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Nyorrya Youton$1.95choice of chicken or shrimp fillings - deep fried nyonya style crispy pancake with chicken or shrimp fillings, served with nyonya sweet and sour dipping sauce
Nyonya Spring Roll$2.952 pcs. Fried vegetarian spring roll served with merlion's classic nyonya sweet and sour dipping sauce
April Fools Chicken Legs$3.952 pcs. textured soy proten chicken tightly fried, served with Singapore lernongrass creamy dipping sauce
Satay Chicken$3.954 pcs. marinated chicken with satay sauce, grilled or skewers and served with mild peanut butter dipping sauce
Baked Eggplant$3.95lightly fried eggplant served with merloin's chili and vinegar dipping sauce or nyonya sweet and sour dipping sauce
Java Fried Tofu - Indonesia Java Style$4.95aromatic tofu lightly fried and served with mild java dipping sauce
Popian$4.952 pcs. stemed Singapore spring rolls with shrimp peach, chayote, and egg drop fillings served with hoisin plum sauce
Veggie BBQ Pork$5.95textured soy protein pork grilled served with special veggie sha-cha sauce
Coconut Shrimp$7.95jumbo shrimp wrappea in crispy golden tempura batter with sesame seeds and shredded coconut, served with montion's house fresh mango and rose petal dipping sauce
Nyonya Lidang and Ayam with Tropical Fruits$8.95fried crispy butterfly prawns and white meat chicken with seasonel tropical fresh fruit and served with Singpapore lemangrass creamy dipping sauce or merloin's house fresh mango and rose petal dippin
Avocado Chicken Soup$3.50delicious white meat chicken with avocado in coconut milk soup
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup$3.50traditional thai hot and sour shrimp soup
Tofu with Coriander Soup$3.50panese tofu pas with mushrooms, scallions and coriander in chicken broth
Tropical Seafood Soup$4.95shrimp squid, scallops and mushrooms in a spicy tropical broth
Veggie Cod Fish Ball Soup$4.95textured soy protein - Singapore style veggie cod fish balls with fresh vegetables in veggie soup
Soup of The Day
Singapore Yanp Wonton Soup$2.95diced shrimp wrapped in thin yanpi wrap in Singapore style wonton soup
Communist Soup$2.95delicious curry beef and potato soup
Nyonya Veggie Soup$2.95veggie ham paste - textured soy proten with corn, peas and carrots in veggie soup
Merloin Salad$3.95garden fresh lettuce, crispy mixed vegetables and fresh fruits with merloin's signaturs salad dressing
Tropical Sauteed Tofu Salad$4.95garden-fresh lettuce, lightly-fried tofu with and thin slice of veggie ham - textured soy protein in the middle served with mevlion's signature salad dressing
Rojak Nyonya$5.95nyonya style salad, fresh mango, pineapple and cucumber with nyorrya sweet chili sauce
Gado Gado - Gamous Indonesian Salad$6.50combination of vegetables, boiled egg, fried tofu, prawn flavored rice chips and chayote with peanut butter dipping sauce
Singapore BBQ Chicken or BBQ Pork Salad$7.95tender, juicy chicken or pork marinated and grilled, served with assorted vegetables weith merloin BBQ sauce
Smoked Salmon Salad$8.95fresh lettuce and smoked aromatic salmon served with merloin's signature salad dressing
Entrees - Nyonya Selections
Singapore BBQ Chicken or Pork$6.95tender, juicy chicken or pork lightly battered and grilled served with fresh vegetable pickles
Chicken with Sambal Chili Sauce$7.95tender white meat chicken lightly battered with fresh scallions onions and cirpsy green and red peppers in a sambal chili sauce
Nyonya Spicy and Sour Chicken$7.95crispy and aromatic white meat chicken stir-fried with a special lemon-grass famarind chili-paste sauce
Nyonya Chicken Filet or Pork Chop$9.95
Nyonya Birthday Cheese Chicken$10.95cheese tilled chicken filet lightly breaded and fried served with spicy garlic sauce
Nyonya Sambal Chicken Parcels$10.95white meat chicken with samal paste wrapped in pandan teat, fried and served in the prepared greaseproot paper bag
Nyonya Grouper or Shrimp$11.95grouper filet or shrimp lightly breaded and fried, served with classic nyonya sauce
Shrimp with Nyonya Red Hot Sauce$11.95jumbo shrimp and fresh chili peppers, scallions and onions stir-fried in a spicy aromatic sauce
Hainan Chicken Rice$12.95the best known Singapore dist - subtly flavored chicken rice, steamed white meat chicken and barbequed chicken served with three of chef's special chicken rice sauces
Prawns with Tomato Coconut Sauce$12.95prawns crispy green peppers, and juicy ribe tomatoes stir-fried in a delightful tomato coconut sauce
Nyonya Style Spicy Seafood Delight$13.95jumbo shrimp, scallops, squid and mixed vegetables stir-fried in a very spicy, aromatic sauce
Entrees - Curry Family
curry is a mixture of drid and ground spices. It is best, known in Indian and Indonesian culsine. It is also popular in Japan and Europe. Our chef's curry recipes blend the Asian curry essence with American taste, It is the spirit of merloin Singapore cui
Curry Burger$6.95choice of chicken or beef - a delicious chicken of beef burger with onions and carrots in yellow curry gravy
Green Curry Vegetables$7.95stemed asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, mushrooms and carrots in green curry gravy
Tofu Curry$7.95tofu and mixed vegetables in a rich curry gravy
Deviled Curry Chicken$10.95delicious tender chicken, onions, peppers and potatoes seasoned with merlion's signature spicy butter curry gravy
Java Pork Chop Curry$10.95lightly fried pork chop in a yellow coconut curry sauce
