Hunan Delight Prices and Locations

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001. Egg Roll Or Shrimp Roll Or Veg. Roll$1.80
002. Pork Dumpling$6.50steamed or fried
003. Steamed Chicken Dumpling$6.50
004. Vegetable Dumpling$6.50steamed or fried
005. Steamed Shrimp Dumpling$7.50
006. Shrimp Toast$6.95
007. Bar-B-Q Beef$7.50
008. Cold Hacked Chicken$6.95* with sesame sauce
009. Cold Noodles$6.50* with sesame sauce
10. Fried Crispy Baby Spare Ribs$6.50
011. Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs$7.25 - $13.50
012. Wonton$5.95* with hot sesame sauce
013. Fried Chicken Wings$6.25
014. Scallion Pancakes$5.25
015. Fried Jumbo Shrimp$5.95
016. Boneless Spare Ribs$6.95
V1. Vegetable Roll$1.80
V2. Vegetable Dumpling$6.50fried or steamed
V3. Cold Vegetarian Duck$5.75made with pressed bean curd
V4. Scallion Pancake$5.25
V5. Cold Spinach Noodle$6.75* with sesame sauce
V6. Steamed Vegetable Bun$3.25
V7. Fried Bean Curd$6.25* with peanut sauce
V8. Vegetable Wonton Shanghai Style$5.95
Sm / Lg.
017. Wonton Soup$2.20 - $4.05
018. Egg Drop Soup$2.05 - $3.85
019. Hot & Sour Soup$2.55 - $4.95*
020. Wonton Egg Drop Mixed Soup$2.55 - $4.95
021. Chicken Noodle Soup$2.55 - $4.95
022. Vegetable & Bean Curd Soup$2.55 - $4.95
023. House Special Soup$5.95
024. Corn Soup With Crabmeat$5.95
025. Corn Soup With Chicken$5.95
V9. Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup$4.95 - $2.50
V10. Vegetarian Wonton Soup$4.95 - $2.55
V11. Corn & Fresh Mushroom Soup$5.95
V12. Spinach & Bean Curd Soup$5.25
V13. Seaweed & Bean Curd Soup$5.25
Noodle In Soup
Choice Of Noodle - Mei Fun, Ho Fun, Egg Noodle
026. Wonton Noodle Soup$6.75
027. Roast Pork Noodle Soup$7.50
028. Roast Duck Noodle Soup$7.95
029. Seafood Noodle Soup$8.50
All White Meat 101-119
101. Chicken With Broccoli$7.75 - $11.75
102. Chicken With Mixed Vegetables$7.75 - $11.75
103. Sweet & Sour Chicken$11.75
104. Chicken With Mushroom$11.75
105. Chicken With Garlic Sauce$11.75*
106. Chicken With Black Bean Sauce$11.75
107. Sha Cha Chicken$11.75*
108. Ginger Chicken$11.75*
109. Chicken$11.75with chinese eggplant
110. Moo Shu Chicken$11.754 pancakes
111. Chicken With Pepper Sauce With Peanut$11.75
112. Chicken With Cashew Nuts$11.75
113. Chicken With String Beans$11.75
114. Chicken With Snow Peas$11.75
115. Chicken & Shrimp Combination$11.75
116. Lemon Chicken$11.75
117. Hunan Chicken$11.75*
118. Sesame Chicken$13.25
119. Crispy Honey Chicken$12.95white meat chicken lightly fried with honey sauce
120. Orange Flavor Chicken$12.95*
Pork $11.25
201. Sweet & Sour Pork 
202. Double Sauteed Pork *
203. Pork * with garlic sauce
204. Sha Cha Pork *
205. Moo Shu Pork 4 pancakes
206. Roast Pork with mixed vegetable
207. Beef$7.95 - $12.75with broccoli
208. Pepper Steak$12.75
209. Beef$12.75* with garlic sauce
210. Beef Szechuan Style$12.75*
211. Sha Cha Beef$12.75*
212. Beef$12.75with chinese eggplant
213. Moo Shu Beef$12.754 pancakes
214. Beef With String Beans$12.75
215. Beef With Snow Peas$12.75
216. Sesame Beef$13.95
217. Orange Flavor Beef$13.95*
218. Duck & Ginger$13.95*
219. Duck & Scallion$13.95
220. Crispy Duck$13.95with bone
221. Hunan Duck$13.95*
222. Peking Duck$36.00 - $21.00
301. Shrimp With Broccoli$8.25 - $13.50
302. Shrimp With Mixed Vegetable$13.50
303. Shrimp With Garlic Sauce$13.50*
304. Shrimp With Black Bean Sauce$13.50
305. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce$13.50
306. Moo Shu Shrimp$13.504 pancakes
307. Shrimp With Cashew Nuts$13.50
