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Hibachi Grill the main feature of our restaurant is our hibachi style grill, where you can pick and choose your ingredients
Seafoods we have fresh and juicy seafoods every day. shrimp, fish, crabs, oysters, clams. come and satisfy your appetite
Salad Buffet fresh vegetables, fruits, a wide variety of dressing and spices. this is a great way to wet your appetite.
Specialties every day, we offer over 350 items on our buffet bars, including all of your favorite traditional chinese dishes.
Sushi Buffet our sushi bar is filled with a great selection of freshly prepared sushi: california rolls, spicy salmon, etc
Fruit And Dessert finish your meal with the most flavorful assortment of fruits and desserts. oranges, pudding, jellos, pastries, ice cream...
Buffet To Go! it has everything your want. you can pick and choose as many items as you want. you pay by the pound.
Traditional Foods we have a wide selection of favorite foods, including american, italian and mexican on our supreme buffet.

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