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Cold Appetizers
Green Tuna$9.95Minced fresh tuna wrapped in avocado with a ginger soy dressing topped with crunch & tabiko.
Rose Tuna Tataki$10.95Lightly seared tuna rolled as a rose flower, with red tabiko & soy dressing.
Tuna Tatare$9.95Served with seaweed salad.
Tuna Pizza$10.95Sundried tomato, roasted bell pepper, black olives & avocado served on pita bread.
Yellowtail Jalapeno$9.95Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi topped with jalapeno pepper & cilantro leaf in ponzu sauce.
Yellowtail Cilantro$9.95Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi served on bed of radish with cilantro dressing.
Vietnamese Summer Roll$6.95Rice paper, shrimp, lettuce & rice noodle with a sesame-peanut sauce.
Red Snapper Ceviche M$8.95Served on tempurafried tomato.
Striped Bass Sashimi M$9.95Served with tomato, cilantro & lime vinaigrette.
Poached Squid M$9.95Served with black & green olives and chives in lemon juice.
Warm Appetizers
Vegetarian Spring Rolls$2.95
Lobster Spring Rolls$6.95
Chicken & Veggie Spring Rolls$4.95
Crab Wonton$5.95Ginger-sauteed crabmeat & cream cheese.
Rock Tempura Shrimp$9.95With spicy mayo, scallion & flying fish roe.
Shrimp Wonton In Hot Chili Sauce$4.95
Tempura - Vegetable$5.95
Tempura - Shrimp$6.95
Tempura - Shrimp & Vegetable$8.95
Napa Pork Dumplings - Steamed$5.95
Napa Pork Dumplings - Pan-Fried$6.95
Crispy Calamari$8.95Served with soy vinaigrette & chili sauce.
Edamame$4.95Steamed soybeans with sea salt.
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops$8.95With mandarin orange sauce.
Lettuce Wraps - Minced Chicken With Water Chestnut & Bell Pepper$6.95
Lettuce Wraps - Minced Shrimp With Celery & Edamame$8.95
Satay$5.95Marinated chicken or beef on a bamboo skewer with peanut sauce.
Curry Chicken Potstickers$5.95Flat, pan-fried with minced chicken & onions.
Malaysian Combo$8.95Chicken & beef satay, 3 curry chicken potstickers.
Spring Rolls - Shitake & Vegetable M$3.95
Spring Rolls - Chicken & Vegetable M$4.95
Spring Rolls - Roast Duck & Vegetable M$6.95
Hot And Sour$1.95
Shrimp Wonton$1.95
Egg Drop$1.95
House$3.95Mesclun mix, carrots & tomatoes with a sesame-peanut soy vinaigrette.
Ginger$3.95Iceberg lettuce, mesclun mix, carrots & tomatoes with a ginger dressing.
Sesame Noodle$4.95Cold lo mein noodle on top of green salad with a sesame-peanut vinaigrette dressing.
Apple And Shrimp$4.95Diced fuji apples, shrimp & flying fish roe in a light, creamy dressing.
Seaweed$3.95Japanese-style green seaweed with sesame seeds.
Avocado$3.95Avocado & crab puree with flying fish roe inside an avocado shell.
Octopus Salad$6.95With seaweed, cucumber & sesame seeds.
Specialty Entrees
All served with white, brown or vegetable fried rice. The following entrees are only available at certain locations.
Black Bean Salmon$17.95Lightly grilled salmon with black bean sauce served over mixed vegetables.
Sesame Beef Tenderloin$19.95Fried & served in a potato nest with broccoli in a sweet & sour sauce.
Seafood Szechuan$19.95Jumbo shrimp & scallops in a ginger brown sauce on pan-fried noodle, served over steamed vegetables.
Honey Walnut Shrimp$17.95Jumbo shrimp lightly battered & fried in a sweet brown sauce, topped with honey walnuts & served over mixed vegetables.
Szechuan-Style Spicy Braised Eggplant$13.95With minced chicken & shrimp.
