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Pizza Specials
La Patrona$8.99Large (14')
La de Carnes$8.99Large (14')
La Hawaiana$8.99Large (14')
La Mexicana$8.99Large (14')
Spinach Clasico$8.99Large (14')
Chicken Bacon Clasico$8.99Large (14')
Choriquezo$8.99Large (14')
La Vegetariana$8.99Large (14')
3 Meat Pizza$7.99Large (14')
Pepperoni$4.99Large (14')
Cheese$4.99Large (14')
1 Topping$5.99Large (14')
2 Topping$6.99Large (14')
3 Topping$7.99Large (14')
4 Topping$8.99Large (14')
Unlimited Toppings$9.99Large (14')
Paquetazo #1 (2 One Topping Pizzas, 5pc Queso Stix & a 2 Liter Beverage)$17.59
Paquetazo #2 (1 One Topping Pizza, 1 Three Meat Pizza, 5pc Queso Stix & a 2 Liter Beverage)$19.59
Paquetazo #3 (1 La Patrona Pizza, Large 1-Topping, 5pc Queso Stix & a 2 Liter Beverage)$20.59
Paquetazo #4 (1-Large Patrona, Large 1-Topping Pizzas, 5pc Queso Stix, 8pc Wings, & a 2 Liter Beverage)$26.59
LISTA Meal Deal (1 Pepperoni Pizza, 5pc Queso Stix & a 2 Liter Beverage)$11.17
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso)$6.998 Pc.
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso)$8.9912 Pc.
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso)$10.9915 Pc.
BreadStix$2.495 Pc.
QuesoStix$3.595 Pc.
Drink$1.5920 oz. Bottle
Drink$2.592 Liter Bottle
Aquafina Water$1.5920 oz. Bottle
Dulce de Leche Churro$1.391 Pc.
Dulce de Leche Churro$2.392 Pc.
Ranch Dip$0.69
Spicy Ranch Dip$0.69
Garlic Sauce Dip$0.69
Buffalo Sauce Dip$0.69
Jalapeno Cup$0.69
Parmesan Cup$0.69

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