Marble Slab Creamery Prices and Locations

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Sweet Innovations
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Overload$28.99Small 6' Round
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Overload$32.99Medium 8' Round
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Overload$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Chocolate Rocky Road Brownie$28.99Small 6' Round
Chocolate Rocky Road Brownie$32.99Medium 8' Round
Chocolate Rocky Road Brownie$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Cookie Jar Chaos$28.99Small 6' Round
Cookie Jar Chaos$32.99Medium 8' Round
Cookie Jar Chaos$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Snickers Snackers Snuckers$28.99Small 6' Round
Snickers Snackers Snuckers$32.99Medium 8' Round
Snickers Snackers Snuckers$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Savannah Banana Fudge$28.99Small 6' Round
Savannah Banana Fudge$32.99Medium 8' Round
Savannah Banana Fudge$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Mint Chocolate Meltdown$28.99Small 6' Round
Mint Chocolate Meltdown$32.99Medium 8' Round
Mint Chocolate Meltdown$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Mocha Cappuccino Fudge$28.99Small 6' Round
Mocha Cappuccino Fudge$32.99Medium 8' Round
Mocha Cappuccino Fudge$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Raving Craving Sprinkle$28.99Small 6' Round
Raving Craving Sprinkle$32.99Medium 8' Round
Raving Craving Sprinkle$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Visit To The Candy Shoppe$28.99Small 6' Round
Visit To The Candy Shoppe$32.99Medium 8' Round
Visit To The Candy Shoppe$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Strawberry Shortcake$28.99Small 6' Round
Strawberry Shortcake$32.99Medium 8' Round
Strawberry Shortcake$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
The Classics
Chocolate Heaven$28.99Small 6' Round
Chocolate Heaven$32.99Medium 8' Round
Chocolate Heaven$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Sprinkle$28.99Small 6' Round
Sprinkle$32.99Medium 8' Round
Sprinkle$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Cotton Candy Carnival$28.99Small 6' Round
Cotton Candy Carnival$32.99Medium 8' Round
Cotton Candy Carnival$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge$28.99Small 6' Round
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge$32.99Medium 8' Round
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Pecan Perfection$28.99Small 6' Round
Pecan Perfection$32.99Medium 8' Round
Pecan Perfection$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Caramel Drizzle$28.99Small 6' Round
Caramel Drizzle$32.99Medium 8' Round
Caramel Drizzle$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Turtle$28.99Small 6' Round
Turtle$32.99Medium 8' Round
Turtle$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Classic Cookies N' Cream$28.99Small 6' Round
Classic Cookies N' Cream$32.99Medium 8' Round
Classic Cookies N' Cream$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Maggie's Mud$28.99Small 6' Round
Maggie's Mud$32.99Medium 8' Round
Maggie's Mud$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Holiday/Party Cakes
Valentine's Heart$19.998'
Mother's Day Polka Dot$28.99Small 6' Round
Mother's Day Polka Dot$32.99Medium 8' Round
Mother's Day Polka Dot$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Gift$28.99Small 6' Round
Gift$32.99Medium 8' Round
Gift$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Father's Day Argyle$28.99Small 6' Round
Father's Day Argyle$32.99Medium 8' Round
Father's Day Argyle$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Graduation Cap$28.99Small 6' Round
Graduation Cap$32.99Medium 8' Round
Graduation Cap$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Create Your Own Cake
Create Your Own Cake$28.99Small 6' Round
Create Your Own Cake$32.99Medium 8' Round
Create Your Own Cake$46.99Large 1/4 Sheet
Classic Cupcakes
Classic Ice Cream Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Classic Ice Cream Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Sprinkle Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Sprinkle Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Cool Swirl Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Cool Swirl Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Specialty & Holiday Cupcakes
Basketball Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Basketball Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Football Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Football Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Heart Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Heart Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Flower Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Flower Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Sunflower Cupcake$12.996 Pc.
Sunflower Cupcake$24.9912 Pc.
Ice Cream Pizzas
Supreme Pizza$24.9914'
Chocolate Lovers Pizza$22.9914'
Plain & Simple Pizza$19.9914'
Pints & Quarts
Hand-Packed Ice Cream, Yogurt or Sorbet$4.99Pint
Hand-Packed Ice Cream, Yogurt or Sorbet$7.99Quart
Strawberries$9.99Half Dozen
Classic Pies
Pumpkin Pie$19.99
Butter Pecan Pie$19.99
Key Lime Pie$19.99
Spiral Candles$1.9924 Pc.
Crowd Pleaser
Crowd Pleaser$49.99Small
Crowd Pleaser$69.99Large

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