Hong Kong Style Ginger Salmon$17.95Steamed with mixed vegetables & a ginger soy sauce.
Triple Gourmet Bird’s Nest$19.95Chicken, beef & jumbo shrimp served with mixed vegetables in a brown sauce.
Sauteed Ginger Soft-Shell Crab$18.95Flash-fried, then sauteed in ginger & soy, served over steamed vegetables.
Crispy Jumbo Prawn$19.95In citrus cream sauce with honey walnuts, served in a lettuce bowl.
Peking Duck$22.95With garlic beans & moo shu pancakes.
Bacon Wrapped Scallops$18.95Served over mixed vegetables.
Beef Tenderloin$19.95In black pepper sauce, served over fresh mushrooms & poached spinach.
Kung Pao Scallops$18.95Fried scallops with red & green peppers in a blackened chili sauce.
Ginger & Plum Wine Marinated Ribeye$19.95With sauteed garlic green beans.
Chilean Sea Bass$19.95Steamed in black bean sauce.
Baked Miso Sea Bass$19.95With sauteed edamame.
Pan-Seared Duck Breast$19.95In orange sauce with sauteed garlic spinach.
Crispy Flounder Filet$18.95With mango & sweet chili sauce.
Vegetarian - Tofu Dishes
All served with white, brown or vegetable fried rice.
Long Life Vegetarian$6.95 - $9.95Fried tofu with snow peas, beans, baby corn, carrots, shitake mushrooms & broccoli in garlic sauce.
Buddhist Delight Gluten-Free$6.95 - $9.95Japanese soft tofu, shitake mushrooms, snow peas, carrots & bamboo shoots in a ginger white sauce.
Sesame Tofu$6.95 - $9.95Fried tofu in a sweet & sour sauce with broccoli.
Vegetarian - Vegetable Plates
Spicy Garlic Eggplant$6.95 - $9.95
Garlic Green Beans Gluten-Free$6.95 - $9.95
Garlic Spinach Gluten-Free$6.95 - $9.95
Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms$6.95 - $9.95
Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte
(2 Pieces each).
Bean Curd$4.95
Red Snapper$4.95
White Tuna$5.95
Salmon Roe$6.95
Sweet Shrimp$6.95
Red Clam$5.95
Flying Fish Roe$6.95
Tempura A La Carte
Sweet Potato$4.95
Green Beans$4.95
Shitake Mushroom$4.95
Maki Rolls
Seaweed Salad$3.95
Pickled Radish$3.95
California$4.95Crab, cucumber, avocado.
Spicy Asparagus$4.95Poached asparagus with spicy mayo.
Alaska$4.95Salmon, cucumber, avocado.
New York$4.95Salmon, apple.
Boston$4.95Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber.
Jack$4.95Shrimp, crab, mayo.
Fried Cream Cheese$4.95
Special California$5.95Crab, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe.
Philadelphia$5.95Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado.
Eel$5.95Broiled eel, cucumber, special eel sauce.
Spicy Tuna$5.95
Spicy Yellowtail$5.95
Spicy Salmon$5.95
Tempura Fried Rolls
The following rolls all have spicy mayo and eel sauce. Sushi white rice may be substituted for brown rice. Soy paper $1.00 more.
Mandarin$10.95Crab, red snapper, salmon, tuna & avocado in soy paper.
Dynamite$9.95Tuna, salmon & red snapper, tempura fried.
Haiku$11.95Tempura-fried softshell crab, spicy tuna, radish, avocado & assorted tabiko.
Shrimp Tempura$8.95Tempura-fried shrimp with cucumber, crab & fish roe.
Lobster Tempura$11.95Tempura-fried lobster with cucumber, crab & fish roe.
Spider$8.95Soft shell crab tempura with cucumber & fish roe.
Volcano$9.95Tempura-fried tuna & crab.
Godzilla$8.95Tempura-fried shrimp & crab with eel sauce.
Jade$10.95Tempura-fried cream cheese, smoked salmon, eel & crab with wasabi mayo & fish roe.
