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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$2.29
Ruby Red Grapefruit$2.29
Apple Juice, Cranberry Or V-8$2.29
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer$1.89(free refills)
Iced Tea (Sweet Or Unsweet)$1.89(free refills)
Peach Flavored Tea$1.89(free refills)
Milk$1.89(whole 2% or skim)
Chocolate Milk$1.89
Hot Cocoa$1.59
Hot Teas$1.89(earl grey, constant comment, green tea, english teatime, lemon lift & plantation mint)
Herbal Decaf Teas$1.89(chamomile, cinnamon apple & orange spice)
European Gourmet$1.89(bottomless cup)
Dark French Roast$1.89
Cafe Mocha$2.29
Flavor Of The Day
ask your server for today's flavor
Flavor Of The Day$1.89irish cream, hazelnut, french vanilla, bavarian chocolate
The Griddle
(sugar-free syrup available on request) indulge in pure maple syrup $0.95
Blueberry Crunch Cakes$6.79a stack of blueberry pancakes fortified with crunchy granola
Chocolate Chip Cakes$6.79our fabulous pancakes filled with chocolate chips and topped with whipped cream add bananas (good idea) add $0.50
Plain Ole' Cakes$5.79if you insist!
Belgian Waffle$5.79baked in cast iron skillets & dusted with powder sugar
Strawberry Waffle$6.99our golden belgian waffle loaded with fresh strawberries (hence the name) and whipped cream
Berry Crepes$5.79a pair of light & sweet crepes, bursting with strawberry & blueberry compote, all topped with whip cream
Maple Toast$5.79thick sliced french bread soaked in pure maple & vanilla batter, grilled golden brown & dusted with confectionary sugar
Strawberry Toast$6.79our maple toast crusted with toasted granola and topped with sweet strawberry compote
The Lighter Sides
Fresh Fruit Cornucopia$5.29start your day right with a plateful of fresh strawberries melons, grapes or other seasonal fruits served with fat-free vanilla yogurt
Blueberry Scone$1.79a fancy word for muffin
Breakfast Parfait$4.79a tasty combo of fat-free vanilla yogurt, honey almond granola, sliced strawberries & whole blueberries (high in anti-oxidants) topped with whip cream
Irish Oatmeal$4.79 - $2.79a hearty combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins; slow cooked in whole oats, served with raisin toast
Cinnamon Roll$2.29do I really need to explain this one?
Bagels$1.25 - $1.75soft baked bagels from masada bakery. choose from plain, cinnamon raisin, wheatberry, poppy seed & sun-dried tomato
Ala Carte
One Egg$0.95
Two Eggs$1.75
Turkey Bacon$2.50
Sausage (Link Or Turkey)$2.50
Hormel Canadian Bacon$2.50
Corned Hash$2.75
Chicken Breast$4.95
Roasted Potatoes$2.25
Toast, Biscuit Or English Muffin$1.25
Sliced Melon$2.95
Sliced Tomatoes$1.95
Cheddar, Jack, American Or Swiss$0.65
Country Gravy$0.95
Cup Of Grits$1.95(add cheddar $0.25)
served with j's roasted potatoes and fresh fruit
Turkey Dijon Blt$7.29smoked turkey, crispy bacon & melted swiss served with lettuce, tomato & drizzled with honey-dijon on grilled wheat
Chicken Salad Croissant$7.29our chicken waldorf salad scooped on a grilled croissant with crispy leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes
California Croissant$7.59deli-sliced ham, avocado & swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato on a grilled croissant with honey-dijon dressing
Gobbler$7.29also known as a turkey reuben. smoked turkey, sliced tomato, crispy bacon strips, melted swiss & 1000 isle on grilled rye
Portobello Philly$7.59grilled portobello mushrooms, with sauteed onion and peppers, topped with melted swiss and served in a hoagie roll
Santa Fe Grille$7.59blackened chicken sandwich all soothed with ranch dressing and avocado
Malibu Grille$7.99grilled chicken sandwich topped with crispy bacon strips and melted swiss cheese
East Cobb Melt$6.79chicken waldorf salad scooped on an open-faced english muffin with sliced tomato, all topped with cheddar & broiled. served with roasted potatoes & fresh fruit garnish
Alpha-Tuna Melt$6.99move over east cobb, alpharetta has their own melt. tuna salad mix on top of whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, topped with melted american cheese & served with fresh fruit
Soup & Salads
Soup Of The Day$4.29enjoy a bowl of our soup today. see if you server can guess what today's choices are!
