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Steak Dinners
Filet Mignon (6 ounce)$22.95
Filet Mignon (8 Ounce)$24.95
Filet Mignon (12 Ounce)$27.95
Filet Mignon (17 Ounce)$31.95
Filet Mignon (24 Ounce)$36.95
T-Bone (20 Ounce)$29.95
Porterhouse (24 Ounce)$36.95
Porterhouse (40 Ounce)$44.95
Bone In Rib Eye (24 ounce)$35.95
Prime Rib (Regular cut)$26.95Served with horseradish and au jus
Prime Rib (10 ounce)$1.00Larger cuts available per ounce
Prime Rib Extra Large Cuts (16 ounce)$31.95Larger cuts available per ounce $1.00
Top Sirloin (8 Ounce)$22.95
Top Sirloin (12 Ounce)$24.95
Top Sirloin (16 Ounce)$26.95
Top Sirloin (24 Ounce)$30.95
Top Sirloin (32 Ounce)$34.95
Top Sirloin (40 Ounce)$38.95
Top Sirloin (72 Ounce)$65.00
New Your Cut (10 ounce)$25.95
New Your Cut (12 ounce)$27.95
New Your Cut (15 ounce)$30.95
New Your Cut (18 ounce)$32.95
Rib Eye (12 Ounce)$28.95
Rib Eye (16 Ounce)$31.95
Rib Eye (20 Ounce)$34.95
Rib Eye (24 Ounce)$37.95
Ground Sirloin Steak (8 ounce)$17.95
Ground Sirloin Steak (12 ounce)$19.95
Ground Sirloin Steak (18 ounce)$22.95
Chicken Fried Steak (Dinner)$17.95
Chicken Fried Steak (Double Meat)$22.95
Steak Dinners - Seafood Combinations
Served with any steak dinner
Lobster Tail$27.95
Prime Rib of Pork
Prime Rib of Pork$24.95Served with mashed potatoes and gravy
Seafood Dinners
Fresh, highest quality seafood served sauteed, baked or deep fried
Halibut steak (6 ounce)$23.95
Halibut steak (8 ounce)$23.95
Halibut steak (12 ounce)$29.95
One Lobster Tail$36.95
Two Lobster Tails$56.95
Baked Fresh Salmon$23.95
Fish & Chips (Halibut)$21.95
Fish & Chips (Cod)$15.95
Prawns$23.95Deep fried or sauteed in garlic butter
Baked Scallops$23.95In creamy cheese sauce
Pan Fried Oysters 
Pan Fried Razor Clams$23.95
Seafood Combination Plate$25.95Halibut, prawns and scallops
Chicken Dinners
Half Chicken$17.95
Double meat$23.95
All Breasts$30.95Double meat
All Thighs, Wings, Drumsticks$17.95
Side Orders/Appetizers
Onion Rings (Full Order)$6.95
Onion Rings (1/2 Order)$4.95
Onion Rings (1/4 Order)$3.95
Sauteed Mushrooms$3.95
Toasted Garlic Bread (4 slices)$5.95
Chicken Livers, Gizzards or Giblets$6.95
Fried Calamari$8.95
Crab Cocktail$14.95
Oregon Bay Shrimp Cocktail$6.95
Prawn Cocktail$9.95
Dungeness Crab$21.95
Oregon Bay Shrimp$12.95
Served with french fries or cottage cheese
Deluxe Hamburger$9.95
Deluxe Cheeseburger$10.50
Steak Sandwich$15.95
Senior Dinners
Lighter complete dinners for those over $0.62
4 ounce Tenderloin Steak$19.95
7 ounce Prime Rib$22.95
Chicken Fried Steak$15.95
6 ounce Ground Sirloin Steak$14.95
Chicken$14.95All white meat add $2.00
Prawns$20.95Deep fried or sauteed sauteed in garlic butter
Fish and Chips (Halibut)$19.95
Fish and Chips (Cod)$14.95
On the Light Side
Served with rice and your choice of slalad or steamed vegetables and bread
6 ounce Filet Mignon$20.95
Baked Chicken Breast$17.95
5 ounce Grilled Halibut$20.95
Vegetable Plate Dinner$14.95
Onion Rings (Full Order)$6.95
Onion Rings (1/2 order)$4.95
Onion Rings (1/4 order)$3.95
Deep Fried Mushrooms$5.95
Deep Fried Mushrooms$5.95
Cheese Sticks$6.95
Clam Strips$5.95
Toasted Garlic Bread$5.95
Oyster Shooters$2.00
Crab Cocktail$14.95
Bay Shrimp Cocktail$6.95
Jumbo Prawn Cocktail$9.95
Chicken Strips$7.95
Deep Fried Finger Steaks$5.95
Hot Wings$7.95
The Filet Mignon 
The T-Bone 
The Porterhouse 
The Rib Eye 
The Bone-in Rib Eye 
Prime Rib 
The Top Sirloin 
The New York Cut 
Other Items
Onion Ring 
Mushrooms Sauce 
Relish Plate 
The Full Meal 

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