308. Shrimp With Hot Pepper Sauce With Peanut$13.50*
309. Shrimp With Snow Peas$13.50
310. Shrimp With Chili Sauce$13.50*
311. Sha Cha Shrimp$13.50*
312. Fish Hunan Style$13.50*
313. Sesame Fish$13.95
314. General Tso's Fish$13.95*
315. General Tso's Shrimp$13.95*
316. Sesame Shrimp$13.95
317. Lobster cantonese style, *szechuan style, *garlic sauce
The Best
318. Curry Chicken$11.75with coconut flavor
219. Curry Shrimp$13.50with coconut flavor
320. Pineapple Curry Chicken & Shrimp$13.95pineapple, chicken, shrimp, string bean, basil, cooked with curry and coconut milk
321. Curry Bean Curd & Vegetables$10.25with coconut flavor
401. Broccoli$9.75 - $6.25* with garlic sauce
402. Mixed Vegetables$6.25 - $9.75
403. Eggplant$9.75* with garlic sauce
404. Soft Bean Curd Szechuan Style$9.75*
405. Bean Curd With Chinese Black Mushroom$9.75
406. Bean Curd$9.75with mixed vegetables
407. House Special Bean Curd$9.75*
408. Bean Curd$9.75with broccoli
409. Moo Shu Vegetable$9.754 pancakes
410. Dry Sauteed String Beans$10.25
411. House Vegetables$10.25* string bean, baby corn, broccoli
412. Spinach$10.25with fresh garlic
Fried Rice & Chow Mein
413. Fried Rice$5.25 - $7.25chicken, roast pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable
414. House Special Fried Rice$8.75
415. Curry Fried Rice$8.25* chicken, roast pork, beef vegetable or shrimp
416. Chow Mein$6.25 - $8.95chicken, pork, beef, vegetable or shrimp
417. Lo Mein$5.25 - $8.50chicken, roast pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable
418. House Special Lo Mein$9.25
419. Chow Fun$9.25chicken, roast pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable
420. House Special Chow Fun$9.75
421. Singapore Mei Fun$9.25* curry sauce
422. Vegetable Pan Fried Noodle$10.25
423. Chicken Pan Fried Noodle$11.85
424. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle$14.95
425. Pad Thai$8.25chicken or shrimp
Egg Foo Young
501. Egg Foo Young$9.75chicken, roast pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable
502. House Special Egg Foo Young$10.95
Dim Sum
504. Roast Pork Bun$1.95
505. Steamed Vegetable Bun$3.25
506. Sliced Roast Pork$6.95
507. Roast Duck$7.75 - $13.95
Special Diet Menu
508. Mixed Fresh Vegetable Or Steamed Broccoli$9.75
509. Broccoli & Bean Curd$9.75
510. Fresh Vegetable$11.75with chicken
511. Fresh Vegetable$13.50with shrimp
512. Steamed Mixed Seafood & Vegetable$14.95
Chef's Special
S1. Ginger Fillet Fish$13.95* fillet fish lightly fried with pea, ginger, diced pepper & chef's spicy sauce
S2. Seafood Delight$14.95crabmeat, scallop, jumbo shrimp sauteed with assorted chinese vegetables
S3. Happy Family$14.95shrimp, scallops, beef, chicken sauteed with vegetable in chef's special sauce
S4. Perfect Match$14.25* a classic provincial combination of shrimps & scallops sauteed with mixed vegetables in spicy garlic sauce
S5. House Special Shrimp$13.95* selected jumbo shrimp with fresh tomato chunks, sauteed with a sophisticated chef's tomato flavor sauce, decorated with steamed broccoli
S6. Fresh Scallops Hunan Style$14.25* fresh scallops sauteed with snow pea pods, peppers, black mushrooms in hot sauce
S7. Crispy Shrimp Or Scallop$14.25* lightly buttered whole shrimp or scallop are quickly fried and tossed in a hunan sauce on top with honey walnuts
S8. Pineapple Ginger Chicken$12.95* sliced chicken, pineapple, ginger snow peas & pepper in garlic sauce
S9. Emperor's Shrimp$13.95jumbo shrimp lightly fried with gentle touch of fruit sauce delightful!