Firecracker$11.95White fish, spicy crab, avocado, shrimp & spicy tomato sauce.
Hawaiian$10.95Tempura-fried shrimp with coconut, mango, avocado & white cream sauce.
Ricky Maki$9.95Tempura-fried cream cheese with smoked salmon on top.
Olympic$10.95Eel, crab, shrimp, spicy tuna & tabiko with sesame soy wrap.
Special Rolls
M Cafe$9.95Shrimp, crab & avocado with spicy tuna & tempura crunch on top.
Summer$9.95Crab, avocado & fish roe wrapped in a cucumber shell.
Rainbow$9.95California roll topped with assorted raw fish & avocado on top.
Black Dragon$10.95Spicy tuna with broiled eel &avocado on top.
Geisha$11.95Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, scallion & tabiko wrapped in marble seaweed.
Dragon$10.95California roll topped with broiled eel & avocado.
Red Devil$9.95Salmon, tuna & avocado on top of spicy tuna.
Palmetto$10.95Spicy crab, shrimp & avocado topped with tuna, honey, mayo & red tabiko.
Nagasaki$12.95Spicy scallops & crunch topped with sweet shrimp, red tabiko & crunch.
Red Dragon$10.95Spicy tuna topped with fresh tuna.
Mermaid$9.95Smoked salmon, crab & cream cheese topped with shrimp.
Mojito$10.95Scallions, spicy sauce, & cucumber topped with red tabiko, fresh lime, mint & white fish.
Samurai$10.95Spicy tuna wrapped with rice, topped with tuna, salmon & avocado.
Rabuck$10.95Tuna, jalapeno, cilantro, chives & avocado.
Green Dragon$12.95Tempura shrimp, crab, cream cheese topped with avocado salad, eel sauce, crunch.
Deanna$9.95Clam, shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, fish roe, seaweed wrap & peanut sauce.
Angry Dragon$12.95Shrimp tempura, mango, spicy tuna inside soy paper wrap, crab salad on top with eel, shrimp & pina colada sauces.
M Vista Roll$13.95Sweet shrimp, scallops, crunch inside topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail & avocado.
Infinity$9.95Tempura crunch, crab & cucumber topped with spicy yellowtail & green tabiko.
Sunrise$9.95Shrimp, cucumber, avocado & tempura crunch topped with salmon.
Combination Plates
Served with seaweed salad, miso soup and steamed white rice. $3 to substitute avocado salad or shrimp apple salad; $2 for seaweed salad.
Sushi$10.95 - $19.95Served with a california roll. Lunch , 6 pieces, dinner 9 pieces.
Sashimi$11.95 - $22.95Lunch 8 pieces, dinner 15 pieces.
Sushi, Sashimi$11.95 - $22.95Served with a spicy tuna roll. Lunch 4 pieces sushi 3 pieces sashimi, dinner 7 pieces sushi 6 pieces sashimi.
Combinations - Sushi Dinners
California Lover$10.95Three california rolls.
Maguro Sushi$14.95Six pieces tuna sushi & a six-piece tuna maki.
Maki Combo$12.95California, tuna & cucumber rolls.
Special Roll Plate$9.95Select one special roll palmetto, jade, godzilla, mandarin, haiku, geisha or red devil, & a choice of house or green salad on the side. Lunch only.
Maki Rolls Plate$8.95Select two maki rolls - california, boston, alaska, jack, spicy asparagus, eel, spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, spicy salmon, philadelphia, new york, & a choice of house or green salad on the side. Lun
Samplers & Platters
Miyo’s Sampler$19.95Two pieces of tuna, yellowtail & salmon sushi, spicy tuna roll & california roll.
Maki Roll Sampler$17.95Spicy tuna, california, yellowtail jalapeno & eel rolls.
Miyo’s Sushi Delight$21.95Two pieces of tuna, eel and salmon sushi, shrimp tempura roll & california roll.
Love Boat$35.95Twelve pieces of assorted nigiri sushi, dragon roll & spicy tuna roll.
