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Breakfast $3.95
A. Two Egg & Butter Toast with macaroni soup choice of (ham, roast pork, sausage, spam, bacon, spaghetti)
B. Omelette & Butter Toast (choice of ham, roast pork, sausage, spam, bacon)
C. Two Egg & Butter Toast with fried
D. Satay Beef Rice Noodle Soup shredded pork with salted spicy radish / shredded pork with pickled chinese cabbage
E. Congee Of The House & Stir fried mei fun
F. Oatmeal with milk, stir, fried mei fun
A1. Garlic Bread$2.00
A2. Baked Italian Cheeses Bread$2.00
A3. French Fries$2.75
A4. Fries Onion Rings$2.75
A5. Viet. Style Lemongrass$3.95with fried chicken wings
A6. Fries Chicken Wings$3.75
A7. Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings$3.75
A8. Fried Chicken Leg$3.75
A9. Fried Fish Filet$3.75
A10 Baked Mussels$4.95
A11. Fried Fish Balls$3.50
A12. Hong Kong Style Curry Fish Balls$3.95
A13. Fried Chicken Wings$4.75with french fries
A14. Fried Chicken Leg$4.75with french fries
A15. Fried Pork Chops$4.95with french fries
A16. Taiwan Pop Corn Chicken$3.95
A17. H.K.Style Burger$3.75
A18. Vietnam Beef Stew$5.50with bread
A19. H.K. Style Street Beef Offal$4.95
A20. Fried Dumplings$3.25
A21. Viet Spring Rolls$3.50
A22. Fried Squid$4.95
A23. BBQ Satay Beef$3.00
A24. Bbq Satay Chicken$3.00
A25. Buffalo Wing$3.75
1. Butter Toast$1.00
2. Butter$1.00with cond. milk toa
3. Peanut$1.00with jam toast
4. Cond. Milk$1.00with jam toast
5. Egg Sandwich$1.75
6. Spam Sandwich$2.25
7. Ham Sandwich$2.75
8. Bacon Sandwich$2.50
9. Spam With Egg Sandwich$2.95
10. Ham With Egg Sandwich$2.95
11. Bacon With Egg Sandwich$2.95
12. Ham And Chesses Sandwich$2.75
13. Tomato And Egg Sandwich$3.50
14. Satay Beef Sandwich$3.50
15. Salted Beef Sandwich$2.75
16. H.K.Style Tuna Fish Sandwich$3.95
17. Club Sandwich$4.95
French Toast
18. Butter French Toast$2.95
19. Peanut Butter & Cond. Milk French Toast$3.25
20. Peanut Butter & Jam French Toast$3.25
21. Chocolate & Butter French Toast$3.50
22. Tuna Fish Salad$5.50
23. Ham & Egg Salad$5.00
24. Fried Chicken Leg With Potato Salad$5.50
25. Fried Chicken Wing With Potato Salad$5.50
26. Chicken Meat With Potato Salad$4.75
27. Shrimp With Potato Salad$5.50
28. Potato With Fruit Salad$3.50
Oatmeal $3.25
29. Oatmeal With Milk 
30. Oatmeal With Cond Milk 
31. Oatmeal With Egg 
32. Oatmeal With Ham 
33. Oatmeal With Fresh beef 
34. 59. Oatmeal With Roast Pork 
Omelet $3.95
35. Mushrooms & Chicken Omelet 
36. Mushrooms & Cheese Omelet 
37. Spanish Omelet 
38. Beef Omelet 
39. Ham Omelet 
40. Hotdog Omelet 
41. Pork Chop Doll Noodles$5.95
42. Chicken Steak Doll Noodles$5.95
43. Doll Noodle$5.00
43. Doll Noodle$1.00add choice for 1 (satay beef, mustard pork, ham, luncheon meat, sausage)
44. House Special Fried Instant Noodle$5.00
44. House Special Fried Instant Noodle$1.00add choice for 1 (luncheon meat, ham, sausage, beef, pork + chicken)
45. Hong Kong Fake Shark Fin Soup$2.50
46. Corn & Chicken Soup$2.50
47. Cream Of Mushroom$2.50
48. Chowder Soup$2.50
49. Barsch Soup$2.50
50. Hot & Sour Soup$2.25**
51. H.K.Wonton Noodle$4.95
52. H.K. Beef Stew Noodle$5.50
53. H.K. Beef Tripe Noodle$5.50
54. H.K. Pig Feet Noodle$4.95
55. Fish Ball Flat Noodle$4.50
56. Fish Cake$5.50squid ball, fish ball & flat noodle
57. H.K. Style Shrimp Wonton & Beef Stew Noodle$6.50
Seared Combo
Sauce Choice With Black Pepper Sauce, Garlic Sauce,Onion Sauce Side With (Soup,Toast / French Fries,Spaghetti / Coffee,Tea)
58. Sirloin Steak$15.95
59. Pork Chop$12.95with onion
60. Mixed Grill$15.95
61. Black Pepper Chicken$12.95
62. Salmon Steak$15.95
Choice Of Baked Spaghetti Or Baked Rice Add $1.00 Extra
63. Spaghetti$5.95with fresh tomato meat sauce
64. Fresh Tomato With Pork Chop$5.95
65. Fresh Tomato With Chicken Steak$5.95
66. Oxtail Stew$7.95with spaghetti