S10. Stir-Fried Seafood & Chicken$14.25a splendid combination of scallops, shrimp and chicken precisely blanched with green scallions
S11. Salmon Fish Steak$15.95garlic wine sauce or black bean sauce
S12. General Tso's Chicken$12.95* tender chunks of chicken lightly fried sauteed with hunan special sauce
S13. Garlic Butter Shrimp$15.50shrimp, onion, string beans, carrot, mushroom with garlic butter sauce in hot sizzling platter
S14. The Dragon & Phoenix$13.95white meat chicken and shrimps sauteed with baby corn, snow peas, black mushrooms, pepper in chef special sauce
S15. Mandarin Duck$13.95boneless duck with fresh broccoli, carrots, snow pea pods in special brown sauce
S16. Bird Nest Seafood$15.95crab meat, shrimp, scallop, blended with chinese vegs. served in crunchy nest in white wine sauce
S17. Sizzling Tofu$11.95pan-baked bean curd with black mushroom, onions and snow peas, served in a hot sizzling with black bean sauce
S18. Apricot Shrimp & Chicken$13.95apricot, shrimp, chicken, snow pea, carrot with apricot sauce
S19. Shanghai Shrimp$13.95* onion & pepper, black mushroom in hot & spicy brown sauce
S20. Spinach Shrimp Or Chicken$13.95black bean sauce or white sauce
S21. Chicken In Peach Sauce Garnished & Sesame Seeds$13.25light cooked white meat crispy chicken in peach flavor sauce
S22. Buddhist Delight$11.75a vegetarian dish consisting of broccoli, black mushroom, tree ear, baby corn, bamboo shoots, waterchestnuts, mushrooms, snow peas tomato and glutens
S23. Basil Shrimp$13.95* shrimp, basil, fresh mushroom, onion, carrots, baby corn, pepper sauteed in satay sauce
Vegetarian Meat
V30. General Tso's Bean Curd$11.75* chunks of bean curd lightly fried cooked in fragrant sauce with broccoli
V31. Sesame Bean Curd$11.75chunk's of bean curd lightly fried cooked in fragrant sauce with sesame seeds and cabbage
V32. Basil Chicken$12.75* sliced chicken, basil, fresh mushroom, onion, carrot, baby corn, pepper sauteed in satay sauce
V33. Taro Chicken A La King$12.95a remarkable dish! finely diced snow pea, baby corn, carrots, mushroom waterchestnuts in chef's special sauce with crispy taro nest
V34. Spicy Sesame Chicken$13.50crispy chunks of chicken, with snow pea pods tree ear mushrooms, waterchestnuts & dried chili peppers, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds
V35. Moo Shu Vegetarian Chicken$11.95
V36. Vegetarian Chicken With Mixed Vegs$11.95
V37. Vegetarian Chicken With Broccoli$11.95
V38. Eggplant$11.95* with vegetarian chicken in hot sauce
V39. Vegetarian Chicken$11.95* with hot pepper sauce with peanut
V40. Vegetarian Beef$11.95with broccoli
V41. Gluten In Curry Sauce$10.95* zucchini & fresh mushroom
V42. Gluten$10.95with ginger & scallion
V43. Vegetarian General Tso's Chicken$13.50*
