Rosario's at Willow Prices and Locations

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Mozzarella Sticks 
Fried Calamari 
Shrimp Cocktail 
Garlic Bread 
French Fries 
Cajun Fries 
X-Large Buffalo Wings 
Eggplant Rollatine 
Mussels Marinara 
Shrimp Scampi 
Shrimp Scampi with Cheese 
Baked Clams 
dressing: French, Russian, blue cheese, Caesar, ranch, balsamic vinegarette, honey mustard and house
Blackened Cajun Chicken 
Grilled Chicken 
Veal Milanese 
Fresh Mozzarella and Grilled Eggplant over tossed greens
House Salads for 1 
House Salad for 2 
Chef Salad for 1 
Chef Salad for 2 
Pasta Marinara 
Pasta with meatballs or sausage
Ravioli meat or cheese
Spinach Ravioli 
Lobster Ravioli 
Pasta Bolognese 
Pasta. with fresh tomato and basil
Cavatelli and Broccoli garlic and oil
Cavatelli and Broccoli. in a creamy garlic sauce
Fettuccini or Tortellini Alfredo 
Fettuccini or Tortellini Alfredo with Chicken 
Linguini with Clam Sauce little neck clams
Pasta Primavera 
Penne Vodka 
Oven Baked Pasta
Baked Lasagna 
Baked Stuffed Shells 
Baked Ravioli meat or cheese
Baked Spinach Ravioli 
Baked Ziti 
Baked Ziti with Ricotta 
all dishes served with homemade bread
Chicken Parmigiana with pasta
Chicken Sorrentino with pasta, eggplant proscuitto and fresh mozzarella
Chicken Marsala with pasta or vegetables
Chicken Piccata lemon, butter, white wine sauce with capers, with pasta or vegetable
Blackened Cajun Chicken served with vegetables
Eggplant Rollatine with pasta
Eggplant Parmigiana with pasta
Veal Parmigiana with pasta
Veal Sorrentino with eggplant, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella
Chicken Scarpiella sausage, mushrooms, hot peppers and roasted red peppers in a sherry sauce
Chicken Opna served cracked peppercorn chicken in a brandy cream sauce with mushroom
Chicken Voldostano sauteed chicken breast topped with ham and mozzarella in a sherry brown sauce with vegetables
Chicken Romano sauteed chicken breast topped with proscitto and mozzarella in a sherry cream sauce with vegetables
Veal Saltin Bocca lightly breaded veal topped with proscuitto and mozzarella over a bed of spinach
Sauteed Pasta
Giardino sauteed fresh tomato and roasted pepper in light garlic sauce
Melenzana grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, sundry tomato in a creamy pink sauce
Marco Polo shrimp, sundry tomato, artichoke hearts in a fresh tomato basil sauce
Caruso sauteed chicken and broccoli in a light garlic pink cream sauce
Siciliano black olives, capers and eggplant in a marinara sauce
Rosee sauteed broccoli and mushroom in a garlic plum tomato sauce with ricotta
Gidoro shrimp, spinach and mushrooms in a vodka sauce
Zena blackened chicken and roasted peppers in a pink cream sauce
Provenciate artichoke hearts and capers in a lemon, butter, white wine sauce
Triple Fiesta lightly breaded veal and chicken with shrimp in a garlic cream sauce with a touch of marinara
Genova proscuitto and roasted peppers in a presto sauce topped with sundry tomato
Homemade Soup of the Day
Homemade Soup of the Day 
Shrimp Scampi Over Linguini 
Shrimp Marinara Over Linguini 
Shrimp Parmigiana with pasta
Calamari Over Pasta marinated, lemon, butter or white wine sauce
Zuppa de Pesce Over Pasta clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari
Specialty Pizza
Margarita tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella
Sorrento grilled chicken and garlic
Bari roasted eggplant and sundry tomato
Capri roasted peppers, artichokes and fresh mozzarella
Venezia prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and artichokes
Alla Casa chicken cutlet sauteed onions and tomatoes
Chicken Pizza 
Special sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, peppers and extra cheese
Traditional Pizza 
Sicilian Pizza 
Toppings extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, anchovies, green pepper, roasted pepper, hot peppers, black olives, onion, garlic, spinach, broccoli
Stromboli with one topping, each additional toping $0.75
Pizza by the Slice
$0.50 extra per topping
Hot Heroes
Meatball Parmigiana 
Eggplant Parmigiana 
Chicken Parmigiana 
Veal Parmigiana 
Shrimp Parmigiana 
Sausage Parmigiana 
Specialty Subs
Grilled Chicken with lettuce, tomato and onion
Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss and Russian Dressing 
Grilled Eggplant fresh mozzarella, toasted peppers
Blackened Chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion
Veal grilled eggplant, sundry tomato, fresh mozzarella and pesto sauce
Chicken fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers
Chicken Marsala 
Cold Heroes
Ham, Provolone, Sorpessata 
Turkey, Provolone, Sorpessata 
Turkey, Ham, Provolone 
Prosciutto, Capicollo, Provolone 
Special Ham Proscuitto, Capicolla, Sorpessata, Provolone 
proscuitto, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers Swiss and American cheese available

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