St Charles Vintage House Prices and Locations

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Cheese and Sausage Platter$7.95garnished with fresh fruit and served with assorted crackers
Hodge Podge Basket$6.95basket of deep fried breaded mushrooms, onion rings and cauliflower
Toasted Ravioli$6.95with Italian sauce
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Marinara$6.50with Italian sauce and parmesan cheese
Potato Skins$7.95topped with shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese and bacon bits
Fresh Jumbo Shrimp$7.95 - $13.95with our own hot sauce
Breast of Chicken Strips$7.95served with our own barbeque sauce 1/2 dozen
One Dozen Chicken Wings$8.95served with ranch or blue cheese dressing
Chicken Wraps$6.95served with fresh salsa
California & Imported Wines German Wines
Zollor Schwarza Katz$14.50
Piosporfat Michalsborg$14.50
Spaalloso Sweet$19.00
Ausloxa, Sweetar$21.00
Liobfraumidch by the Liter$13.95
Liebfraumidch by the 1/2 Liter$7.50
Chablis by the Lither$13.95
Chablis by the 1/2 Liter$7.50
Burgundy by the Liter$13.95
Burgundy by the 1/2 Liter$7.50
White Zinfandel by the Liter$13.95
White Zinfandel by the 1/2 Liter$7.50
From the Broiler
New York Strip Steak, 12 oz$16.95
New York Strip Steak, 16 oz$21.95
Filet Mignon, 9 oz$18.95
Filet Mignon, 12 oz$22.95
California & Imported Wines California Wines
Chardonnay, Kondall Jackson$19.95
Chardonnay, Rodney Strong$19.95
Marlot, Gundiach Bundachu$32.50
Bavarian House Specialties
bavarian specialties are served with house salad, also choice of two of the following: potatoes, pancakes, choice of potato, sauerkraut, red cabbage, German potato salad, applesauce or vegetable of the day.
Sauerbraten$13.95tender beef marinated in special herbs and spices
Wiener Schnitzel$14.50a generous cut from the leg of veal, breaded and skiller fried
Schnitzel A-La Holstein$15.50topped with fried egg and anchovy
Barvarian Sampler$14.50a combination of our favorite house specialties: sauerbraten, wiener schnitzel and smoked bratwurst
Beef Rouladen$13.50rolled beef stuffed with bacon and assorted vegetables
Two Bratwurst or Two Knackwurst$11.50grilled usinger's sausages from milwaukee. wisconsin
Two Smoked Bratwurst$11.50st. louis style, grilled
Kassler Rippchen$13.95smoked loin of pork
California & Imported Wines Sparkling Wines
Korbal Brut. California$16.50
Asti Spumanto$16.50
Most & Chandon$49.50
Romanian Wines Red
Tarra Romana Pinot Noir$16.00 - $5.50
Tarra Romana Marlot$16.00 - $5.50
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve$18.00 - $5.50
Cuvoo Charlotte 2001$29.00
Tohani Royal Blush$14.50 - $4.50
Seafood Entrees
all meals are served with house salad. Your choice of baked potato, crispy steak fries, or rice pilaf and vegetable of the day. Please ask for specials of the day.
Missouri Whole Catfish$11.50breaded and panfried
Danish Lemon Sole$13.95grilled, served with lemon picata sauce
Large Breaded Butterfly Shrimp (8)$13.95fried to a golden brown
Shrimp Scampi$14.95six jumbo shrimp sauteed in white wine
Romanian Wines White
Tarra Romana Muscat Ononet$18.00 - $5.50
Tarra Romana Sauvignon Blanc$18.00 - $5.50
Tahani Rosling$14.50 - $4.50
Tahani Rotoasca Aloa$15.50 - $5.00
Tamaloasa Romanasca Ice Wine$10.00 - $5.75
Chicken Entrees
Chicken Marsala$13.95grilled boneless chicken breast topped with a marsala wine sauce
Vintage House Chicken Parmesan$11.95
Chicken Cordon Bleu$13.95tender chicken served with mozzarella cheese. Ham and mushrooms in a delicate wine sauce
Chicken Dijon$12.95white meat of chicken grilled and served with creamy dijon sauce
Caesar Salad with Brest of Chicken Strips$9.95
Draft Beer$2.25
Pitcher Beer$7.50
Imported Beer$3.50
Imported Woiss Beer, 1 Pt.$5.00
Domestic Beer$2.75
Non-Alcoholic Beer Haako Buck$3.50
Pasta Primavera$8.95
Fresh Sauteed Vegetables$4.95
Beer Wine Garden Specials
Premium Glass Wine$4.50
Marparita by the Liter$12.00
Premium Cocktails & Drinks$4.00
Attor Dinner Drinks$4.50
Frozen Drinks$4.50
Perrier Mineral Water$1.75
Kids Corner
Chicken Fingers with Fries$3.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries$2.75
Chicken Parmesan with Fries$4.95
Apple Strudel$3.25delicious, authentic German "apfel strudel" served warm
Black Forest Kirsch Torte$3.50a delightful torte of layered whipped cream and cherries crawned with grated chocolate
New York Cheese Cake$3.50
Missouri River Mud Pie Dessert$3.50 - $2.50a delightful creation of vanilla ice cream and fudge topping on a chocolate-vanilla cookies crumb base
Side Orders
Potato Pancakes$3.25
Homemade Spatzle, Bavarian Style$3.25
Crispy French Fried Potatoes$1.95
Basket of Onion Rings$3.50
Fresh Sauted Vegetables$2.95
Fresh Garden Dinner Salad$2.95
Bowl of French Onion Soup with Cheese Crouton$2.75
Bowl of Homemade Soup of the Day$2.75
Chef's Salad with Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Eggs, and Garnish - Choice of Salad Dressing$7.95
Gourmet Burger, 8 oz.$7.95served with French fried potatoes and garnish
Reuben Sandwich$7.95with German potato salad and kosher pickle
Hot Tea$1.50
Ice Tea$1.50
Missouri Wines Stone Hill Winery
produced and bottled by stone hill winery in historic hermann. Missouri
Hermannet Steamberg$16.00
Concord Sweet Red$16.00
Golden Soumaoff$16.00
Golden Rhine, Sweet$16.00
Missouri Wines - Hermannhof Winery
hermannhof winery, produced and bottled by harmannhof winery in historic hermann, Missouri
White lady, Semi - Sweet$16.00
Spring Blush$16.00
Cherry Wine$16.00
Missouri Wines - Augusta Winery
produced and bottled by augusta winery in augusta, missouri
Vidal Blanc. Dry White$16.00
Seyval Blanc. Dry White$16.00
River Valley, White, Sweet$16.00
River Valley Red, Semi - Sweet$16.00
River Valley Blush$16.00
Blackberry Wine$16.00
Raspberry Wine$16.00
Cynthiana, Dry Red$19.95

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