Soup & Sandwich substitute a cup of soup for potatoes on any sandwich add $0.50
Soup & Salad$6.79crispy lettuce topped with mixed cheese, diced eggs, tomato, red onion & bacon bits; paired with a cup of today's soup
Sandwich & Salad substitute a side salad for potatoes on any sandwich add $0.99
our dressings: avocado-ranch, honey-dijon, bleu cheese, oriental sesame, lite vinaigrette, 1000 isle
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.59grilled chicken breast served on a bed of crisp lettuce with sun-dried tomatoes, chopped eggs, bacon bits, green onions & mixed cheese. served with honey-dijon
Turkey Cobb$6.89crispy lettuce tossed with mixed cheese, chopped eggs, diced tomatoes, red onion & crumbled bacon, then topped with smoked turkey. served with avocado-ranch
Mandarin Chicken Salad$7.59mixed greens tossed with diced chicken, mandarin oranges, pecans, craisins and green onions with oriental sesame dressing
Chef Salad$6.99crispy lettuce topped with ribbons of smoked turkey, honey ham, jack and cheddar cheeses, diced tomato and diced eggs. served with 1000 isle dressing
Salmon Salad$9.29salmon filet served on a bed of leaf spinach with crumbled bacon. pico de gallo, diced avocado & chopped eggs. served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Patty Melt$6.991/3 lb burger with sauteed onions on grilled rye bread with 1000 isle and melted swiss cheese
Blue Bacon Burger$6.99round seasoned beef patty topped with crispy bacon strips and melted bleu cheese crumbles
Alpine Burger$6.991/3 pound seasoned beef patty smothered with sauteed mushrooms and melted swiss cheese
4Chez Burger$6.99topped with melted swiss, american, cheddar and jack
Kid Meals
children 10 & under; includes beverage & fresh fruit messy, noisy, unruly kids $29.99
Dinosaur Eggs$4.79bacon & pancake!
Peter Pancakes$4.79blueberry or choc chip
French Toast$4.79
Grilled Cheese$4.79
Chicken Fingers$4.79
Huevos Avocados$7.89toasted english, er mexican muffin, topped with sour cream, avocado, pico de gallo and melted mixed cheese; all topped with a pair of poached eggs & served with skillet potatoes
Ranchero Skillet$7.59a skilletful of roasted potatoes filled with sausage, salsa ranchero and jack cheese, then topped with two sunny-up eggs
Chorizo Empanada$7.89lots of requests for chorizo, so here it is. we don't make the empanadas ourselves, but they are still good anyway, filled with spicy chorizo sausage. diced potatoes and jack cheese. served with scra
Spanish Omelette$7.59a 3-egg omelette made with sauteed onions and peppers, folded over with salsa and melted jack cheese. served with oven-roasted potatoes, english muffin and fruit garnish
Chicken Fajita Omelette$8.29diced chicken, onions & mushrooms and avocado folded into a 3-egg omelette, then topped with melted mixed cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream
Breakfast Burrito$7.29scrambled eggs and pico de gallo wrapped in a flour tortilla; then smothered with salsa ranchero and cheese
Skinny Cinos$2.29our tasty cappuccinos flavored with sugar-free syrup. in hazelnut and french vanilla. just in time for seaside vacations!
