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Salads $9
Peanut Noodle Salad chilled ramen with ground peanuts, mint, cilantro & basil (contains shellfish)
Salmon Cakes accompanied by greens, cucumber, radish & crispy ramen noodles
Duck & Pho Spices$9.00fried duck dumplings with citrus & cucumber
Wagyu Beef$8.00crispy beef wontons with cheddar, romaine, tomato & horseradish
Pork & Cilantro$9.00pork pot stickers with soy-balsamic sauce
Pea & Mint$8.00(v). pan seared english pea dumplings with feta, black vinegar & mint
Wheat Berry Bibimbap$10.00(v). steamed wheat berries served warm with vegetarian kimchi, eggplant, cucumber & avocado
Bacon & Kimchi$9.00(gf). jasmine fried rice with scrambled egg, smoked nueske bacon & kimchi (contains shellfish)
Lemongrass Chicken$10.00(gf). jasmine fried rice with scrambled egg & ground chicken
Pea Shoot$10.00(v). jasmine fried rice with scrambled egg, tofu, organic pea shoots & thai basil
Phat Rice$14.00combination rice with ground chicken, pork belly & braised beef short ribs
Pad Thai$14.00(gf). korean rice cakes with shrimp, peanuts, toasted garlic & chives (contains shellfish)
Udon Primavera$11.00thick japanese noodles, with grilled chicken, parmesan, oregano & chili flakes
Asian Bolognese$9.00udon noodles with ground pork, chinese black beans & sun dried tomatoes
Egg Noodle$13.00thin, pan fried egg noodles with tofu, chinese eggplant, mushrooms & spicy pork broth
Mushroom Pho$12.00(gf, v). rice noodles with tofu, mushrooms, bean sprouts, jalapeño & thai basil
Urbanbelly Ramen$13.00ramen noodles with braised pork belly, mushrooms & egg
Rice Cake$13.00chicken katsu with sliced rice cakes, mango, cilantro & korean chili broth
Spiced Edamame$3.00(gf, v). soybeans served in the pod with szechuan peppercorns, ground coriander & fennel seeds
Eggplant$6.00(gf). marinated chinese eggplant with thai basil & crispy shallot
Kimchi$3.00spicy korean condiment with napa cabbage, cucumber & sesame (contains shellfish)
Chicken Noodle Soup$8.00thick udon noodles with crispy chicken & mild broth
Burger Dumplings$6.00three pieces of beef & cheddar pot stickers
Dessert $6
Pb & J vanilla soft serve ice cream with huckleberry jelly & peanut butter crunch
Maple-Glazed Mini Donuts with vietnamese cinnamon
Coffee & Tea $3
Jasmine Green Tea 
Chilled Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea litchi noir
Soft Drinks
Grape Sac Sac$2.00
Canned Soda$1.50
Bottled Soda$3.00
Chang Lager$4.00
Revolution Oktoberfest$5.00
Blanche De Bruxelles Weiss$6.00
Tiger Lager$6.00
Robert The Bruce Scotch Ale$7.00
Half Acre Akari Shogun$8.00
Vandermill Hard Cider$9.00
Alcoholic Drinks
Tinto$7.00red wine & blood orange soda. a simple sangria
Fall Punch$7.00rum, pineapple, nutmeg
Bombers$8.00kirin ichiban
White Wine Or Red Wine On Tap$8.00
Sake$9.00funaguichi sake
Urbanbelly Sauces
Seoul Sauce$6.00
Belly Smoke$8.00
Belly Fire$6.00

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