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Stuzzichino Alla Micaela$12.00cold timballo of shaved parmigiano reggiano, artichoke hearts, arugula, sundried tomatoes roasted peppers and mushrooms
Insalata Speciale Lorna$25.00a melange of imported and domestic delicacies a meal in itself
Crudo Di Polipo$10.00sliced raw baby octopus, frisee, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and marinated eggplant
Melenzane Sott'Olio$9.00eggplant carpaccio, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
Calamari Fritti$11.00fried calamari tomato sauce with a hint of heat
Polipo Su Bruschetta$12.00panzanella of grilled octopus, diced tomatoes, caperberries olives and red onions and croutons
Seppioline Al Forno$11.00baby seppia (tender squid) herb crusted and baked
Tortine Di Cranchio$13.00miniature crab cakes, frisee, corn, fried capers, fennel, roasted peppers and spicy sauce
Carciofini Ripieni Alla Giovanna$12.00stuffed artichoke hearts, baked in fresh tomato sauce
Affettato Di Cinghiale$12.00paper thin slices of wild boar mesculin marinated eggplants, cherry tomatoes and drizzled with pear wine reduction
Crudo Di Seppia$12.00sliced raw baby seppia, frisse and lemon dressing
Cetrioli E Pomodori$7.00cucumbers, tomatoes and balsamic dressing
More Di Gelsi$8.00baby greens, cherry tomatoes, berries and honey toasted walnuts with balsamic dressing
Spinaci$7.00fresh spinach leaves, sliced mushrooms and hot bacon
Insalata Greca$8.00grilled chicken, shrimp, cucumber peppers, tomatoes, olives feta cheese and lemon dressing
Pera$9.00pear poached in red wine with cinnamon sticks, served with arugula gorgonzola cheese bacon and walnuts lemon dressing
Fagiolini$7.00chilled string beans lemon dressing
Insalata Di Finocchi Arance E Frutti Di Bosco$10.00oranges fennels, mixed wild berries and balsamic dressing
Cicorie$7.00panzanella, endive and lemon dressing
More Di Gelsi$8.00baby greens, grape tomatoes, berries, pear, honey-coated walnuts, and balsamic dressing
Spinaci$7.00fresh spinach leaves, mushrooms, hot crispy bacon and lemon dressing
Insalata Greca$8.00cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese, tomatoes, olives and lemon dressing
Pera$8.00pear, poached in red wine and cinnamon sticks, arugula, walnut and bacon
Minestrone$7.00the original vegetable soup
Pasta E Fagioli$7.00pasta and beans
Piselli Con Seppie$11.00fresh green pea soup with seppia
Bietole Stufate$6.00stewed swiss chards in vegetable broth, cherry tomatoes and parmigiano cheese
Rapette E Fagioli$9.00baby broccoli rabe with baked white beans
Cicorie E Fave$7.00bitter greens with fava beans puree
Patate E Zucca$6.00braised squash with potatoes garlic and extra virgin olive oil
Patatine Fritte E Insalata$9.00fried potatoes and baby greens
Fusilli Lucani Con Seppioline Ripiene$15.00with stuffed baby squid sepia in tomato sauce
Tortelloni Neri Di Coda Di Rospo$16.00large tortellini stuffed with monk fish and flavored with crab meat in ginger lemon cream sauce
Pizzoccheri Al Frutti Di Bosco$15.00short ribbons of home made whole wheat pasta, rasberry vodka, fresh porcini mushrooms splash of tomato salsa, shallots and fresh sage
Spaghetti Al Pepperoncino Con Pesto Di Carciofi E Olive$16.00red spaghetti with artichoke, olive pesto
Paccheri Al Sugo Di Guanciale$14.00large rigatoni with beef cheese, fresh ground tomato and spices
Timballo$15.00layers of wide ribbons of pasta, bechamel, and meat ragu and parmigiano reggiano
Conchiglie Cavolfiori Gamberi E Broccoli$14.00tiny pasta shells, cauliflowers red onion, garlic cappers, anchovies, olives, shrimp and broccoli
Strascinate Al Sugo$14.00earlobe shaped pasta a with a traditional mediterranean ragu
Risotto Con Fagioli E Rapette$15.00with white beans and broccoli rabe
Lune D' Aragosta$14.00lobster ravioli in a pink cognac sauce
Strozzapreti Al Sugo Di Cinghiale$15.00priest strangler pasta wild cherry vodka and wild boar ragu
Orata Alla Boscaiola$24.00roasted filet of sea bream, red mediterranean shrimp porcini mushrooms and grilled potatoes
Coniglio Alla Cacciatora$24.00stewed rabbit with mushrooms in white wine sauce
Puglia Baisse$28.00red snapper striped bass, monk fish, skate, clams, mussels, onion, garlic in fish broth
Bistecca Di Manzo Arrostita$36.00char grilled sirloin steak with garlic, rosemary, lemon juice and a splash of white wine
Pollo Assut Assut$19.00chicken pieces on the bone, sauteed with garlic, rosemary, lemon juice and a splash of white wine
Scorfano In Tegamino$20.00rock scorpion fish filet with scallops, olives , cherry tomatoes, fresh herb in white wine sauce
Sarago Oreganato$19.00oven roasted porgie, crusted with herb bread crumbs, roasted potatoes and vegetables
Lombatina Al Vincotto$36.00grilled tender rib veal chop red wine, reduction drizzled with vincotto and sprinkled with black truffles, mashed potatoes and spinach
Tiella$19.00baked rice, potatoes and mussels with and cherry tomatoes
Coda Di Rospo$21.00roasted monk fish, caperberries in white and lemon sauce
Brascioledde Al Sugo$20.00beef rollatini flavored with garlic parmigiano and parsley flakes and cooked in a mediterranean tomato sauce served with home made garganelli pasta
Costolette D’Agnello Al Ferri$32.00grilled tender rib lamb chops, grilled scallops and potatoes
Ossobuco Di Tacchino$21.00organic fed turkey ossobuco, braised in fresh tomatoes white wine and herbs served with olive leaf shaped pasta
Trippa Dell'Oste$19.00spongy and tender strips of honey comb tripe, carrots celery, rosemary, sage onion, diced potatoes and fresh green peas

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