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Cubaccino$2.50 - $3.25
Cuban Latte$2.50 - $3.25
Large Iced Cuban Latte$3.00
Hot Chocolate$2.50 - $3.25
Fresh Orange Juice$3.00
Batidos$4.00Made with milk or just blended with ice.
Morir Sonando$4.00Frappe made with fresh orange juice, evaporated milk and sugar.
Voss$6.00Sparkling or still water.
Spanish Soda$2.00
Empanada$4.50Pastry turnover filled with chicken or ground beef.
Vegetable Empanada$4.50Baked turnover filled with spinach, crimini mushrooms and Manchego cheese.
Croqueta de Jamon$3.00Ground smoked ham and onion mixture, breaded and fried.
Ceviche de Camarones$10.00Citrus juices, cilantro, onion and marinated shrimp served with plantain chips.
Tostones con Mojo$5.00Smashed green plantain, tossed in garlic sauce.
Black Bean Hummus$7.00Pureed black beans, sesame tahini, lime juice and olive oil, served with plantain chips.
Camarones$9.00Sauteed shrimp in choice of enchilada sauce or garlic sauce, oil and smoked paprika.
Yuca Frita con Mojo$5.00Fried cassava, tossed in garlic sauce.
Papa Rellena$4.50Mashed potato stuffed with ground beef, breaded and fried.
Papa Rellena with Salsa Ranchera$5.50Mashed potato stuffed with ground beef, breaded and fried.
Sopa de Pollo$4.00 - $5.50Homemade chicken soup.
Potage del Dia$5.50 - $7.50Call restaurant for the daily selection.
Del Patio
Del Patio
Ensalada de Casa$7.00Mixed greens, grape tomato and balsamic vinaigrette.
Espinaca y Remolacha$10.00Baby spinach, mango, avocado, blue cheese, oranges, red onion, macadamia nuts, roasted beets and champagne vinaigrette.
Col Rizada y Calabaza$9.00Baby kale, pumpkin, red onion, crumbled queso fresco, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
La Isla Salad$8.00Vine-ripened tomato, red onion, avocado and olive oil.
Camarones Enchilado$19.00Jumbo shrimp sauteed in olive oil, garlic, onion, peppers, olives and creole-style sauce. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Camarones al Ajillo$19.00Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a white wine garlic sauce. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Pollo al Ajillo con Espinaca$18.00Boneless chicken breast in garlic sauce served with sauteed spinach. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Bistek de Pollo$17.00Grilled boneless chicken breast topped with caramelized onions. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Bistek de Pollo Empanizado$18.00Breaded chicken breast. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Salmon En Costra de Calabaza$19.00Pumpkin and cumin seed crusted salmon. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
La Chuleta a la Parrila$21.00Grilled center cut pork chop, guava chipotle glaze. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Bistek de Palomilla$19.00Sirloin steak pounded thin, seared and topped with caramelized onions. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Bistek Empanizado$19.00Sirloin steak pounded thin, breaded and topped with chopped raw onion. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Churrasco con Chimichurri$27.00Marinated grilled skirt steak topped with chopped raw onion, served with an Argentinean style steak sauce. Served with choice of 2 dishes.
Tasajo con Boniato$21.00Braised dry-cured shredded beef served with Cuban sweet potato and rice, no sides.
Martes Special
Martes Special
Fricasse de Cerdo Martes Special$11.00Spicy pork stew.
Chicharron de Pollo Martes Special$10.00Fried chicken chunks.
Picadillo Martes Special$12.00Havana-style ground beef.
Pollo Asado Martes Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
Miercoles Special
Miercoles Special
Albondigas de Pollo Miercoles Special$10.00Braised chicken meatballs.
Carne con Papa Miercoles Special$11.00Beef stew.
Ropa Vieja Miercoles Special$13.00Shredded flank steak.
Pollo Asado Miercoles Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
Jueves Special
Jueves Special
Bistek En Cazuela Jueves Special$12.00Steak casserole.
Fricasse de Pollo Jueves Special$11.00Braised chicken and potato stew.
Lechon Asado Jueves Special$13.00Roasted pork.
Pollo Asado Jueves Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
Viernes Special
Viernes Special
Bacalao Viernes Special$13.00Codfish and potato stew.
Picadillo Viernes Special$12.00Havana-style ground beef.
Ropa Vieja Viernes Special$13.00Shredded flank steak.
Pollo Asado Viernes Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
Sabado Special
Sabado Special
Rabo Encendido Sabado Special$15.00Oxtail stew.
Lechon Asado Sabado Special$13.00Roasted pork.
Pollo Asado Sabado Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
Domingo Special
Domingo Special
Lechon Asado Domingo Special$13.00Roasted pork.
Ropa Vieja Domingo Special$13.00Shredded flank steak.
Pollo Asado Domingo Special$12.00Half roasted chicken.
El Cubano$8.50Pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickle with garlic mojo.
Pan con Bistec$9.50Thin steak, lettuce, tomato, onions and potato sticks.
Pan con Lechon$9.50Roasted pork with garlic mojo.
Jamon y Queso$7.00Ham, Swiss cheese, pickle and garlic mojo.
Croqueta Preparada$8.50Smoked ham croquette, Swiss cheese, ham, pickle and garlic mojo.
Media Noche$8.00Roasted pork, ham and Swiss cheese on sweet bread with pickle and garlic mojo.
Cuban Reuben$11.00Corned beef, braised short rib, Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard caraway mojo.
Chicken Breast Sandwich$8.50Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and potato sticks.
La Isla Burger$12.00Bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce potato sticks and choice of American or Swiss cheese. Not pressed.
Choripan$9.00Grilled chorizo and onions, potato sticks. Not pressed.
Havana Club$9.00Triple decker, grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado and red onion on toasted multi grain bread with mayo.
El Vegetariano$8.507-grain bread, black bean hummus, carrots, cucumber, olive oil and plantain chips.
Moros y Cristianos$4.00 - $5.00Black beans and rice (made with pork).
Arroz con Gandules$3.50 - $5.00Yellow rice with pigeon peas.
White Rice$3.50 - $4.50
Black Beans$4.00 - $7.00Vegetarian.
Red Beans$4.00 - $7.00
Tostones con Mojo$5.00Twice fried green plantains with garlic sauce.
Platanos Maduros$5.00Fried ripe yellow plantains.
Yuca$5.00Fried or boiled cassava.
French Fries$5.00
Vegetales del Dia$5.00Vegetable of the day. Call restaurant for more details.
Flan de Leche Tradicional$6.50Cuban creme caramel.
Flan de Coco$7.00Coconut creme caramel.
Tres Leches$7.00Vanilla sponge cake soaked in 3 milks and rum topped with meringue.
Arroz con Leche$5.50Rice pudding.
Pionono$5.00Sponge cake filled with dulce de leche and chocolate glaze.
Torta de Limon Frisado con Almivar de Cilantro$7.00Frozen key lime pie with cilantro and lime syrup and toasted almonds.
Torta de Queso y Mango$7.00Coconut mango cheesecake with mango sauce.
Empanada Guayaba$3.50Guava and cream cheese turnover.

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