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Homemade Original Soups
Soup By The Bowl$3.69
Soup In A Sour Dough Bread Bowl$4.69
Soup & Fresh Slice Of Bread$4.49
Soup By The Quart$9.99
Garden Fresh Salads
Fresh slice of bread served with each salad order. Add grilled chicken $1.50.
Salad$6.49 - $4.49
Salad - Chinese Pasta Crisp lettuce, pasta noodles, mandarin oranges, green peppers, crispy fried egg roll noodles, creamy oriental dressing.
Salad - Caesar Salad Crisp lettuce, fresh parmesan cheese, creamy caesar dressing.
Salad - Very Veggie Crisp lettuce, choice of veggies, feta cheese, soy nuts, homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Salad - House Salad Crisp lettuce, choice of veggies, your choice of dressing.
Grilled Sandwiches
All sandwiches are made to order and served hot on freshly grilled bread of your choice, along with your favorite fixings, kettle chips & a crispy dill pickle. Extras side of dressing or dip $0.50, extra cheese $0.50, extra meat $1.00, add thick cut b
Hawkeye Ham$6.49Honey cured ham, choice of bread with grilled parmesan, swiss cheese, & our honey mustard.
Sierra Smoked Turkey$6.49Turkey grilled with tomato, special marinade, swiss & chipotle mayo.
Reuben The Great$6.49Grilled pumpernickel rye, corned beef, kraut, & swiss w/ thousand island dressing or horseradish spread.
Cajun Chicken Ranch$6.49Bread of choice grilled with cajun seasoning, spicy chicken, grilled onions, melted swiss, with our cajun ranch.
Kirkland Klub$6.49Smoked turkey & ham with choice of cheese.
Chicken Bacon Ranch$6.49Grilled chicken, melted cheddar, thick cut bacon, with ranch.
Classic Grilled Cheese$4.99Choose your favorite bread and two slices of cheese.
Fargo Cheesesteak$6.49Grilled beef, melted cheddar, sauteed peppers & onions, with our homemade garlic cheese spread.
Turkey Mushroom Swiss$6.49With homemade dill sauce.
The Rachel$6.49Smoked turkey, kraut, & swiss with homemade dill or horseradish spread.
Chicken Caesar$6.49Chicken & fresh parmesan cheese with our caesar sauce & swiss.
Smoke Jumper$6.49Grilled smoked turkey, smokey bear sauce, melted jalapeno cheese, sauteed onions and green peppers w/ chipotle mayo.
Ultimate BLT$6.49With thick cut smoked bacon.
Veggie Melt$5.99Choice of veggies & cheese, grilled with homemade dill sauce.
Choose Any Two
Want your soup in a bread bowls add $0.99.
Menu 1$6.49Choose any two. 1/2 Sandwich, 1/2 salad bowl of soup.
Menu 2$8.49Choose any two. Full sandwich & 1/2 salad, bowl of soup.
Kids Meals
Pb & Jelly Or Grilled Cheese$3.75With chips or mandarin oranges (includes kids drink or milk) 12 years old & under.

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