Chocolate Biscotti Cappuccino$2.29goes great with any breakfast
Smoked Salmon Skillet$11.79new & improved! smoked salmon sauteed with red onions and softly scrambled with 3 eggs, all served in a skillet filled with roasted potatoes, a bagel and cream cheese
Blanco Omelette$7.59an old favorite returns for a short time. an egg white (that's blanco in espanol) omelet filled with smoked turkey, onions, cucumber and monterrey jack cheese, then topped with a sprinkle of dill sea
Wren's Nest$7.99here's an old favorite! we hollow out a sourdough boulle and filled it with spinach, sundried tomatoes and our rich hollandaise sauce, then lay a pair of poached eggs in there for you
Shamrocks$7.59not just for st patty's day. a pair of poached eggs on a bed of corned beef hash and toasted english muffin. served with roasted potatoes and fruit. a top of the morn to ya
Fried Green Benny$8.29eggs benedict done southern style! poached eggs and fried green tomatoes on an english muffin and drizzled with rich hollandaise sauce. we throw a coupla extra tomatoes on the side for your enjoyment
Nova Plate$11.79by popular demand! (so y'all better order it) smoked nova salmon served with capers, onions, tomato, cucumber and a bagel with cream cheese. served with fresh fruit
Strawberry Shortcakes$7.29cream on top! they're back in season and we're loading up our pancakes with fresh strawberries & whipped cream
Chocolate Berry Crepes$6.59fresh strawberries and chocolate chips wrapped in a pair of crepes and topped with whipped cream. sinfully sweet!
Strawberry Waffle$6.991 know, 1 know. this is already listed in the main menu. and yes it is the exact same item. but somehow or other listing it here increases the sales of this already popular entree
Creme Brulee French Toast$7.29dipped in a vanilla creme batter and finished with a caramelized brown sugar topping. served with vanilla pudding
Holiday Menu Sample
entrees and specials may vary
Filet & Eggs a petit filet and a pair of eggs, both cooked to your liking and served with oven-roasted potatoes & sliced tomatoes.
Eggs Benedict benny, the all-time brunch king! poached eggs and canadian bacon on an english muffin, all smothered in hollandaise.
Sunrise Breakfast three x-large eggs with 3 slices bacon, roasted potatoes (or grits of course), fresh fruit & an english muffin.
Ham & Eggs hormel's cure 81 ham or country ham served with a pair of eggs, roasted potatoes (or grits) and a fruit garnish
Bubba buttermilk biscuit smothered in sausage gravy; served with cheddar scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes (or grits) & fruit garnish
Build Your Own Omelette Or Skillet you tell us that you'd like in it & we'll tell you how much it's gonna cost ya!
Salmon Skillet pacific salmon, sauteed with red onion and mixed in with soft-scrambled eggs, served in a skillet of roasted potatoes with a bagel.
Tuna Melt tuna salad on top of whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, topped with melted american cheese & served with fresh fruit.
Route 66 a skilletful of corned hash & our roasted potatoes capped with sunny-up eggs & english muffin. get your kicks!
Cinnamon Roll do i really need to explain this one?
Bagels plain, poppy seed, wheatberry, sundried or cinnamon raisin.
Breakfast Parfait a tasty combo of fat-free vanilla yogurt, honey granola, strawberries & blueberries (high in anti-oxidants), topped with whip cream.
Strawberry Waffle our golden belgian waffle loaded with fresh strawberries (hence the name) and whipped cream.
Blueberry Crunchcakes a stack of blueberry pancakes fortified with crunchy granola.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes we fill our delicious pancakes with hershey's chocolates.
Creme Brulee French Toast dipped in a vanilla-creme batter and finished with a caramelized brown sugar topping. served with french vanilla pudding.
Turkey Dijon Blt smoked turkey, crispy bacon & melted swiss served with lettuce, tomato & drizzled with honey-dijon on grilled wheat.
Turkey Cobb Salad crispy lettuce tossed with mixed cheese, chopped eggs, diced tomatoes, red onion & crumbled bacon, then topped with smoked turkey.
Chicken Salad Croissant our chicken waldorf salad scooped on a grilled croissant with crispy leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

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