Lake Avenue Cafe Prices and Locations

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Small Plates
SSAM$15.00Chashu pork belly, green papaya kimchi, toasted peanut tofu
BUttered Popcorn Gnocchi$15.00Pickled lamb tongue, smoked cheddar, port, arugula
Lake Trout Potato Cake$14.00Trout roe sabayon, chive, preserved lemon, parsnip, cider gastrique
Wild Mushrooms Terrine$15.00Horseradish, baguette, baby balsamic, soft egg, pickled mustard
Salt'n Pepper Cuttlefish$16.00Calabrian chilies, thai basil, garlic, scallion
Black Wlnuts Hummus$14.00Grilled vegetables, pita
Bacon Wrapped Chorizo Dates$13.00Yellow pepper romesco
Soup & Salad
Fresh Onion Soup$5.00 - $7.00Carr valley cheese curds, veal broth
Daily Chili$6.00 - $8.00Changes daily, our take on chili
Soup of The Day$5.00 - $7.00
Warm Beet Salad$17.00Arugula, marinated melon, MN lonza, sour apple dressing, pomegranate
Wedge Salad$14.00Bacon, blue cheese, red onion, tomato, fried avocado, croûtons
Broiled Chicken Salad$15.00Glazed chicken roulade, orange, hydro greens, spiced almonds, yogurt-lime vinaigrette
Lake Ave Noodle Bowl$15.00Glazed chicken roulade, orange, hydro greens, spiced almonds, yogurt-lime vinaigrette
Beef Cheeks Stroganoff$18.00Egg noodles, glazed onions, oyster mushrooms, creme fraiche, fine herbes
Truffled Mac'n Cheese$17.00Penne rigate, St. andre, creme fraiche, pecorino, toasted bread crumbs
Silly Goose$14.00Confit goose leg, truffled creme fraiche, castelvetrano olives, arugula
Pesto$13.00Basil pesto, roasted tomatoes, house mozzarella, sunflower oil
Sausage & Mushrooms$14.00House Italian sausage, roasted wild mushrooms
Green Curry$15.00Black trumpets, broccolini, goat cheese, mango
Pulled Pork n Pickles$14.00Pulled pork shoulder, red onion, molasses vinaigrette, house pickles
Salute Italiano$15.00Pepperoni, calabrian chilies, garlic, basil
Lunch Entrees
Superior Lake Trout$23.00Chorizo, melted leeks, hard cider pickled apples, tarragon, sherry
The New North Shore Falafel$15.00Chickpea and wild rice croquette, tzatziki sauce, Israeli salad, tahini, hydro romaine, house-made pita
Yucca Moussaka$18.00Red lentils, mustard greens, mango, green curry, eggplant, coriander, toasted hemp seed
Grass Fed Flat Iron$22.00Broccolini, garlic, fingerling potatoes, black trumpets, Fresno & yellow pepper relish
Lake Ave Burger$15.00Bent paddle hopped cheddar, LTO, house pickles, caramelized egg mayonnaise
Classic Burgers$13.00house-ground patty, lettuce tomato
Lake Superior Fish Sandwiches$14.00Catch of the day, tomato, lettuce, tartar sauce
Yker Asian Tacos$13.00Pork shoulder, peanut/tofu sauce, green papaya kimchi
Yucca Torta$13.00Grilled yucca patty, marinated onion, avocado, arugula, cotija, roasted tomato, cilantro pesto
Pulled Goose$16.00Warm pickled apple slaw, smoked gouda, bacon vinaigrette, cranberry wild rice loaf
Good Afternoon Reuben$15.00House dressing, pickled cabbage and onions, swiss cheese, rye

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