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Sandwich Meals
The Original$7.67Small
The Original$8.77Medium
Smoked Turkey Breast$7.67Small
Smoked Turkey Breast$8.77Medium
Turkey Bacon Club$8.67Small
Turkey Bacon Club$9.77Medium
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese$8.67Small
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese$9.77Medium
Fiesta Chicken$8.67Small
Fiesta Chicken$9.77Medium
Ham and Cheese$7.67Small
Ham and Cheese$8.77Medium
Oven-Toasted Sandwiches
The Original$4.49Small
The Original$5.49Medium
The Original$10.29Large
Turkey Original-Style$5.49Small
Turkey Original-Style$6.49Medium
Turkey Original-Style$11.99Large
Turkey Bacon Club$5.49Small
Turkey Bacon Club$6.49Medium
Turkey Bacon Club$11.99Large
Smoked Turkey Breast$4.49Small
Smoked Turkey Breast$5.49Medium
Smoked Turkey Breast$10.29Large
Ham & Cheese Original-Style$4.49Small
Ham & Cheese Original-Style$5.49Medium
Ham & Cheese Original-Style$10.29Large
Fresh Veggie$4.49Small
Fresh Veggie$5.49Medium
Fresh Veggie$10.29Large
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese$5.49Small
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese$6.49Medium
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese$11.99Large
Albuquerque Turkey$5.49Small
Albuquerque Turkey$6.49Medium
Albuquerque Turkey$11.99Large
Chicken Breast$4.49Small
Chicken Breast$5.49Medium
Chicken Breast$10.29Large
Pastrami Reuben$5.49Small
Pastrami Reuben$6.49Medium
Pastrami Reuben$11.99Large
Deluxe Original-Style$5.49Small
Deluxe Original-Style$6.49Medium
Deluxe Original-Style$11.99Large
Homestyle Tuna$4.49Small
Homestyle Tuna$5.49Medium
Homestyle Tuna$10.29Large
Pastrami & Swiss$5.49Small
Pastrami & Swiss$6.49Medium
Pastrami & Swiss$11.99Large
Smoked Turkey & Guacamole$5.49Small
Smoked Turkey & Guacamole$6.49Medium
Smoked Turkey & Guacamole$11.99Large
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle Chicken$5.49Small
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle Chicken$6.49Medium
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle Chicken$11.99Large
Smoked Turkey Reuben$5.49Small
Smoked Turkey Reuben$6.49Medium
Smoked Turkey Reuben$11.99Large
Cheese Original$4.49Small
Cheese Original$5.49Medium
Cheese Original$10.29Large
Chipotle Chicken$4.49Small
Chipotle Chicken$5.49Medium
Chipotle Chicken$10.29Large
Fiesta Chicken$5.49Small
Fiesta Chicken$6.49Medium
Fiesta Chicken$11.99Large
Gourmet Pizzas
Pepperoni & Double Cheese$6.49Regular
Pepperoni & Double Cheese$10.9914' Large
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno$6.49Regular
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno$10.9914' Large
Combination Special$6.49Regular
Combination Special$10.9914' Large
Fresh Veggie$6.49Regular
Fresh Veggie$10.9914' Large
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeno$6.49Regular
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeno$10.9914' Large
Grilled Chicken & Pesto$6.49Regular
Grilled Chicken & Pesto$10.9914' Large
Double Cheese$6.49Regular
Double Cheese$10.9914' Large
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad$8.29
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad$8.29
Garden Salad$4.49
Hearts Of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad$7.49
Turkey Chef Salad$7.49
Broccoli & Cheddar$3.49Cup
Broccoli & Cheddar$4.49Bowl
Broccoli & Cheddar$9.99Quart
Potato Bacon$3.49Cup
Potato Bacon$4.49Bowl
Potato Bacon$9.99Quart
Chicken & Wild Rice$3.49Cup
Chicken & Wild Rice$4.49Bowl
Chicken & Wild Rice$9.99Quart
Tuscan Tomato Basil$3.49Cup
Tuscan Tomato Basil$4.49Bowl
Tuscan Tomato Basil$9.99Quart
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla$3.49Cup
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla$4.49Bowl
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla$9.99Quart
Soup of the Day$3.49Cup
Soup of the Day$4.49Bowl
Soup of the Day$9.99Quart
Pick Any 2
Soup & Sandwich$7.99Cup & Half
Soup & Salad$7.99Cup & Half
Sandwich & Salad$7.99Half & Half
Pizza & Soup$7.99Regular & Cup
Pizza and Salad$7.99Regular & Half
Kid's Meals
Kid's Cheese Pizza$4.49
Kid's Pepperoni Pizza$4.49
Kid's Cheese Sandwich$4.49
Kid's Turkey Sandwich$4.49
Schlotzsky's Chips$1.29Individual Bag
Fountain Drinks$1.89Small 20 oz.
Fountain Drinks$1.99Medium 32 oz.
Fountain Drinks$2.19Large 44 oz.
Freshly Brewed Tea$1.89Small 20 oz.
Freshly Brewed Tea$1.99Medium 32 oz.
Freshly Brewed Tea$2.19Large 44 oz.
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade$1.89Small 20 oz.
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade$1.99Medium 32 oz.
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade$2.19Large 44 oz.
Locally Bottled Juices$2.49
Sweet or Unsweetened Tea$10.991 Gallon
Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade$10.991 Gallon
Desserts & Cinnabon
Cinnabon Classic$3.491 Pc.
Cinnabon Classic11.994 Pack
Cinnabon Classic14.996 Pack
Cinnabon Pecanbon$3.991 Pc.
Cinnabon Pecanbon$13.994 Pack
Cinnabon Pecanbon$18.996 Pack
Caramel Pecanbon$13.994 Pack
New York Cheesecake$3.99Slice
New York Cheesecake$39.99Whole
Brownie$1.691 Pc.
Brownies$19.9912 Pc.
Fresh Baked Cookie$0.451 Pc.
Fresh Baked Cookies$4.5012 Pc.
Carrot Cake$2.49Slice
Carrot Cake$29.99Whole
Fudge Chocolate Cake$3.99Slice
Extra Frosting$0.49

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