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Egg Sandwich
Two Scrambled Eggs On A Bagel$3.75
Omelettes On A Bagel
Western Omelet Sandwich$5.95served with peppers, onions and ham.
Leo Omelet Sandwich$7.95served with lox, eggs and onions.
Hebrew National Salami Omelet Sandwich$5.50
Pastrami Omelet Sandwich$5.95
Corned Beef Omelet Sandwich$5.95
Veggie Omelet Sandwich$5.75served with onions, peppers and mushrooms.
Bagel$1.15no toppings.
Baker's Dozen$13.80
Organic Bagel$1.45no toppings.
Organic Baker's Dozen$17.40
Spreads By The Pound
Cream Cheese$1.95
Scallion Cream Cheese$2.75
Veggie Cream Cheese$2.75
Nova Cream Cheese$3.50
Sun-Dried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese$2.75
Maple Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese$2.75
Jalapeno Cream Cheese$2.75
Kalamata Olive Cream Cheese$2.75
Strawberry Cream Cheese$2.75
Low-Fat Cream Cheese$1.95
Low-Fat Scallion Cream Cheese$2.75
Low-Fat Veggie Cream Cheese$2.75
Low-Fat Nova Cream Cheese$3.50
Low-Fat Su Ndried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Cream$2.75cheese
Tofu Cream Cheese$2.75tofutti.
Scallion Tofu Cream Cheese$3.50tofutti.
Veggie Tofu Cream Cheese$3.50tofutti.
Nova Tofu Cream Cheese$3.50tofutti.
No-Egg Tofu Spread$3.50
Spinach Dill Tofu Spread$3.50
Grape Jelly$1.95
Peanut Butter$2.75
Spread Sandwiches
Plain Cream Cheese Sandwich$2.75
Low-Fat Plain Cream Cheese Sandwich$2.75
Scallion Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Low-Fat Scallion Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Veggie Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Low-Fat Veggie Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Sun-Dried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Low-Fat Sun-Dried Tomato & Garlic Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Nova Cream Cheese Sandwich$4.95
Low-Fat Nova Cream Cheese Sandwich$4.95
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Kalamata Olive Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Maple Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Plain Tofu Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Scallion Tofu Cream Cheese Sandwich$4.95
Veggie Tofu Cream Cheese Sandwich$4.95
Nova Tofu Cream Cheese Sandwich$5.50
No-Egg Tofu Spread Sandwich$4.95
Spinach Dill Tofu Spread Sandwich$4.95
Butter Sandwich$1.95
Grape Jelly Sandwich$1.95
Hummus Sandwich$4.25
Nutella Sandwich$3.75
Peanut Butter Sandwich$3.75
Vegetarian Soup Of The Day$4.95 - $3.95
Meat Soup Of The Day$5.75 - $4.75
Seafood Soup Of The Day$5.75 - $4.75
Murray's Bagels Classic Salads
Sm / Lg. Salads Are Not Availabe On The Weekends SW Dressing`Choice: Organic Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinegar, Citrus Dressing, Sesame Ginger Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Lemon Herb Dressing, Low-Fat Caesar Dressing, Low-Fat Honey Dijon Dressing, Tomato
Murray's Caesar Salad$5.95 - $4.95romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, bagel croutons and caesar dressing.
Murray's Chicken Caesar Salad$7.75 - $6.75romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, bagel croutons, grilled or breaded chicken and caesar dressing.
Murray's Cobb Salad$9.25 - $10.25romaine lettuce and mesclun, bacon, avocado, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, hard-boiled egg and blue cheese dressing.
Murray's Waldorf Salad$6.95 - $5.95romaine or mesclun salad, apples, walnuts, grapes and chopped celery.
Murray's Chicken Waldorf Salad$8.75 - $7.75romaine or mesclun salad, apples, walnuts, grapes and chopped celery with your choice of grilled or breaded chicken.
BLT Salad$7.75 - $6.75romaine or mesclun lettuce, bacon, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and your choice of ranch or vinaigrette dressing.