Deluxe Love Boat$49.95Sixteen pieces of assorted nigiri sushi, dragon roll & shrimp tempura roll.
Miyo’s Party Platter$45.95Two pieces of tuna, yellowtail, salmon & eel sushi, spicy tuna roll, california roll, rainbow roll & mandarin roll.
Original Grill - Salads
Original grill items may be ordered as an entree or as a salad. Entrees served with garlic green beans and choice of rice or noodle. Salads served with iceberg and mesclun mix and your choice of house or ginger dressing on the side.
Grilled Salmon Salad$8.95 - $14.95
Grilled Flank Steak Salad$8.95 - $14.95
Grilled Shrimp Salad$8.95 - $14.95
Grilled Chicken Salad$8.95 - $14.95
Grilled Beef Salad$8.95 - $14.95
Original Grill - Entrees
Marinated Chicken Kabob$8.95 - $14.95
Marinated Beef Kabob$8.95 - $14.95
Deluxe Combo$18.95Chicken, steak, salmon & jumbo shrimp.
Salmon Filet$8.95 - $14.95
Jumbo Shrimp Kabob$9.95 - $17.95
Marinated Flank Steak$8.95 - $14.95
Original Grill - Nuts
You may add.
Original Grill - Fresh Diced Fruits
Fuji Apple$1.95
From The Wok - Hot, Spicy Choices
All served with white, brown or vegetable fried rice.
Hot Chili Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With onions & green peas.
Thai Basil Beef Or Chicken$7.95 - $12.95With snowpeas, asparagus, basil, cilantro & curry.
Mongolian Beef Or Chicken$7.95 - $12.95With white & green onions.
Ginger Beef Or Chicken$7.95 - $12.95With onions, bell peppers & ginger soy.
Kung Pao Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With peanuts and red & green bell peppers in a blackened chili sauce.
Szechuan-Style Beef$7.95 - $12.95With red & green bell peppers in a spicy oyster sauce.
From The Wok - Sweeter Choices
Mango Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With red & green bell peppers.
Almond Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With green apple, edamame & almonds.
Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork$7.95 - $12.95With pineapple and green & red bell peppers (meat can be steamed or fried).
Sesame Chicken$7.95 - $12.95With broccoli. (Meat can be steamed or fried).
From The Wok - Hot, Spicy And Sweet
General Tso’s Or Orange Chicken$7.95 - $12.95With broccoli in a spicy sweet & sour sauce (meat can be steamed or fried).
From The Wok - Heart Healthy Choices
Garlic Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95Sauteed with seven fresh vegetables (zucchini, squash, asparagus, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms & carrots) in garlic brown sauce.
Steamed Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With seven fresh vegetables (zucchini, squash, asparagus, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms & carrots), choice of sauce on side.
Maestro Chicken Or Shrimp Gluten-Free$7.95 - $12.95In honor of dr. Donald portnoy with asparagus & beans sauteed in minced garlic.
Coconut Green Curry Chicken Or Shrimp Gluten-Free$7.95 - $12.95With bell pepper, onions, squash & zucchini in light coconut curry sauce. Please note miyo’s curry is different from traditional thai curry ask your server for details.
Cashew Chicken Or Shrimp$7.95 - $12.95With zucchini, squash & cashew nuts in brown sauce.
Emerald Chicken Or Shrimp Gluten-Free$7.95 - $12.95Steamed chicken or shrimp in ginger white sauce over garlic spinach.
Moo Shu Chicken Or Pork$7.95 - $12.95With cabbage, egg, bamboo shoots, tree-ear mushrooms, green onions & carrots. Served with pancakes & hoisin sauce.
Rice Dishes
Deluxe Fried Rice With Shrimp & Chicken$7.95 - $11.95With cabbage, onion, carrots, broccoli, egg & green peas.
Fried Rice With Brown Rice & Egg White$7.95 - $10.95With spinach & fried tofu.
Pineapple & Cashew Fried Rice$9.95With light onions, egg & green peas.
Jumbo Shrimp & Edamame Fried Rice$12.95With light onions & egg.
