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Chicken Subs
Mesquite Chicken$5.69Small
Mesquite Chicken$6.99Regular
Mesquite Chicken$8.39Large
Carbonara Chicken$5.69Small
Carbonara Chicken$6.99Regular
Carbonara Chicken$8.39Large
Baja Chicken$5.69Small
Baja Chicken$6.99Regular
Baja Chicken$8.39Large
Honey Mustard Chicken$5.69Small
Honey Mustard Chicken$6.99Regular
Honey Mustard Chicken$8.39Large
Pesto Caesar Chicken$5.69Small
Pesto Caesar Chicken$6.99Regular
Pesto Caesar Chicken$8.39Large
Steak Subs
Peppercorn Steak$5.99Small
Peppercorn Steak$7.39Regular
Peppercorn Steak$8.79Large
Black Angus Steak$5.99Small
Black Angus Steak$7.39Regular
Black Angus Steak$8.79Large
Steak Bacon & Swiss$5.99Small
Steak Bacon & Swiss$7.39Regular
Steak Bacon & Swiss$8.79Large
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar$5.99Small
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar$7.39Regular
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar$8.79Large
Deli Subs
Classic Italian$5.29Small
Classic Italian$6.69Regular
Classic Italian$7.79Large
The Traditional$5.29Small
The Traditional$6.69Regular
The Traditional$7.79Large
Veggie Guacamole$5.29Small
Veggie Guacamole$6.69Regular
Veggie Guacamole$7.79Large
Honey Bacon Club$5.29Small
Honey Bacon Club$6.69Regular
Honey Bacon Club$7.79Large
Italian Meatball$5.29Small
Italian Meatball$6.69Regular
Italian Meatball$7.79Large
Turkey Subs
Turkey Ranch & Swiss$5.29Small
Turkey Ranch & Swiss$6.69Regular
Turkey Ranch & Swiss$7.79Large
Turkey Bacon Guacamole$5.29Small
Turkey Bacon Guacamole$6.69Regular
Turkey Bacon Guacamole$7.79Large
Ultimate Turkey Club$5.29Small
Ultimate Turkey Club$6.69Regular
Ultimate Turkey Club$7.79Large
Turkey Lite$5.29Small
Turkey Lite$6.69Regular
Turkey Lite$7.79Large
Create Your Own Sub
Custom Sub$4.79Small
Custom Sub$5.79Regular
Custom Sub$6.79Large
Pulled Pork Subs
Southern BBQ Pulled Pork$5.69Small
Southern BBQ Pulled Pork$6.99Regular
Southern BBQ Pulled Pork$8.39Large
Cuban Pulled Pork$5.69Small
Cuban Pulled Pork$6.69Regular
Cuban Pulled Pork$8.39Large
Salads & Wraps
Apple Harvest Chicken - Salad$3.49Small
Apple Harvest Chicken - Salad$6.49Large
Apple Harvest Chicken - Wrap$6.49
Honey Mustard Chicken - Salad$3.49Small
Honey Mustard Chicken - Salad$6.49Large
Honey Mustard Chicken - Wrap$6.49
BBQ Ranch Chicken - Salad$3.49Small
BBQ Ranch Chicken - Salad$6.49Large
BBQ Ranch Chicken - Wrap$6.49
Peppercorn Caesar - Salad$3.49Small
Peppercorn Caesar - Salad$6.49Large
Peppercorn Caesar - Wrap$6.49
Italian - Salad$3.49Small
Italian - Salad$6.49Large
Italian - Wrap$6.49
Grilled Flatbreads
Sonoma Turkey$3.49
Honey Bourbon Chicken$3.49
Basil Pesto Chicken$3.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch$3.49
Sonoma Turkey Ciabatta Toastie$4.99
Choose 2
Pick From Any 2 Categories: Grilled Flatbreads, Small Fresh Salads or Regular Bowl of Soup
Grilled Flatbread & Soup$6.78
Grilled Flatbread & Salad$6.78
Salad & Soup$6.78
Broccoli Cheese$1.99Small - 6 oz.
Broccoli Cheese$3.69Regular - 10 oz.
Broccoli Cheese$4.69Large - 16 oz.
