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Antipasto All'Italiana$14.00cold antipasto with marinated mushrooms, prosciutto, carcofini, mozzarella e provolone.
Moscardini Al Pomodoro$14.00baby octopus sauteed with garlic, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes.
Brushetta$14.00arugula, chopped tomatoes, onion, mozzarella, melenzane, capers and fresh basil.
Prosciutto Melone E Ananas$14.00parma prosciutto with melons and pineapple.
Carpaccio Con Arugola$14.00thin sliced raw beef with arugula and shaved parmesan cheese.
Carciofini Con Provola E Gamberetti$14.00baby artichokes marinated with smoked mozzarella and shrimps.
Caprese Con Sedano E Acciughe$14.00fresh mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, celery, anchovies, and fresh basil.
Verdure Grilliate$14.00mixed grilled vegetables.
Lentil E Spinaci$10.00lentil soup with chopped spinach.
Fagioli Con Verza$10.00barlotti beans with cabbage.
Verdure All Campagnola$10.00mixed Vegetable Soup
Zucchini E Patate$10.00zucchini with yellow squash and potatoes.
Pieselli E Riso$10.00green peas with italian rice.
Finocchio Con Aranci$10.00fennel with arugula, oranges, red onions and black olives.
Endivia Con Noci$10.00endives, radicchio, walnuts and gorgonzola.
Pomodoro Alla Partenopea$10.00tomatoes with celery, onions, anchovies, olives and basil.
Tricolore$10.00arugula, endive and radicchio.
Alla Cesare$10.00romaine lettuce, parmesan, and gruviera.
Linguine All Verza$20.00cabbage, sausage, pancetta with a light tomato sauce and fresh basil.
Rigatoni Imbottiti$20.00stuffed rigatoni with veal and mixed vegetables in a light pink sauce.
Penne Alla Siciliana$20.00sauteed eggplant with garlic, oil, tomatoes and dried ricotta with fresh basil.
Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola$20.00potato dumplings with gorgonzola, asparagus and parmesan.
Tagliolini Neri Con Capesante$20.00sauteed scallops with arugula, dried tomatoes and heavy cream.
Fedellini Con Zucchini$20.00zucchini with shrimps and ham in a pink sauce.
Trenete Al Tonno$20.00tuna with olives, capers and fresh tomato sauce.
Paccheri Con Frutta$20.00double rigatoni with dried figs, almonds, walnuts, raisins, fresh basil and cognac in a pink sauce.
Al Nero Di Seppie italian rice with smoked salmon and truffle puree.
Al Curry E Gamberetti$24.00italian rice with baby shrimps in a delicate curry sauce.
Carciofi E Radicchio$24.00italian rice with fresh artichokes, radicchio, and truffle puree.
Porcini E Ricotta$24.00italian rice with porcini, ricotta and parmesan.
Pollo Con Verdure$24.00sauteed strips of chicken breast with eggplant, zucchini, and peppers in a delicate white sauce with herbs.
Pollo Con Carciofi$24.00sauteed strips of chicken breast with artichokes, fennel and dry tomatoes in a very delicate sauce.
Pollo Con Piselli E Patate$24.00sauteed strips of chicken breast with ham, green peas, potatoes, swiss cheese and fresh herbs.
Pollo Al Pompelmo$24.00sauteed strips of chicken breast with green olives, baby onion, shitake mushroom and cherry tomatoes.
From The Grill
Bistecca All Griglia$32.00aged angus steak - seasoned.
Nodino All Griglia$32.00grilled veal chop.
Battuta Di Vitello$32.00veal pallard lightly grilled.
Porcelliono Arrosto Con Patate$29.00sucking pig roasted with fresh herbs and potato.
Anatra Al Vino Rosso$29.00duck in a red wine cream of ham and vegetables.
Quaglia Alla Moscovita$29.00quails sauteed in a cognac sauce with raisins and pignoli.
Filetto Di Manzo Con Scalogno$29.00sauteed filet mignon with shallots in red wine and mustard.
Scalloppina Agli Aromi$29.00medallions of veal with fresh herbs, melted fontina cheese and white wine sauce.
Vitello Con Carciofi$29.00medallions of veal with fresh artichokes, porcini mushrooms and white wine.
Spada Alla Messinese$29.00sauteed swordfish with celery, baby onions, capers, zucchini black olives in a light tomato sauce.
Salmone Alle Mandorie$29.00wild salmon with almonds, baby onions, green olives, capers and tomato.
Calamaretti Alla Napoletana$29.00baby calamari in garlic, olive oil, raisins, pine nuts black olives in a light tomato sauce.
Gamberi Della Sirena$29.00jumbo shrimps sauteed with cognac, mustard and roasted peppers.
Vegetables Of The Day
Vegetables Of The Day$9.00
American Coffee$3.00

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