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Chicken Salad Sandwich$8.50our famous.favorite since 1982, served on croissant with choice of side.
French Club$8.95thinly sliced breast of turkey, ham, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato on french bread. garnished with cornichons & nicoise olives with choice of side.
Turkey Pesto$8.50thinly sliced breast of turkey and swiss cheese combined with pesto mayonnaise on french bread with choice of side.
Brie And Bacon Croissant$8.50melted brie and hot bacon on a fresh croissant with your choice of side.
Reuben$8.50thinly sliced corned beef on rye with swiss, sauerkraut, and a side of thousand island dressing, served with cole slaw.
Grilled Chicken Caesar On French Bread$8.50grilled marinated breast of chicken served with romaine, tomato, red onion and our own caesar mayonaise with choice of side.
Black Bean & Corn Wrap$7.50black bean and corn salad with lettuce and tomato, wrapped in a delicious spinach wrap or spicy chipotle wrap. served with your choice of side.
Black Bean & Corn Wrap$8.50with grilled chicken.
Smoked Salmon On Bagel$10.50with cream cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato & capers.
Healthy Choice$7.50thinly sliced breast of turkey on multi-grain with micro greens & avocado, served with fruit salad.
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato Croissant$7.95hot bacon, lettuce and tomato served on a fresh croissant with your choice of side.
Veggie Choice$7.50fresh goat cheese - low in fat - spread on an open faced sliced sourdough baguette topped with, avocado, tomato, micro greens & sunflower seeds with choice of side.
Seasonal Soup Selection$3.95 - $5.50
Seasonal Green Salad$6.50assorted greens & fresh croutons with feta cheese & house dijon vinaigrette on the side. add: chicken salad plus $3.50 add: shrimp salad or tuna salad plus $3.95.
Spinach Salad$8.50fresh spinach, topped with bacon, avocado, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushrooms with celery seed vinaigrette, add: chicken salad plus $3.50, add: shrimp salad or tuna salad plus $3.95
Hummus Plate$7.95our own hummus, drizzled with e.v.o.o. served with fruit, cornichons, olives and warm pita bread.
Avocado Plate$7.95whole sliced avocado served with e.v.o.o., fresh lemon slices & french breade.
Salads - Stuffed Cantaloupe
Tomatoes offered seasonally.
Chicken Salad$8.50
Fruit Or Cottage Cheese$6.50
Shrimp Salad$9.50
Tuna Salad$8.50
One, One & One
Create your own salad combination – choose three of your favorite salads listed below. All salads are served with french bread and butter.
One, One & One.$9.95
Chicken Salad$8.50
Egg Salad$7.95
Tuna & Penne Pasta$7.95
Tomato, Feta, Basil Pasta$7.95
Roasted Vegetable Pasta$7.95
Pesto Pasta$7.95
Create Your Own Sandwich
All sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato & your choice of.
Medium Rare Roast Beef$7.95
Grilled Marinated Breast Of Chicken$8.50
Breast Of Turkey$7.95
Hot Pastrami$7.95
Black Forest Ham$7.95
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato$7.95
Egg Salad & Roast Beef$7.95
Egg Salad & Black Forest Ham$7.95
Egg Salad$7.50available by the pound on our retail side.
Pimento Cheese$7.50available by the pound on our retail side.
Tuna Salad$7.95available by the pound on our retail side.
Breads pumpernickel, rye, multi-grain , sliced white, french baguette, ciabatta, croissant, bagel.
Condiments dijon, honey mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish sauce. roasted red peppers, pesto mayonnaise , caesar mayonnaise, dijon vinaigrette, condimento.
Choose One Side dill potato salad, fruit salad, roasted vegetable pasta, pesto pasta, tomato, feta & basil pasta, green salad, cole slaw, deviled egg, potato chips, soup of the day.
Extras bacon plus $1.50, avocado plus $1.50, brie plus $2.50, additional meat plus $2.50, rhubarb raspberry jam $1.50, cheese (havarti, swiss, provolone, cheddar) $1.50.
