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Java Specials
Java Special - 15 Dishes$49.00 - $67.00serves 2 people. soto ayam, acar, gado gado, bakwan, chicken sate, beef sate, sayur tumis, ikan bumba bali, sambal gorend udang, kare ayam, kambing gorend, rendang, jasmine rice and jasmine tea.
Sate$7.00grilled on bamboo skewers with sweet tangy peanut sauce and your choice of protein.
Lumpia$5.00homemade egg rolls dipped in bread crumbs stuffed with ground beef and mixed vegetables.
Tempe Goreng$5.00(v). crisy frermented soya bean.
Tahu Isi$5.00crispy bean curd stuffed with shrimp, celery and scallion.
Bakwan$5.00(v). spiced vegetarian corn fritters cooked pancake-style.
Sop Kedelai Soup$4.00(v). soya bean, mushroom and scallion in soya bean broth.
Bakso Tahu Soup$7.00rice noodle soup with bean curd, vegetables, celery and scallion.
Soto Madura Soup$7.00chicken broth soup with thin rice noodles, steamed chicken strips, boiled egg and vegetables.
Mie Bakso Soup$7.00egg noodle soup with bean curd, vegetables, celery, scallion and your choice of beef ball or fish ball.
Sayur Lodeh Soup$11.00mixed vegetables, bean curd and soy beans in light coconut milk.
Indonesian Salad Dishes $7
Gado Gado Salad a traditional salad with a collection of boiled vegetables laced with peanut sauce dressing.
Acar Salad sliced cucumber, carrots, string beans and onions marinated in a sauce of vinegar and turmeric.
Asinan Salad mixed fresh garden vegetables, bean curd and chunks of pineapples with a zesty vinegar and soy sauce dressing.
Ketoprak Salad bean sprouts, thin rice noodles with fried bean curd and topped with peanut sauce.
Noodles And Rice $10
Mie Goreng indonesian-style stir-fried yellow noodles with scrambled eggs and your choice of protein.
Nasi Goreng indonesian-style fried rice with scrambled eggs and your choice of protein.
Bihun Goreng indonesian-style stir-fried thin rice noodles with scrambled eggs and your choice of protein.
Vegetarian Specialties $12
Telor Tahu seasoned egg omelet with bean curd, mushrooms and glazed with indonesian soy sauce and shallots.
Sayur Tumis sautéed assorted vegetables with bean curd and soya beans.
Sayur Santen lightly battered broccoli and cauliflower in indonesian herbs cooked in spiced coconut milk topped with bean curd.
Kare Sayur vegetarian curry with bean curd, soya beans and hot spices simmered in coconut milk.
Terong Belado crispy eggplant and bean curd in hot and spicy red pepper sauce.
Sate Madura$13.00grilled chicken on bamboo skewers marinated with tamarind juice, turmeric and smothered with peanut sauce.
Kare Ayam$13.00curry chicken with potatoes in hot spices simmered in coconut milk.
Opor Ayam$13.00chicken with potatoes cooked in coconut milk, nutmeg and cloves.
Ayam Tongseng$13.00chicken sautéed with mushroom, tomato, garlic and sweet soy sauce.
Ayam Panggang$14.00grilled chicken breast with lemongrass and oil covered in sweet soy sauce.
Kalio Ayam$14.00chicken breast cooked in curry coconut milk and grilled to perfection.
Ayam Sayur$13.00chicken with mixed vegetable sautéed in ginger and garlic sauce.
Ayam Belado$13.00chicken and bean curd in very hot and spicy red pepper sauce.
Ayam Goreng$13.00indonesian fried boneless chicken breast with herbs and spices.
Sate Kambing$15.00grilled marinated lamb on bamboo skewers with peanut sauce.
Gulai Kambing$15.00slices of tender lamb with chopped potatoes spiced with garlic, lemongrass, indonesian bay leaves and stewed in light coconut milk.
Kambing Bakar$18.00lamb chops grilled to perfection then simmered in special java sauce with mushrooms and bean curds.
Beef $15
Sate Bali grilled pieces of beef on bamboo skewers marinated with tamarind juice, turmeric and smothered with peanut sauce.
Empal Goreng tender slices beef marinated in sweet javanese spices and then pan-fried topped with indonesian soy sauce.
Rendang tender pieces of beef simmered slowly in coconut milk and spices.
Daging Belado thin sliced beef and bean curd sautéed in red hot pepper sauce.
Daging Sayur beef with mixed vegetables sautéed in light ginger and garlic sauce.
Fish And Seafood
Ikan Bumbu Bali$14.00crispy cod fish smothered with tasty red and green pepper sauce.
Ikan Kuning$14.00cod fish cooked in coconut milk with turmeric, pepper and bean curd.
Ikan Belado$14.00crispy cod fish and bean curd in hot and spicy red pepper sauce.
Sate Udang$15.00grilled jumbo shrimp on bamboo skewers topped with peanut sauce.
Sambal Goreng Udang$15.00jumbo crispy shrimp lightly battered and seasoned with indonesian herbs, lemongrass, bay leaves, nutmeg and cooked in coconut milk.
Udang Tumis$15.00jumbo shrimp sautéed in sauce of mushrooms, tomato and garlic sauce.
Cumi Tumis$14.00sautéed squid with mushroom and green peppers in garlic sauce.
Udang Belado$15.00crispy jumbo shrimp and bean curd in hot pepper sauce.
Desserts $5
Coconut Pandan Pudding green pandan coconut flan topped with sweet caramel syrup.
Fried Banana bananas lightly battered in flour and cinnamon topped with chocolate drizzle.
Corn Pudding corn pudding flan topped with sweet caramel syrup.
Soda$2.00soda choice: coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale.
Perrier Sparkling Water$3.00
Garuda$5.00a terrific blend of pineapple juice, mango juice, orange juice and coconut crème.
Jakarta Green Lights$5.00a sweeter green version of the garuda with indonesian pandan syrup.
Bali Paradise$5.00milk mixed with sweet red vanilla syrup.
Iced Coffee$5.00espress with condensed milk topped with whipped crème.
Soda Gembira$5.00sparkling soda mixed with condensed milk.
Jasmine Tea$2.00
Hot Coffee$2.00

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