67. Mix Chops$5.95with spaghetti
68. Ziti$5.75with meat sauce
69. Bacon Cheese$5.75with a la king sauce
70. Chicken A La King$5.75
71. Shrimp & Crab Meat$6.95with white sauce
72. White Sauce$5.95with white clam
73. Spaghetti Cheese & Fish Filet$5.95
74. Spaghetti$5.95with chicken & ham
75. Portuguese Chicken$5.95
76. Spaghetti$7.50with seafood
77. Spanish Spaghetti$7.50with seafood
78. Spaghetti$5.95with tuna
79. Mix Chops & Hotdog$6.75with spaghetti
80. Pork Chop Cutlet$5.95with spaghetti
81. Fish Steak$5.95with spaghetti
Fried Noodle
82. Black Pepper Tenderloin Slice$7.25** with fried noodle
83. Stir Fried Noodle$5.95with soy sauce
84. Verq Beef$6.95with fried noodle
85. Fried Noodle With Shredded Pork$6.95
86. Fried Noodle With Chicken$6.95
87. Ham, Chicken & Pork$7.25with fried noodle
88. Malaysian Style Chow Fun$6.95
89. Singapore Style Stir Fried Vermicelli$6.50**
90. Amoy Style Stir Fried Vermicelli$6.50
91. Beef Chow Fun$6.95
92. Beef Chow Fun With Sauce$6.95
93. Beef Chow Fun With Egg$6.95
94. Seafood Chow Fun$7.95with egg
95. Shrimp & Egg Chow Fun$7.25with sauce
96. Lo Mein$5.75pork, beef, chicken or vegetable
97. Fried Udon$7.95with seafood
98. B.Pepper Pork Chop$7.00** with fried udon
99. Black Pepper Tenderloin Slice$7.25** with fried udon
100. Crab Meat$9.95with teriyaki noodle
101. Mushroom$9.75
102. H.K Style Beef Stew$9.75with noodle
103. B. Pepper Beef Fried Spaghetti$7.25**
104. Shredded Pork$6.95with pickled cabbage rice
Only A Small Number Of Our Rice In Menu
105. Taiwan Style Minced Chicken Leg With Rice$5.50
106. Taiwan Style Minced Pork Chop With Rice$5.50
107. Viet. Style Lemongrass Pork Chop With Egg On Rice$5.75
108. Viet. Style Lemongrass Chicken With Egg On Rice$5.75
109. Curry Beef Stew With Rice$5.50*
110. Curry Chicken With Rice$4.95*
111. Curry Beef With Rice$4.95*
112. Curry Pork Chop With Rice$5.25*
113. Curry Fish With Rice$5.50*
114. Curry Seafood With Rice$5.95*
115. Sweet & Sour Pork Pineapple With Rice$4.95
116. Pork Chop With Fresh Tomato With Rice$4.95
117. Chicken With Fresh Tomato With Rice$4.95
118. Fish Fillet With Corn Sauce On Rice$5.50
119. Vegetable Beef With Rice$4.95
120. Bitter Melon Beef With Rice On Rice$4.95
121. Pig Intestine With Sour Cabbage On Rice$4.95
122. Bean Curd With Minced Meat$4.95**
123. Shrimp & Egg With Sauce On Rice$5.50
124. Beef & Egg With Sauce On Rice$5.50
125. Chop Spare Ribs With Black Bean Sauce On Rice$4.95
126. Ham & Egg With Rice$4.50
127. Spam & Egg With Rice$4.50
128. Fresh Squid With Sour Cabbage On Rice$4.95
129. Chicken Celery With Rice$4.95
130. Black Pepper Salty Pork Chop With Rice$4.95**
131. Black Pepper Salty Chicken With Rice$4.95**
Fried Rice
132. Western Fried Rice$6.25
133. Oung Chow Fried Rice$6.95
134. Chinese Sausage & Broccoli Fried Rice$6.95
135. Chicken & Salty Fish Fried Rice$6.95
136. Beef Fried Rice$6.25
137. Pineapple & Chicken Fried Rice$6.50
138. Roast Pork Fried Rice$5.50
139. Chicken Fried Rice$5.50
140. Shrimp Fried Rice$5.50
141. Indonesia Style Fried Rice$6.95
Hots / Lg / (16oz) * Spicy, ** Hot & Spicy. Only A Small Number Of Our Beverages In Menu
D1. HK Place Tea With Milk$1.75 - $2.25
D2. HK Place Tea With Coffee$2.75 - $1.75
D3. HK Place Coffee$1.75 - $2.75
D4. HK Place Lemon Tea$2.75 - $2.25
D5. Reg Tea With Milk$0.90 - $2.25
D6. Coffee$0.90 - $2.25
D7. Tea With Lemon$0.90 - $1.50
D8. Water With Lemon$2.25 - $0.90
D9. Honey With Lemon$1.25 - $1.75
D10. Coke With Lemon$2.25
D11. 7 Up With Lemon$2.75
D12. 7 Up With Salted Lemon$2.75
D13. Lemon & Coke With Ginger$2.25
D14. Boiled Eggs$1.25
D15. Citron With Honey$1.25 - $2.50
D16. Ginger With Honey$1.25 - $2.50
D17. Ovaltine$1.25 - $1.75
D18. Hollick$2.50 - $1.25
D19. Almond With Milk$1.25 - $1.75
D20. Chocolate$1.75 - $2.50

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