From The Cheese Board
All of the above are served with dijon mustard, cornichons, nicoise olives, nuts & basket of french bread.
Cheese Plate$15.00 - $20.00choose any assortment from our featured cheese selection. assortment of three, sssortment of four, assortment of five.
Cheese & Pate Plate (1 and 1)$10.00choose any assortment from our featured cheese and pate selection. one pate & one cheese.
Cheese & Pate Plate (1 and 2)$15.00choose any assortment from our featured cheese and pate selection. two pates & one cheese.
Cheese & Pate Plate (2 and 2)$17.00choose any assortment from our featured cheese and pate selection. two pates & two cheeses.
Cheese & Pate Plate(3 and 2)$20.00choose any assortment from our featured cheese and pate selection. two pates & three cheeses.
A Little French Cheese$7.25slightly melted brie served with french bread & our rhubarb rapsberry jam.
Prosciutto & Parrano Plate$12.00
All of our panini's are lightly brushed with e.v.o.o. and grilled to perfection by our panini press. They take a little longer to prepare - but are well worth the wait. Our house made condimento accompanies each sandwich. You may add your choice of any si
Turkey Panini$9.50thinly sliced turkey breast, fresh goat cheese, tomatoes, and ripe avocado.
Prosciutto Panini$8.95simply prepared, this thinly sliced prosciutto in a sandwich is perfection all on its own.
Black Forest Ham & Cheese Panini$8.95thinly sliced black forest ham and dutch parrano cheese-similar to parmigiano chees.
Margherita$8.95fresh mozzarella, with sliced tomato, and fresh basil leaves.
P.L.T$8.95crispy pancetta-(italian style bacon) with tomato, romaine lettuce & house made basil pesto.
Fresh Goat Cheese & House Made Basil Pesto$8.95whipped goat cheese layered with our basil pesto and sliced tomato.
Condimento our house made panini condiment. roasted red peppers and chopped kalamata olives, seasoned with chopped fresh garlic and capers. gently sauteed in olive oil to a spreadable consistency.
Un Cappuccino
Illy coffee, bottomless cup $2.50.Add a shot of monin flavor plus $0.50 vanilla, caramel, amaretto, Irish creme, hazelnut.
Iced Coffee$2.50
Cafe Au lait$2.50
Caffe Latte$2.75 - $3.50
Iced Latte$2.75 - $3.50
Caffe Americano$2.50
Cappuccino$2.75 - $3.75
Iced Cappuccino$2.75 - $3.75
Mocha Cappuccino$3.00 - $3.75
Iced Mocha Cappuccino$3.00 - $3.75
Espresso$1.75 - $2.50
Red Eye Express$3.00 - $3.75
Hot Chocolate$2.50
Fresh From Our Bakery
Croissant With Jam & Butter$2.50
Chocolate Croissant$2.50
Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissant$2.50
Spinach And Feta Croissant$3.50
French Bread Basket$5.50
Assorted Bread Basket$5.50
Toast With Jam & Butter$2.00(sourdough, rye, pumpernickel, multi-grain).
Toasted Bagel With Cream Cheese Or Jam & Butter$3.95(plain, cinnamon raisin, multi-grain, everything, sun-dried tomato).
Scones$2.50blueberry and cinnamon.
Cookies, Tarts, Cakes And More…$1.50 - $5.95
Milk$2.00skim, whole.
Tomato Juice$2.00
Orange Juice$3.00
Arnold Palmer$3.00lemonade & unsweet Iced tea.
Republic of Tea - Hot$2.50please ask your server about our featured selections.
Twinings Hot Tea$2.00english breakfast or earl grey.
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$2.00sweet or unsweet, we gladly offer free refills on our freshly brewed iced tea.
Dr. Brown's Soda$2.00cream soda, diet cream soda, black cherry diet black cherry, rootbeer, ginger ale.
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite$2.00
Bottled Waters$2.00 - $3.00still or sparkling.

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