V44. Vegetarian Orange Flavor Chicken$13.50
V45. Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Chicken$12.95
V46. Vegetarian Curry Chicken Coconut Flavor$11.95*
V47. Pineapple Curry Vegetarian Chicken$12.25*
V48. Spicy String Bean$10.95* with dry bean curd
49. Bean Curd$10.25with green pepper in black bean sauce
V50. Tofu$10.25with two kinds mushrooms
V51. Broccoli, Zucchini & Eggplant$10.25* with garlic sauce
V52. Black Mushroom & Shanghai Bai Choy 
V53, Shanghai Bai Choy$10.25with fresh garlic
V54. Spinach$10.25with fresh garlic
V55. Vegetable$10.25* with curry sauce
V56. String Bean & Eggplant$10.25* with garlic sauce
V57. Bean Curd Black Pepper Sauce$10.25*
V58. Stripped Bean Curd$11.95with spinach
V59. Chinese Mustard Green$10.25with fresh garlic
V60. Chinese Broccoli$10.25with fresh garlic
V61. Baby Bai Choy$10.25with fresh garlic
Fried Rice And Noodles
V14. Vegetable Chow Fun$9.25
V15. Spinach Noodle$8.95with veg. & baby ginger
V16. Vegetable Fried Rice$7.25 - $5.25
V17. Vegetable Lo Mein$8.50 - $5.25
Noodle Soup
Shanghai Noodles
V18. Stripped Bean Curd$7.50with black mushroom noodle soup
V19. Mixed Vegetable Noodle Soup$6.50
Lunch Special
Monday-Saturday (Except Holiday) Delivery From 11:30am-3:30pm. All Include: Fried Rice Or White Rice. Soup: Wonton, Egg Drop Or Hot Sour Soup. $1 Extra For Roast Pork Fried Rice.
L1. Chicken With Broccoli$6.25
L2. Chicken With Mushrooms$6.25
L3. Chicken With Hot Pepper Sauce$6.25*
L4. Chicken With Black Bean Sauce$6.25
L5. Chicken With Garlic Sauce$6.25*
L6. Beef$6.25with broccoli
L7. Beef Szechuan Style$6.25*
L8. Pepper Steak$6.25
L9. Sweet & Sour Pork Or Chicken$6.25
L10. Chicken With Cashew Nuts$6.25
L11. Chicken With String Beans$6.25
L12. Double Sauteed Sliced Pork$6.25*
L13. Mixed Vegetables$6.25
L14. Chicken & Shrimp Combination$6.25
L15. Baby Shrimp$6.25* with garlic sauce
Shrimp$6.25with lobster sauce
L17. Broccoli$6.25* with garlic sauce
L18. Lo Mein$6.25
L19. Sesame Chicken$7.50
L20. General Tso's Chicken$6.25
L21. Orange Flavor Chicken$6.25*
L22. Bean Curd$6.25with vegetable
L23. Chicken$6.25with mixed vegetables
L24. Chicken Wings$6.25
L25. Baby Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables$6.25
L26. Baby Shrimp With Broccoli$6.25
L27. Vegetarian General Tso's Chicken$7.50*
L28. Spicy Sesame Vegetarian Chicken$7.50*
Combination Platters All Day $9.25
Served With Roast Pork, Fried Rice And Egg Rolls
C1. Broccoli with chicken or beef
C2. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork 
C3. Chicken with cashew nuts
C4. Broccoli * with garlic sauce
C5. Chicken Wings 
C6. Mixed Vegetable 
C7. Pepper Steak 
C8. B-B-Q Spareribs$9.25
C9. General Tso's Chicken *
C10. Orange Flavor Chicken *
C11. Shrimp with lobster sauce

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