Taiwan Fried Rice$11.95Chicken, shitake mushrooms, spinach & egg.
Hong Kong Fried Rice$12.95Shrimp & sausage with fresh pineapple chunks, cashews, egg & light onion.
Carolina Fried Rice$12.95Shrimp, chicken, beef & pork with cabbage, onion, carrots, broccoli, egg & green peas.
Noodle Dishes
All noodle dishes contain napa cabbage, white & green onion, bell pepper and carrots.
Shanghai Style Noodle$8.95 - $12.95With shrimp & chicken (lo mein noodle in soy).
Phat Thai Gluten-Free$8.95 - $12.95With shrimp, chicken & crushed peanuts (thai-style rice noodle with lime juice & fish sauce).
Singapore Style Rice Noodle Gluten-Free$8.95 - $12.95With shrimp & chicken (rice noodle with curry).
Japanese Soba Noodle$8.95 - $12.95With shrimp & chicken sauteed with mushrooms & chives.
Hong Kong Style Ginger Beef Chow Fun$8.95 - $12.95Flat rice noodle, soy & fresh ginger.
Noodle Dishes - Noodle Soups
Feel Good Noodle Soup$10.95With shrimp wontons, lo mein, spinach, bamboo shoots, carrots & napa cabbage.
Udon Noodle Soup$10.95With tempura shrimp on the side.
Deluxe Noodle Soup$12.95Jumbo shrimp & chicken, lo mein, spinach, bamboo shoots, carrots & napa cabbage.
Children’s Menu
All children’s meals served with mochi ice cream.
Shanghai Noodle With Chicken Or Shrimp$5.95
Deluxe Rice With Chicken Or Shrimp$5.95
Sesame Chicken$5.95With choice of white, brown or vegetable-fried rice.
Teriyaki Chicken With Broccoli$5.95With choice of white, brown or vegetable-fried rice.
Grilled Chicken Or Beef Kabob$5.95With choice of white, brown or vegetable-fried rice.
Sushi Plate$5.95California or jack roll with shrimp sushi.
Sauteed Bok Choy$6.95
Garlic Green Beans$3.95
Spicy Garlic Eggplant$4.95
Garlic Spinach$4.95
Desserts - Cakes
Baked fresh locally by chocolate nirvana. Cake availability subject to change. Please ask your server for our fresh available cakes of the day.
Godiva Chocolate$5.95
Cashew Caramel Cheesecake$5.95
Strawberry Godiva$5.95
Peanut Butter Nirvana$5.95
Coconut Cream$5.95
Triple Chocolate Mousse$5.95
Desserts - Sorbet
Blackberry Cabernet$3.95
Desserts - Ice Cream
Mochi Ice Cream$3.95Ice cream dumplings in a sticky rice wrap. Red bean, vanilla or mango.
Desserts - Coffee
Regular Or Decaffeinated$1.95
Soft Beverages
Loose Leaf Hot Tea$3.95Imported from china by owner.
Green Tea (Dragon well soothes the skin) famous for its jade green color, mellow flavor, floral aroma & shiny flat leaves.
Oolong Tea (Black dragon helps you lose weight) organic green tea distinct flavor & refreshing aftertaste.
Black Pu-Er Tea (Lowers cholesterol, helps regulate blood sugar, gently stimulates the heart) full-bodied, fully fermented black tea.
Jasmine Tea (Awakens your senses) tea mixed with fragrant jasmine blossoms. Sweet, floral, delicate aroma.
Blooming White Tea$3.95(High in antioxidants) nourishing herbs that are hand-woven into loose tea leaves. Amazing view & flavor.
Half Pound Tea Packages
Blooming White$7.00
Other Beverages
Evian$2.95(375 Ml).
Fiji$4.95(1 Liter).
Perrier$3.75(330 Ml).
Mountain Valley Hot Spring Sparkling Water$3.25(375 Ml).
Iced Tea$1.95
Coke Products$2.25
Red Bull$3.50
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade$2.95
Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice$3.95

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