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Egg Sandwiches
Served On Hard Roll, White, Rye, Pumpernickel Or 7-Grain Bread On A Croissant Or Foccacia Bread. Add $1
Egg Sandwich$2.00 - $1.50
Egg & Cheese$2.50 - $2.00
Egg, Home Fries & Cheese$3.00 - $2.50
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$2.50 - $3.00
Ham Or Sausage, Egg & Cheese$3.00 - $2.50
Egg, Steak & Cheese$3.50 - $3.00
Egg, Canadian Bacon & Cheese$3.00 - $3.50
Egg, Corned Beef Hash & Cheese$4.00 - $3.50
Breakfast Platter
Served With Potatoes And Toast
Eggs Any Style$3.00 - $3.50
Eggs Any Style$3.50 - $4.00with bacon, ham or sausage
Eggs Any Style$4.50 - $4.00with canadian bacon
Eggs Any Style$5.00 - $4.50with corned beef hash
Comes With Home Fries & Toast
Ham & Cheese$3.95
Sausage Or Bacon & Cheese$3.95
Mexican Omelette$4.95veggie, avocado, salsa
Veggie Omelette$3.95choice of your veggie
Cheese Omelette$3.50
Western Omelette$3.95ham, peppers, onions
Create Your Own Omelette $3.95
With Eggs And Choose Up To Four Of Your Favorite Mixing's And We'll Cook Up The Omelette
Swiss Cheese 
American Cheese 
Dried Tomato 
Bell Peppers 
Feta Cheese 
French Toast Or Pancakes
With Syrup & Butter$3.00
With Bacon Or Sausage$3.95
With Canadian Bacon$4.50
With 1 Egg Or 2 Eggs$3.50 - $4.00
Plain, Sesame, Everything Cinnamon Raisin, Whole Wheat $0.90
Butter & Jelly$1.25
Peanut Butter$1.50
Plain Or Low Fat Cream Cheese$1.50
Scallion, Vegetable Or Low Fat Vegetable$2.00
Lox Spread$2.95
Nova Lox & Cream Cheese$6.95
Egg "Wraps"
Bacon, Egg And Cheese$3.95
Ham Or Sausage, Egg And Cheese$3.95
Turkey And Cheese$3.95
Corn Beef Hash And Cheese$4.50
Steak And Cheese$4.95
Soup Bar
Small (12oz) $2.99 / Medium (16oz) $3.99 / Large (32oz) $5.99. And 19 More (All 35 Choices) Please Ask For Today's Soups: 8 Different Choice Everyday.
Chicken Noodle 
Cajun Gumbo 
Italian Wedding 
Tuscan Kale & White Bean 
Roasted Root Vegetable & Matzo Bell 
Carrot Ginger Apple 
Chicken Wild Rice & Mushrooms 
Butter Nut Squash Smoked Sausage 
Fat Free Sweet & Sour Cabbage 
Seafood Chowder with kale & potatoes
Hearty Spinach Bean Stew with chorizo
Spicy Corn & Turkey Chili 
Udon Noodle Soup with tofu & spinach
Forest Mushroom Soup 
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya with shrimp
Meatball Minestrone Soup 
Small / Large
French Fries$2.69 - $1.69
Cheese Fries$3.89 - $2.89
Curry Fries$3.39 - $2.39
Curry Cheese Fries$4.59 - $3.59
Waffle Fries$3.39 - $2.39
Waffle Cheese Fries$3.59 - $4.59
Onion Rings$2.99 - $1.99
Chicken Finger$5.89 - $3.89
Buffalo Wings$4.29 - $6.95
Mozzarella Sticks$5.89 - $3.89
Lunch Fries$6.99 - $4.99french fries, cajun sauce, melted mozzarella cheese top of chicken cutlet on a plate
All Sandwiches Served On Your Choice Of Bread: Standard: White, Rye, Pumpernickel, 7-Grain, Kaiser Roll, Bagel. Extra $1 For Hero Or Wrap. (Plain, Whole Wheat, Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato) Or Foccacia Bread. Shredded Lettuce, Tomato And Onion At No Cost. Al
Roast Beef$5.65
Turkey Breast$5.25
Smoked Turkey$5.25
Pepper Turkey$5.25
Honey Turkey$5.25
Boiled Ham$5.25
Cappy Ham$5.25
Black Forest Ham$5.25
Grilled Chicken$5.65
Genoa Salami$5.25
Corned Beef$5.25
Pastrami (Hot)$5.25
BLT Avocado$4.95
Salad Sandwiches
