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Akra$6.95a typical appetizer made from yautia (taro root), grated with fine herbs & fried to a light crisp
Fritai Lakai$8.95sampler made with akra, plantains, sweet potatoes (white) and griot (fried pork).
Fritai Lakai$2.00add sub with other meats
Fritai Lakai$6.00add shrimp
Wings$7.95deliciously spiced wings served in either kreyol style or buffalo style
Golden Calamari$6.95light and tasty calamari rings served with marinara sauce
Coconut Shrimp$8.95coconut crusted shrimp served with honey mustard
Tossed Mesclun Salad$5.00mixed spring greens with cherry tomatoes, carrots and walnuts
Legume San Viand$10.95(vegetarian) vegetable stew made from cabbage, chayotes (militon), carrots and lima beans
Legume Bef$12.95(beef) vegetable stew prepared with tender cuts of beef.
Legume Bef$3.00add sub with chicken
Legume Bef$7.00add shrimp
Poule$11.95quarter leg of skinless chicken served either fried or stewed.
Poule$2.00add gumbo style
Griot$11.95tender chunks of fried pork
Beef Tasso$12.95tender cuts of fried beef
Goat Tasso$13.95tender cubes of fried goat
Lambi$24.00savory slices of stewed conch
Legume Lambi$26.00vegetable stew prepared with tender slices of conch
Kreyol Shrimp$16.00scrumptious shrimp stewed in kreyol sauce
Gumbo Shrimp$18.00shrimp blended with cut okra, onions and bell peppers stewed in kreyol sauce
Red Snapper$22.00whole red snapper with bell peppers and onions, served either steamed or fried
Pwason Gwo Sel$22.00whole red snapper steamed with sea salt, onions and sweet peppers
Escovitch Fish$22.00fried red snapper marinated in vinegar sauce- topped with carrots, onions and hot peppers
Rice & Beans$4.50
Sweet Potatoes$4.50white
Fried Plantains$4.50
D'Ri Djon Djon$5.50(black rice) sundays only
Dessert $5
Pain Patat sweet potato bread pudding
Red Velvet Cake 

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