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Mamaliga cu Brinza is Smantana$6.95A soft, slightly grainy yellow polenta, smothered with a salty grated cheese and dressed with chilled sour cream
Salata De Icre$7.95Taramosalata traditionally made from carp rose blended with lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil
Zacusca$7.95This is a vegetable made from carp roe blended with lemon juice vinegar and olive oil
Gustare Rece$14.95Romanian antipasto
Gustare Taraneasca de Vinete is Ardei Copti$9.95Mashed eggplant salad made of grilled, peeled and finely chopped eggplant, sunflower oil and chopped onions on the side. Accompanied with a roasted pepper and topped with a delicious garlic sauce
Salata de Varza Noua$4.50Fresh cabbage salad
Salata de Ardei Copti$5.50Roasted red pepper salad
Salata Asortata de Muraturi$5.50Assorted picrled vegetables salad
Salata Dobrogeana$5.50A mixed salad with chunks of cucmber, tomatoes, sprinkled with olives and cheese. It is a close cousin of the greek salad
Ciorba de Burta$6.50If anything can be classified as romania's national soup it would be this tripe soup ciorba de burta. It's widely believed to be a hangover remedy
Ciorba de Vacuta (Beef Soup)$6.50
Ciorba de Fasole cu Costita Afumata$5.50Bean soup with bacon
Ciorba de Perisoare (Meatball Soup)$5.50
Bors de Peste (Fish Soup)$6.50
Main Course
Carnaciori Romanesti$14.95Grilled romanian sausage, served with fries
Ciolan Afumat cu Fasole$15.95Smoked pork hock with beans stew
Ciolan Afumat cu Varza Calita$15.95Smoked pork hock with warm sauerkraut
Sarmalute in Foi de Varza$15.95A prime mix of minced pork meat, subtly seasoned and rolled in a large white cabbage leaf then simmered gently in vegetable stock with herbs. Served with polenta and sour cream
Mititei$14.95A traditional romanian dish of grilled minced meat rolls made from beef, served with fries and mustard
Cotlet de Porc La Gratar$15.95Grilled pork chop, served with fries
Snitel de Pui$13.95Chicken schnitzel, served with fries
Ficatei de Pui$12.95Chicken liver, sauteed with herbs and garlic. Served with polenta
Hungarian Goulash$16.95This is a traditional hungarian beef dish served over potato dumplings for a satidfying meal
Tochitura Dobrogeana$15.95A slection of traditional romanian stew, slowly cooked in a rich tomato and fresh vegetables sauce. Served with polenta topped with a fried egg. Can be mild or spicy
Ceafa de Porc$15.95Grilled pork collar, served with fries
Pastrama de Miel$19.95Marinated lamb pastrami served with polenta and garlic sauce
Saramura de Crap Cu Mamaliguta$16.95Carp broiled in brine and served with polenta
Crap Prajit cu Mamaliguta$16.95Fried carp, served with polenta and garlic sauce
Coffee and Creamy Drinks
Irish Coffee$9.95Jameson irish whiskey, godiva coffee, mint liquer and whipped cream
Circle Coffee$9.95Amaretto, baileys, coffee and whipped cream
La Vendetta Coffee$9.95Godiva, grand marnier, dark creme de cacao, coffee and whipped cream
Italian Kiss$9.95Chambord, prosecco, creme de cassis and cream
Pink Lady$9.95Tanqueray gin, grenadine and cream
Toasted Almond$9.95Coffee liqueur, amaretto and cream
Banana Twister$9.95Creme de cacao, banana liqueur and cream
Spanish Coffee$9.95Coffee with brandy

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