
Namul Duo$4.00seasonal root and leaf vegetables
Hot Sauce$2.00homemade fermented ghost chilis
Vesper’s S(e)oul wodka vodka, fords gin, soju, chartreuse
Winter Pear four roses bourbon, cinnamon, lemon
Korean Spice chili infused espolon tequila, agave, lime, chili salt
Yangban Cowboy old overholt rye whiskey, bek seju, vermouth
Jujube Cider flor de cana dark rum, cinnamon, jujube
Makgeolli Made Easy fords gin, lime, cucumber, ginger, makgeolli
Makgeolli unfiltered rice beer
Hite (draft) korean lager made with mineral water
Speakeasy Prohibition (draft) american style amber ale
Stone IPA (bottle) hoppy indian pale ale
New Planet Pale Ale (bottle) gluten free indian pale ale
Founder’s Porter (bottle) silky black porter

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