Chili$1.99Small - 6 oz.
Chili$3.69Regular - 10 oz.
Chili$4.69Large - 16 oz.
Chicken Noodle$1.99Small - 6 oz.
Chicken Noodle$3.69Regular - 10 oz.
Chicken Noodle$4.69Large - 16 oz.
Includes Small Drink, Activity & Chips or Kids Cookie
Kids Turkey & Cheese Sub$3.99
Kids Ham & Cheese Sub$3.99
Desserts & Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.69
Fudge Brownie$1.69
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie$1.69
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.69
Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.69
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$0.89Small
Soda$2.29Bottle - 20 oz.
Fountain Soda$1.79Regular
Fountain Soda$1.99Large
Water$2.29Bottle - 20 oz.
Sobe Drink$2.29Bottle - 20 oz.
Tea or Lemonade$1.79Regular
Tea or Lemonade$1.99Large
Apple Juice$2.29Bottle
Under 400 Calories Subs
Spicy Monterey$5.29Small
Honey Bourbon$5.29Small
Turkey Lite$5.29Small
Toasty Pastas
Mac & Cheese Pasta$4.99
Mac & Cheese With Bacon Pasta$5.99
Meatball & Marinara Pasta$5.99
Chicken Pesto Pasta$6.99
Catering Sub Box Lunch
Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Classic Italian Sub Box Lunch$7.19Small
Classic Italian Sub Box Lunch$8.49Regular
The Traditional Sub Box Lunch$7.19Small
The Traditional Sub Box Lunch$8.49Regular
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub Box Lunch$7.19Small
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub Box Lunch$8.49Regular
Ultimate Turkey Club Sub Box Lunch$7.19Small
Ultimate Turkey Club Sub Box Lunch$8.49Regular
Veggie Guacamole Sub Box Lunch$7.19Small
Veggie Guacamole Sub Box Lunch$8.49Regular
Baja Chicken Sub Box Lunch$6.99Small
Baja Chicken Sub Box Lunch$8.99Regular
Mesquite Chicken Sub Box Lunch$6.99Small
Mesquite Chicken Sub Box Lunch$8.99Regular
Honey Mustard Chicken Sub Box Lunch$6.99Small
Honey Mustard Chicken Sub Box Lunch$8.99Regular
Catering Trays
Classic Sub Tray$29.99Regular - Serves 5
Classic Sub Tray$54.99Large - Serves 10
Chicken Sub Tray$29.99Regular - Serves 5
Chicken Sub Tray$54.99Large - Serves 10
Catering Ciabatta Trays
Classic Ciabatta Tray$24.99Regular - Serves 5
Chicken Ciabatta Tray$29.99Regular - Serves 5
Catering Grilled Flatbread Box Lunch
Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Sonoma Turkey Flatbread Box Lunch$7.992 Pc.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread Box Lunch$7.992 Pc.
Basil Pesto Chicken Flatbread Box Lunch$7.992 Pc.
Catering Grilled Flatbread Trays
Grilled Flatbread Tray$29.99Regular - Serves 5
Grilled Flatbread Tray$54.99Large - Serves 10
Catering Salad Box Lunch
Includes Chocolate Chunk Cookie
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Box Lunch$7.49Large
BBQ Ranch Chicken Wrap Box Lunch$7.49
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch$7.49Large
Apple Harvest Chicken Wrap Box Lunch$7.49
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Box Lunch$7.49Large
Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap Box Lunch$7.49
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Salad Box Lunch$7.49Large
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Wrap Box Lunch$7.49
Italian Salad Box Lunch$7.49Large
Italian Wrap Box Lunch$7.49
Catering Salad Bowls
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad$29.99Bowl
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad$29.99Bowl
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad$29.99Bowl
Peppercorn Caesar Salad$29.99Bowl
Catering Sides
Pasta Salad$29.99Serves 10
Fresh Garden Salad$24.99Serves 10
Assorted Chips$11.99Serves 10
Brownie Tray$13.99Serves 10
Cookie Tray$13.99Serves 10
Assorted Dessert Tray$13.99Serves 10
Bottled Beverages$10.99Serves 5
Bottled Juice$10.99Serves 5

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