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Served with home-made mint chutney and sweet & sour tamarind chutney
Samosa$5.95Turnovers filled with lightly spiced potatoes & peas 2 pcs
Onion Bhaji$4.95Lightly spices onion rings
Bari Pakoras$4.95Mix vegetables lentil fritters
Chili Cheese Pakora$6.95Spiced paneer and green chili-lentil frittes
Papadums$3.00Lentil waffers with peppers studs
Assorted Vegetables Platter$8.95Combination of samosa pakora, onion bhaji and papadum
Assorted Tandoori Platter$11.95Combination of chicken tikka, seekh keebab and tandoori prawn
Taj Keebab$7.95A house specialty of chicken keebab
Soups & Salads
Vegetable Shorba$5.95Vegetable stew flavored with indian herbs
Bay Special$7.95House specialty shrimp chowder
Indian Chef Salad$12.95Delicious strips of tandoori chicken, lamb rolls and paneer with tomatoes and bell pepper
Green Salad$4.95Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onion and lemon
New Delhi Dal Soup$5.95Our chef's creatio with blend of yellow lentils and flavor spices
Entrees - Curries
Curry to us means a sauce made with diffrent blend sof spices. Different curry saucs are made different from the other, depending on the spices used in that particular dish and its particular blend. Curries in indian have nothign ot do with the yukky yell
Kofta Shah Jahani$17.95Shah jahan magnificen taj mahal ranks as one fo the seven wonders of the worlds. he was th fifth muglhal ruler to rule indian between 1627-1658. This historic favorite of shah jahan's is recreated fo
Murg Akbari$17.95An exotic preparation fo chicke with cashews, raisins and grated paneer, simmered in a creamy sauce. A favorite of the third and grated mughal ruller of india, emperoor akbar 1556-1605. A recration o
Chicken Masala$14.95Cooked in medium sauce, blended with spices like onion, ginger, garlic, coriander, tumeric and more
Chicken Korma$14.95Succulent pieces of chicekn cooked in coonut milk and very midly spiced
Chicken Madras$14.95A south indian preparation of hot chicken curry
Prawn Masala$18.95Pieces of prawnw cooked in a light sauce
Fish Masala$16.95Cooked in s sauce with a blend of medium spices
Fish Goa Curry$16.95Cooked in coconut milk and spices goan style
Rogan Josh$14.95A flavorful lamb curry cooked in north indian spices and herbs
Keema Mattar$13.95Minced lamb cooked with peas in a spicy sauce
Lamb or Chicke Vindaloo$17.95Spicy hot lamb or chicken curry cooked with potatoes
Dal Chicken$13.95Chicken cooked in yellow lentils and sesaoned with royal cumin seeds
Dal Gosht$14.95Black lentils simmered in slow fire with pieces of lean lamb seasoned with onion, cilantro, ginger, garlic and garam masala
Saag Gosht$14.95Black lentil simmered in slow fire with pieces of lean lamb seasoned with onion cilantro, ginger, garlic and garam masala
Biriyanis$18.95Long grain basmati rice form indian cooked with saffron, herbs and your choice of chicken or lamb and served with raitha
Condiment Tray$7.95Includes grated coconut, raisins almond flakes, broken, cashew mango chutney, mix pickle, onion,s and lemon
Complete Dinners
Non-Vegetarian$26.95Tandoori chicken, seekh, keeban, chicken masala or rogan josh, spices vegetable, pullao, nan, dessert, tea or coffee
Vegetarian$21.95Vegetable samosa, pakora, spiced vegeables mattar paneer, dal, pullao, nan, dessert, tea or coffee
Tandoori Specialties
These dishes are barbecued in two special oven we importd from india. The oven are shaped like wine barrels but made wit sticky clay from the deltas of the hly river ganges
Teengri Keebab$14.95Chicken drumsticks marinated in yogurt , panjabi spieces and barbecued
Achari Boti Keebab$16.95Lean boneless pieces of lamb marinated overnight in a spicy combination of indian pickle spices and barbecued in the tandoor
Hariyalo Murg Tikka$16.95Our famous chicken barbecued in a tangy marinade of mint and coriander
Tandoori Chicken$14.95Chickcen marinated in gyourt with ginger, garlic, onion, flavor spices, and saffrom barbecued in the tandoor
Fish Tikka$16.95Pieces of fish lightly spiced and roasted in tandoor
Tandoori Prawn$18.95Char-grilled prawn flavored with indian herbs and spices
Seekh Keebab$16.95Spiced lamb rolls preparted over a charcoal fire
Chicken Tikka$15.95Pieces of chicken delicately spiced with mustard, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, lemon, juice and cooked in the tandoor
Paneer Tikka$12.95Barbecuee chunks of panner marinated with chat masala
Vegetable Shaslik$14.95Chargrilled bellpepper, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes
Tandoori Mix Grill$19.95Combination of tandoori chicekn, chicken tikka, fish tikka, seekh keeba and tandoori shrimp
Complete Dinner
Non-Vegetarian$26.95Tandoori chicken, seekh keebab, chicken, masala or rogan josh, spices vegetable, pullao, nan, dessert tea or coffee
Vegetarian$21.95Vegetable samossa, pakora, spiced vegetables, mattar panner, dal, pullao, nan, dessert tea or coffee
Ranjan's Specials
Balti Stule Mango Prawn or Mango Mushrooms (Veg)$18.95 - $14.95Stir fry indian style with imprted alfonso mango pulp and tropicla fruits. Seassoned with sweet adn tangy mango marsala. Goes well with pinot grigio
Bombay Saffrom Bhuna Lamb or Bombay Soya Nuggets$15.95 - $14.95Slow simmered in its aromatic juices and flavored with soaffron and cumin
Lemon Mustard Fish Curry or Mustard Gobi$16.95 - $14.95Flavorful lemon mustard cooked with onions and jalapenos. Nice and spicy
Kashmiri Lamb Kofta or Vegetable Kofta$15.95 - $14.95Succulent kashmiri style ish cooked in a delicous mild yoghurt cream sauce goes well with merlot
Spicy Madras Tamarind Chicken or Eggplant Tamarind$15.95 - $14.95Cooked in tamarind with a delicous hot and tangy hitn of coconut
New Delhi BBQ Chicken Ferezi or Paneer Ferezi (Veg)$15.95 - $14.95Seasoned with garlic, peppers and tomtoes cooked in a light sauce
Rice and Breads
Pullao$3.95Saffrom flavored basmati rice
Vegeable Pullao$7.95Saffrom rice cooked with seasonal vegetables
Kashmiri Pullao$7.95Saffrom rice cooked with peasrs, peaches, papaya and pineapple
Pullao Raja$8.95Saffron rice with nuts and raisins
Indian Fried Rice$7.95Cooked with a variety of vegetables and eggs
Nan$1.50Leavened soft bread made with flour dough and baked in the tandoor
Garlic Nan$1.50
Onion Kulcha$1.95Nan stuffed with chopped, green peppers and cilantro
Cheese Nan$2.95Kabuli nan with fruit and nuts
Keema Kulcha$2.95Nan stuffed with ground spices lamb
Tandoori Roti$1.50Bastic indian whole wheat bread - tandoori style
Paratha$2.50Whole wheat layered bread tandoori style

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