Tuna Salad$5.25
Chicken Salad$5.25
Egg Salad$3.95
Veg Tuna$5.25
Waldorf Salad$5.50
Shrimp Salad$5.95
Wrap Sandwiches $6.95
Any Choice
Classic Tuna tuna salad, carrot, lettuce
Turkey BLT turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo
Teriyaki Wrap marinated teriyaki chicken, grilled onion and carrot, lettuce, teriyaki sauce
Wrap Montecristo ham & smoked turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard
Chicken Caesar grilled chicken, romaine, crouton, parmesan, caesar dressing
Smoked Turkey smoked turkey, swiss, alfalfa, apple, lettuce, honey mustard
California Club grilled chicken, avocado, roast pepper, lettuce, russian
Waldorf chicken salad, walnut, romaine, red grapes, green apple
Pepper Turkey Wrap pepper, turkey, jalapeno, sun dried tomato, lettuce
Spicy Thai Chicken grilled chicken, spicy sauce, cashews, cilantro, lettuce, pineapple
Veggie Wrap fresh mozzarella, lettuce, avocado, green apple, green grape, cucumber, mix green, pesto mayo
Buffalo Wrap buffalo chicken breast, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, buffalo sauce
Hot & Grill
Hamburger$5.75 - $4.25
Cheese Burger$4.95 - $6.45
Bacon Cheese Burger$5.45 - $6.95
Grilled Cheese$3.75
Grilled Cheese$4.25with tomato
BLT$4.95with avocado
Meatball Hero$6.50on garlic hero
Chicken Parmesan$5.50 - $6.50
Sausage & Pepper$5.50 - $6.50
Reuben$6.95corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, mustard, toasted rye bread
Philly Cheese Steak$6.95grilled roast beef, melted american, grilled onions & bell peppers
Sunac Philly$6.95grilled philly steak, onion rings, house hickory sauce on a garlic hero
Beef & Cheddar$6.95 - $5.95hot roast beef, onions, hot peppers, hot sauce, melted cheddar cheese
Buffalo Bang$6.45 - $7.45chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, spicy fries, onion rings, bacon, house hickory sauce on a toasted bread
Good Chicken$6.95 - $5.95chicken cutlet, american cheese, hot pepper, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce & pesto mayo on a toasted bread
House Plate$6.95chicken cutlet, cajun jalapeno sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, french fries on a plate
Signature Sandwiches $6.95
Ask For Today's Vegetarian Special
Smoked Turkey smoked turkey, brie cheese, green apple, alfalfa sprout, honey mustard
American Combo roast beef, turkey, ham, tomato, american cheese, lettuce, russian dressing
Grilled Chicken grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roast pepper, lettuce, pesto mayo
Pepper Turkey pepper turkey, swiss cheese, roast pepper, lettuce, buffalo sauce
Italian Sub Olive genoa salami, pepperoni, cappy ham, provolone, lettuce & tomato
Turkey Club turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo
Veggie Delight fresh mozzarella cheese, grilled vegetables, mixed greens
Beef Antipasto roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, olives, italian dressing
Cordon Bleu breaded chicken cutlet, ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard
Black Forest black ham, brie cheese, tomato, honey mustard, mixed green
Ultimate Tossed Salad Bar $6.95
Unlimited Toppings Tossed With Dressing Of Your Choice
Mixed Greens 

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