Fresh Salads Tossed To Order
Romaine Salad$4.50 - $3.50
Mesclun Salad$4.50 - $3.50
Spinach Salad$4.50 - $3.50
Arugula Salad$5.50 - $4.50
Home-Made Salads By The Pound
Tuna Salad$3.25
Low-Fat Tuna Salad$3.25
Whitefish Salad$4.25
Egg Salad$2.75
Baked Salmon Salad$4.25
Herring Salad$2.75
Chicken Salad$3.75
Chopped Chicken Liver Salad$3.75
Shrimp Salad$4.50
Lobster Salad$12.95
Home-Made Salad Sandwiches
Tuna Sandwich$5.50
Low-Fat Tuna Sandwich$5.50
Whitefish Salad Sandwich$6.75
Egg Salad Sandwich$4.50
Baked Salmon Salad Sandwich$6.75
Herring Salad Sandwich$4.75
Chicken Salad Sandwich$6.50
Chopped Chicken Liver Sandwich$6.50
Shrimp Salad Sandwich$7.95
Lobster Salad Sandwich$14.95
Deli Sandwiches
New York Style Pastrami Sandwich$9.25
New York Style Corned Beef Sandwich$9.25
Hebrew National Salami Sandwich$6.25
Home-Made Roast Beef Sandwich$7.50
Home-Made Roast Turkey Sandwich$7.50
Applegate Farms All-Natural Smoked Turkey Sandwich$7.50
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$7.25
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Sandwich$7.25
Genoa Salami Sandwich$6.25
Wellshire Farms All-Natural Black Forest Ham Sandwich$7.50
Prosciutto Di Parma Sandwich$10.95
BLT Sandwich$4.75
Cheese Sandwiches
American Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Swiss Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich$4.25
Brie Cheese Sandwich$4.25
Provolone Cheese Sandwich$3.75
Muenster Cheese Sandwich$3.75
"Smoke" Fish Sandwiches
Eastern Nova Scotia Sandwich$9.95
Scottish Salmon Sandwich$10.95
Belly Lox Sandwich$9.95
Gravlax Sandwich$9.95
Norwegian Salmon Sandwich$10.95
Wild Pacific King Salmon Sandwich$12.95
Wild Sockeye Salmon Sandwich$10.95
Irish Salmon Sandwich$10.95
Lake Sturgeon Sandwich$12.95
Sable Sandwich$12.95
Baked Salmon Sandwich$9.95
Kippered Salmon Sandwich$9.95
Specialty Sandwiches
Bungalow Colony Sandwich$8.50home-made roast beef or turkey, muenster cheese, cole slaw and russian dressing.
Cal's Club Sandwich$7.95home-made chicken salad, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Red Hook Brooklyn Sandwich$8.95smoked turkey or home-made roast beef, swiss cheese and roasted peppers.
Rivington Street Sandwich$14.25nova scotia salmon and sable, plain cream cheese, tomato and onions.
The Aldo Sandwich$11.95prosciutto di parma and fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers with oil and vinegar.
Roz's Rueben Sandwich$10.50carnegie deli roast beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing.
Adam's Choice Sandwich$10.95breaded chicken cutlet, black forest ham, swiss cheese, lettuc, tomato and russian dressing.
Sarcastic Sol Sandwich$12.75eastern nova scotia salmon, home-made whitefish salad, lettuce, tomato and onions.
The Bertha Sandwich$7.75fresh home-made tuna salad, melted cheddar and bacon.
The Gerry Red Sandwich$8.95home-made roast beef, pepper jack cheese and sautéed onions.
Murray's Classic Club Sandwich$8.75home-made roast turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Deli By The Pound
New York Style Pastrami$4.25
New York Style Corned Beef$4.25
Hebrew National Salami$3.75
Home-Made Roast Beef$3.75
Home-Made Roast Turkey$3.75
Applegate Farms All-Natural Smoked Turkey$3.75
Grilled Chicken Breast$3.00
Breaded Chicken Cutlet$3.75
Genoa Salami$3.25
Prosciutto Di Parma$4.50
Wellshire Farms All-Natural Black Forest Ham$3.25
Cheese By The Pound
American Cheese$1.95
Alpine Swiss Cheese$1.95
Cheddar Cheese$1.95
Muenster Cheese$1.95
Provolone Cheese$1.95
Pepper Jack Cheese$1.95
Brie Cheese$2.50
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese$2.50
Smoked Fish By The Pound
Eastern Nova Scotia$8.25
Scottish Salmon$8.95
Belly Lox$8.25
Norwegian Salmon$8.95
Wild Pacific King Salmon$10.75
Wild Sockeye Salmon$8.95
Irish Salmon$8.95
Lake Sturgeon$10.75
Sour Pickle$0.40
Potato Knish$3.00
Spinach Knish$3.00
Kasha Knish$3.00
Broccoli Knish$3.00
Container Of Tomatoes$3.00 - $1.50
Container Of Onions$2.00 - $1.50
Side Of Regular Bacon$3.00
Side Of Turkey Bacon$3.50
Side Of Sausage$3.00
Side Of Turkey Sausage$3.50
