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Walnuts and Cinnamon mixture baked In filo dough with syrup
Walnuts and Cinnamon Mixture Baked In shredded filo dough with syrup
Greek Walnut Cake 
Nuts and Cinnamon Mixture Baked In both shredded and filo dough with syrup
Semolina browned With nuts, sugar and cinnamon
Rice Pudding 
Greek Yogurt With imported honey, with or without nuts
Fresh Fruit 
Greek Coffee 
American Coffee 
Greek Frappe 
Tsal-Herbal Teas 
Cold Appetizers
Creamy Yogurt Garlic Cucumber Dip With virgin olive oil and dill
Fresh Roasted Eggplant Garlic Dip Blended with virgin olive oil and choice of lemon or vinegar
Chick Peas Blended With garlic, tahini, lemon, and virgin olive oil
Feta Cheese Hot roasted peppers and virgin olive oil dip
Feta Cheese Tomatoes, olive, herbs, and virgin olive oil dip
Octopus Marinated in Greek Spices Vinegar and virgin olive oil
Greek Style Garlic Potato Dip Lemon and virgin olive oil
Greek Traditional Chicken Rice Soup With egg-lemon sauce
Soup of the Day 
Hot Appetizers
Fine Imported Kafalograviera cheese flambeed tableside
Greek Feta With hot peppers and tomatoes, topped with greek herbs and fresh parsley, baked and served in clay casserole
Grilled Imported Cypriot cheese sprinkled with virgin olive oil
Stuffed Grape Leaves With ground beef and rice topped with egg lemon sauce
Char-Grilled Greek Style Sausage with onions and roasted florinis peppers
Tender Char-Grilled Octopus With Greek seasonings, virgin olive oil and vinegar
Char-Grilled Calamari Served with fresh lemon and virgin olive oil
Sauteed Mussels In olive oil, spices, fresh tomatoes, onions, white wine and topped with feta cheese
Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp In olive oil, spices, fresh tomatoes, white wine and topped with feta cheese
Served with pan-fried potatoes and bread.
Feta Cheese 
Feta Cheese & Tomato 
Feta Cheese, Tomato & Spinach 
Mixed - Green Peppers, Onion & Feta Cheese 
Zucchini,Tomato & Feta Cheese 
Feta Cheese & Pan-Fried Potatoes 
Scrambled Eggs, Tomatoes, Onions, and Feta Cheese 
Eggs on a Bed of Tomatoes 
Make Your Own Combination 
Greek Sausage on Side With any omelet
Side Dishes
Potato Wedges Baked In olive oil greek herbs, spices, oregano and lemon
Pan-Fried Potatoes 
Pan-Fried Potatoes Greek Style Topped With fresh oregano and choice of crumbled feta cheese or graded kafalotiti cheese
Greek Style Rice Pilaf 
Vegetable of the Day 
Pickled Vegetables 
Feta Cheese Served with oregano olive oil and kalamata olives
Greek Style Cheese Pie 
Greek Style Spinach Pie 
Salad dressings: House - virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, greek oregano, and feta cheese combination. Our own vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil and vinegar, caesar
Village Salad Vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, greek olives, feta cheese, fresh parsley, virgin olive oil and vinegar
Traditional Greek Salad Spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese house dressing with or without anchovies
Lettuce Salad Fresh crisp romaine lettuce, scallions, dill virgin olive oil and fresh lemon dressing
Cabbage Salad Finely shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, virgin olive oil and lemon dressing
Greek Potato Salad Boiled and cut potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, scallions, fresh parsley, virgin olive oil and vinegar dressing
Caesar Salad Crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, grated kefalotiri cheese Topped with marinated grilled chicken breast and caesar dressing
Beet Salad Fresh boiled beetroot sliced and served with fresh garlic, virgin olive oil and vinegar
Fresh Boiled Dandelion Green Served with virgin olive oil and fresh lemon
Crab Salad Fresh spring mix, tomatoes, onions, topped with our own homemade broiled crab cakes, choice of dressing
Kids Menu
Served with beverage, bread and ice cream sandwich. Your Choice $8
Pasta with Red Sauce 
Greek Souvlaki 
Greek Salad With char-grilled chicken
Greek Burger 
Orange Juice 

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