Chicken with Apples in Yogurt Curry Gravy$10.95white meat chicken with apples and green peppers in yogurt curry sauce
Baba Curry Beef$11.95a classic beef and potato dish seasoned with merloin's signature mild butter curry gravy
Stir-Fried Mussels with India Curry Sauce$11.95stir-fried fresh mussels with India curry gravy
Grouper Filet in Red Curry Sauce$12.95lightly breaded grouper in a red fruit curry sauce
Prawn Coconut Curry$12.95delicous stir-fried prawns in a red coconut curry sauce
Baked Eggplant with Curry Beef$13.95steawed beef and potatoes served with lightly baked eggplant accompanied by delicious curry sauce
Seafood Curry$15.95prawns, scalliops, squid and mussels in a red wine curry sauce
Sizzling Curry Soft-Shell Crab$16.95soft-shelf crab grilled and stir-fried with crystal noodles in a cheese curry sauce
Rose Curry Lamb Cutlet$22.95grilled lamb cutlet with rose syrup accompanied by chef's linique rose petal curry sauce
Entrees - Merlion Classics
merlion classics is a collection of our chef's unique suces not seen in any other restaurantsm such as coffee sauce, mngo suce, pineapple sauce, lychee sauce, ginger sauce, sha cha sauce, and spicy sauce etc. It is the true reflection of merlion's creativ
Merlion Burger$6.95choice of chicken or beef -Singapore stuyle burger with fresh pineapple, ginger, and onions in merlion's chili vinegar sauce
Coffee Chicken$8.95tender, juicy white meat chicken lightly battered and fried, seasoned with chef's unique coffee sauce
Pork or Chickne with Lychee Sauce$10.95tender, juicy pork or white meat chicken withsno3w peas, carrots and lychee fruit stir-fried in chef's unique lychee sauce
Singapore Pineapple Chicken$11.95thinly sliced white meat chicken and fresh pineapple stir-fried with merlion's special pineapple sauce
Merlion Mango Chicken or Shrimp$11.95white meat chicken or shrimp sauteed with sweet mango, served with chef's own delicious mango sauce
Merlion Ginger Beef$11.95tender sliced beef and fresh asparagus stir-fried with merlion's delightful brown ginger sauce
Grouper Filet in Chili Vinegar Sauce$12.95grouper lightly breaded and fried, served with delicious chili vinegar sauce
Sizzling Beef$12.95sliced tender beef, onions and crispy celery stir-fried in an aromatic brown sha cha sauce
Asparagus Udang Ayam$12.95choice of shrimp or chicken - shrimp or white meat chicken sauteed with asparagus and mixed vegetables in a light garlic sauce
Merlion Sizzling Spicy Beef$12.95sliced tender beef stir-fried with onions and scallions in merlion spicy sauce
Sizzling Japanese Bean Curd with Shrimp$13.95shrimp stir-fried with Japanese bean curd, onions and spring onions with a light garlic sauce
Prawns with Crystal Noodles - Thai Style$13.95prawns, crystal noodles, ginger and scallions stir-fried with a special thai sauce
Soft Shell Crab with Crystal Noodles$15.95traditional thai style dish - soft shell crab lightly breaded, grilled and then stir-fried with crystal noodles
Entrees - Creative Vegetarian Dishes
merlion's vegetarian menu not only serves fresh vegetables and rgular tofu, but also imported textured soy protein, our chef created serveral special vegatarian sauce, such as veggie sha cha sauce and veggie black pepper sauce, etc. Merlion's vegetarian d
Nyonya Tofu$6.95lightly fried tofu met sorved with merlion's classic nyonya sauce
Nyonya Veggie Chicken or Fish$7.95tender textured soy protin chice or fish filts lightly breaded and fried served with merlion's signature nyonya sauce
Braised Veggie and Tofu$7.95mixed vegetables stir-fried with tofu in merlion soy sauce
Apparagus Coconut Veggies$9.95textured soy protein - asparagus and assorted vegetables stir-fried with mixtured soy protein filet in a delicious tomato coconut sauce
Eggplant and Veggie Ham in Sweet Garlic Sauce$9.95eggplant and veggie ham texturd soy protin - sautedd in merlions sweet garlic sauce
Merlion Mango and Veggies$10.95txtured soy protein- assorted texturd soy protein veggies and frsh sweet mango stir-fried in merlion's mango sauce
Veggie BBQ Pork with Crystal Noodles$10.95aromatic textured soy protein pork grilled served with crystal noodles and veggie brown sha cha sauce
Veggie Stew Beef$12.95textured soy protein bef stewed with veggie brown sauce
Veggue Stew Lamb$13.95texture soy protein lamb stewed with light veggie brown sauce
Sizzlign Asian Mushrooms$13.95Asian mushrooms and fresh mixed vegetables stir-fried with merlions aromatic veggie sha cha sauce
Veggie Steak with Black Pepper Sauce$13.95aromatic texturd soy protein steak grilled and served in merlion veggie black pppr sauce
Sizzling Veggie Chicken$15.95texuted soy protein chicken half served with Asian mushrooms and frsh mixed vegetables with mrlion's aromatic veggie sha cha sauce
Nyonya Pineapple Fried RIc$7.95white meat chicken, shrimp and diced fresh pineapple stir-frid with egg drops, vegetables and rice, served with classic nyonya sauce
Java Fried Rice - Indonsian Java Style$7.95chicken, shrimp, egg drops and spring onions stir-fried with rice in a spicy java sauce
Tropical Fresh Fruit Fried Rice$7.95assorted fruits, apple, pear, strawberry and kiwt fruit stir-fried with rice, egg drops, peas, carrots and green onions
Merlion Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice$10.95merlion's signature rice - prawns scallops, squid, egg drops and sweet fresh pineapple chunks stir-fried with rice, served with flaky pork

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