Container Of Cucumbers$3.00 - $1.50
Container Of Cappers$6.00 - $3.00
Pastries & More
Gertel's Black & White Cookie$2.75
Triple Trouble Brownie$3.25
Flat Brownie$3.25
Muffin$2.50apple, banana nut, blueberry, brand muffin, chocolate chip, corn, cranberry, double chocolate chip, lemon poppy
Raspberry Rugelach$1.00
Apricot Rugelach$1.00
Chocolate Rugelach$1.00
Fruit Roll-Up$0.75apricot, raspberry, pineapple, cherry, strawberry
Erica's Chocolate Macaroon$1.00
Erica's Cranberry Macaroon$1.00
Erica's Macaroon$1.00
Dirty Chips$1.75mesquite bbq, sour cream & onion, see salt, maui onion, salt & vinegar
Vanilla Yogurt Parfait$3.50
Gertel's Russian Coffee Cake$3.25
Rice Pudding$2.95
Chocolate Pudding$2.95
Fruit Salad$4.25
Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.75
Gourmet Oatmeal Cookie$2.75
Coffee & Tea Beverages
Brewed Blend Coffee$1.80 - $2.45
Iced Coffee$2.75 - $3.25
Harney & Sons Fine Tea$2.15 - $2.45english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, orangnic green, chamomille, cinnamon, peaches & ginger, decaf lemon, lipton, raspberry
Iced Tea$2.75 - $3.25
Brewed Decaf Coffee$1.80 - $2.15
Double Espresso$2.50
Cappuccino$2.95 - $3.95
Iced Cappuccino$3.75 - $4.50
Chai Tea$2.75 - $3.75
Iced Chai Tea$3.75 - $4.50
Café Latte$3.95 - $2.95
Café Au Lait$3.25 - $2.25
Hot Chocolate$2.50 - $2.95
Cold Beverages
Poland Springs$1.25 - $2.25
Fiji Water$2.00 - $3.25
Volvic Water$2.00 - $3.25
Can Of Soda$1.50dr. brown's black cherry, dr. brown's diet crème soda, sprite, dr. brown's diet black cherry, dr. brown's crème soda, canada dry seltzer, dr. brown's root beer, coke, gingerale, dr. brown's diet root
Can Of Soda$2.50bottle coke
Snapple$2.00raspberry tea, diet raspberry tea, lemon tea, all natural green tea, diet lemon, fruit punch, peach tea, snapple apple, diet peach tea, kiwi strawberry, orangeade
Snapple$2.50green tea, diet green tea
Nantucket$2.75premium orange, apple juice, carrot orange mango, cranberry, grapeade, guava, half & half, lemonade, orange mango, pine banana, pine orange guava, pomegranate pear, red plum
Martenilli's Apple Juice$2.50
Martenilli's Grape-Apple Juice$2.50
Orangina$2.00 - $2.50
Tropicana Juices$2.50calcium, orange strawberry banana, grapefruit
Tropicana Orange Juice$4.50
Odwalla$3.50berries go mega, blueberry, carrot ginger, vanilla protein, cherry orange, chocolate protein, citrus c, pumpkin protein, mango tango, mo beta, pomegranate lemonade, red rhapsody, strawberry banana, s
Naked Juice$3.75berry blast, berry veggie, mango veggie, blue machine, orange carrot, strawberry banana, gold machine, orange mango, berry veggie, protein zone, strawberry kiwi, pomegranate blueberry, green machine,
Vitamin Water$2.75formula 50, power c, essential, focus, xxx, energy, revive
Vitamin Water$2.25lemonade
Pomegranate$3.50 - $4.50
Pomegranate Mango$4.50
Pomegranate Blueberry$4.50
Boylan's$2.00black cherry, cream, cane cola, diet black cherry, diet cream, gingerale, birch creamy red, root beer, orange, birch beer, diet root beer, grape, seltzer pure, lemon seltzer, orange seltzer, orange c
Gatorade$2.50tropical punch, fruit punch, cool blue, lemon lime, orange
Pellegrino$2.00 - $2.75
Tea's Tea$2.75green white tea, unaweetened g tea, pure green, green jasmine
Tea's Tea$2.50mango, blueberry, lemongrass, half & half cherry green, pure black, half & half
Tropicana Orange Juice$6.00
Ronnybrook Dairy$2.50chocolate milk, yogurt vanilla, low-fat skim milk, yogurt coconut, whole milk, yogurt strawberry, yogurt peach, yogurt plain
Ronnybrook Dairy$3.00banana, blueberry pomegranate, peach drink, strawberry drink, 1/2 gallon skim milk, 1/2 gallon milk, blackberry drink, mango drink, egg nog
Ronnybrook Dairy$4.501 qt.cream half & half
Fresh Squeezed Juice$3.50fresh bottle jo
Fresh Squeezed Juice$3.25 - $4.25fresh orange juice
Fresh Squeezed Juice$3.25 - $4.25fresh grapefruit juice
Fresh Squeezed Juice$3.25 - $4.25lemonade
Nesquick$2.50chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana

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